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hello eno we have a inel cardinal from waves he is developed advocated waves and actually this is my i believe 10 or 11 interweave in general but three of them is waves related because i love wave socket system this is not a shield i i use wave soccer system i'm kind of fond of waves ecosystem i use nspt i use swap it is good to talk about race i i love to talk about waves welcome thanks for thanks for having me here it's a pleasure to talk to you to talk to the whole uh turkish community not only turkish community but especially the turkish community because turkish community is very very active so yeah it's a pleasure to be here yeah uh as i as i said i i use waste ecosystem a lot and but but people in turkey my main audience is coming from turkey but i i also would love to share the uh opportunity and experience in the waves ecosystem so as a starter i want to ask you a little bit about yourself would you want to give us a brief info about yourself and your background yeah sure uh so my name is inal as you already mentioned i'm a developer advocate at waves i work i guess it's almost three years i work at waves and my role is mostly related with tech with technologies so i'm a person who tries to describe how all our technologies work but not only this actually i'm also a head of web association working group the working group is called grants and funding so i'm ahead of the working group and a part of the web association board as well so um i'm a person uh somewhere between marketing technology and development so it's like a mix of all of this and um yeah i like i i think waste in my blood so if you take my blood you'll see there are like something something blue there you you are doing everything uh probably business development marketing yeah kind of man management management level uh but on this at the same time i do a lot with my hands or hands on so it's like yeah to do an edifice it's absolutely correct uh the second question is direct related that asked me asked to me a lot ap wise on the swap and ap wise on the wave stacks are so high people thinks that this is suspicious would you mind to tell about us how does apys are determined and why are they so high and is it sustainable yeah uh speaking frankly the whole d5 system has like very very high apys not only waves exchange or swap swapify uh almost all d5 products have very very high uh apis why what is like how they work i think we have to describe at least a little bit we have to describe how do they work if we talk for example about swapify all the profits come from exchanges so the smart contract they're just like couple smart contracts and each of them just takes 0.3 percent uh like fees or commission call it as you want uh from every exchange and it distributes these uh tokens to liquidity providers that's actually that's the main mechanic so all the apis come from uh real activity in the app what about waves exchange they do have for example usdt or usdc is taken with apy like around 60 they use ethereum d5 products like curve for example or unit swap so mechanics there is absolutely same as on swap so all the apis all the money comes from exchanges which happen on curve swapify unit swap doesn't matter uh yeah in general all the transact all the apis are coming from transactions from feast that's the the main thing you have to understand at the same time if you calculate apy for example in us dollars then uh apy can change of course because prices of tokens they change as well so uh today for example i don't know some governance tokens they can bring you very very good api because of their price but tomorrow if their price will decrease api of course will decrease as well so uh that's like the main the main logic and uh it's it's sustainable but uh if the price is going down that api also will go down of course okay uh speaking of your competitors you're told that you're exactly like um what is the difference between swap fly or unisov or pancakes we have by the way sushi setup etc but in turkey pancakes group is hot topic right now with the rise of the binance smart chain it would be it would be good to mention about what is the difference of swap five so comparing unit swap swap dot fi uh or i don't know curve uh there are a couple differences the main difference in the main advantage of swap fi it's very very low fees for uh transactions for it's because of waves uh waves network fees very low network fees for example if you want to make an exchange or unit swap you will pay around 100 or like at least 20 30 20 30 bucks if we talk about swap dfi it will cost you around 0.005 waves or zero point um zero like two cents or something like that i'm just trying to calculate in my mind depending on the price of waste so it's just two cents compared with 20 or even 100 usd that's the first advantage the second advantage actually swap fi uses uh the best from two for from two uh amms from unit swap and curve so it has first of all it has uh unit swap mechanics useful kind of mechanics and also it has two pairs with uh two stable assets like usdt usdn and usdc usdn and in those in those pools a different formula is used formula it the formula is kinda similar with the curve so it's inspired by curve but it's different and it was invented by swap fight team so uh it's absolutely unique formula so in one place you have uh pools with the unit swap like formula and with curve-like formula so uh this is like it takes just the best from 2d apps from the ethereum network and also if we talk about uh like comparison between uh sushi swap or pancake or and swapify then we can say that the waves network which is on which is under the hood of swap fi is much more decentralized than binance smart chain so uh this is kind of still decentralized and trustless invite more decentralized and trustless environment than binding smartsheet so this is like the main advantages of swapify right now this is this is good maybe this the the next question could be a little bit harder because you talk about ustc ustp and this is this is the uh i i don't want to say disadvantage but this is the thing i need on uh swap by i know wavestex got vstc lp and it but doesn't so when i want to trade let's say rates usdt uh then i need to go to first usd c usd usdt player uh yes versus three std pair then i need to go to waves we still repair to trade ways to waste it on youtube you you do that uh automatically but yeah there is no direct slap on the players that didn't deployed on the superpower right now are you going to plan to add people to custom pools and new players on workflow yeah actually if you read there was an article on medium of swap.ifi uh which describes plans for 2021 for the whole year so uh maybe i can share a link later and you can add it to the description of the video or something uh it describes how the whole system will work i just want to remind that swobify is just three months or a little bit more so it was it started only 6th november of 2020 so really it's just like three months and now all the pools are added manually by the swap.i team of course but in the future obviously more pools will appear first users will be able to create their pools second and the last is that of course in the future the team considering how to make pot how to make it possible to make exchanges if there is no pull between two targets so it will be users should be able actually to exchange one talking to another if there even if there is no pull between these tokens so the team is considering how to do this and i think we will see this feature on swap.ifi uh speaking of adding link to the description there is literally tons of people there are little tons of people asking questions about swapping i need to show you this let me share my screen uh not sure this is the this is the questions we get for ema in turkey and yeah i will add that for sure yeah thank you um and if you you talked about a little bit about japan let's let's talk about a little bit about roadmap we we know that unicef had uh zero version one version two and they are speculating now about version three uh are are we going to see new versions of swap five and what would be the new features on the nibs sewer yeah actually uh there is no like version in like one two three uh on swap the dfi because swap is developed for units we have users there's they're they're making this to pump the price up i know you are working hard to make add new features yeah yeah uh we work not we actually the shopify they do have a separate team which work only on swap fi 100 of their time and what do they usually do they work as uh i i would describe it as an agile team there is no like waterfall we planned this and we implemented for a year no they're pretty uh pretty flexible and the main the main metric they want to improve is like how users are happy with swap fi so that's the main metric like that of course there are business metrics as well but the main metric is users should be happy uh and they develop the whole ecosystem the whole product not like thinking okay we will put this uh with the tag version one or with the tag version two or tech version three no they try to listen to the community they try to hear what the community what users actually want and they added like every day they improve the protocol they improve the user interface they they work on it 100 of their time so uh i would say that if you are interested in the next next steps of swap fi then again i will refer you to the article uh on medium about swap find its fut in its uh future yeah uh it's it describes uh what will happen with swapify during this year like 2021 and of course many new things will appear because our industry as you all know our industry is very very very very fast it changes like i don't know i can't find any other industry with changes with the same pace only uh blockchain and device growing is boosting every day so of course new teachers will will appear and the swap fight team will add it like i don't know with the speed of light or something like that that's perfect the other question comes from community about the future of the soviet do you have any plan to add limit orders on supply because it is something people uh face the need of on unit's web well actually uh the amm works so with the different mechanics so if you are looking for order limits that limit orders then i think you have to go to waves exchange that's the best place where you can trade with usual order book and so on so uh amms have different mechanic amms have different logic it's all under a smart contract and it would be very hard to have on chain decks uh in any blockchain not only on waves but in any blockchain um so i would recommend c waves exchange if you if you want such such kind of uh traded trading options um and i'm i'm not sure that in the in the reverse future we will see uh this this feature on swap fi th this this also came into my mind but when i saw sasha to it last week he told that uh waste decks would be will be the unislap on steroids this is this is the exact word of him and i thought whoop and waves x is kinda competing each other actually i don't think so i don't i don't think that they're competing with each other because uh wave stacks it's uh it's a dax it's not amm uh at least for now so uh it's like tax with the order book with uh liquidity providers not to the smart contract but they have to trade with the order book so they're not competing with each other that's the first thing the second thing even if waves exchange team will implement something like game i'm not a mm i'm not sure that uh swapping fire will compete to with the waves exchange i think they will just uh i would say they will help each other not to try to compete with each other in the future so uh i'm absolutely sure at the same time this i use both of them at the same time it helps each other yeah it helps each other and many uh for example arbitrage arbitrage opportunities come because of existence of waves exchange the swap dot fi right now and yeah my my point is that either in the future if waves exchange will add something like amm uh or create uh unit swap on steroids or something like that they won't compete with swap.fi because they will still have their decks they will still have their order book and maybe they will connect these two things but uh i i unfortunately i cannot talk about waves exchange plans uh but in my opinion uh they will just complement each other and compete with each other because uh waves exchange team swapify team they know each other well they work pretty pretty close in terms of like they they they won't compete with each other for sure this is the last question about the future of to swap and i'm really curious about that and it it also came from community and did i i believe the the there is a difference between unicef and sushi shrub kind of emma with the swap file is swope is not governance talking right now so uh what would be role of the supply in the base of the system other than an emm token it will it become a governance token in the future well actually it's uh designed as a governance token of the swap file not the the hallways but of the swapify so uh swap i i mean i'm talking about talking swap of course swap token holders will be able to vote for pull weight so called pull weight so this pull weight shows how many percent of fees will get every pull so right now the numbers are hard coded it's not possible to change but in the future swap holders will be able to vote using their swap tokens so the the answer is that swap talking is designed as a governance token so also there is an article describing what is swap talking also on medium so maybe you can share the link to the article unfortunately it's all in english but maybe we can share the link as well i'm going to share the pool weights right now i was dealing with that actually let me add that this is full weight you mentioned this is pull weight and it shows how many percent of uh of fees is collected by liquidity providers in every pool so right now these numbers are hardcoded but in future these numbers will be changed depending on how swap token holders voted yeah yeah so uh swap talking all this will able to work about this full weight that's good yeah yeah and also i i truly believe that uh more like governance uh questions will appear like how to improve the swapify and uh swap token holders will be able to to show their opinion about most important topics of the future of swap protocol and i i want to talk about a little bit about at least risks related with using slope and people are really related to uh defy is kind of new in the turkish community and they they just heard about impermanent laws uh would you mind to talk about a little bit uh impairment impermanently and is it is it also possible on the supply yeah so the i think the simplest explanation of what is uh impermanent loss would be you have a pool and like between for example waves and usdn and uh they're liquidity providers so when you provide the liquidity you have to add both targets to the pool waves and usdn right so uh the impermanent loss uh happens when for example you put down a 1000 uh usdn and one uh waves with cost of 1000 usd so we have to put in the same amount in terms of uh usd right always like almost in the same amount so uh you put 1000 usdn and waves with the price like waves in amount of 1000 usd okay so you pull it you put it to the pole and then what happens if the price of waste goes up then you have a permanent loss so you won't uh get the all uh the uh profits from the price going up that's the main like the easiest explanation of impermanent loss uh you still will own like waves uh of uh 1000 usdn and 1000 usd at least and you'll get even more from swap fi because of fees yes but you won't get profits from the price going up that's like the easiest explanation and uh i think that in all amms at least all mms i know they do have this not an issue this risk it's like a risk you have to understand when you uh add some liquidity to to any pool is that if any tokens price will go up you won't get all those profits you maybe you'll get some but you won't get all the profits so uh swap fi also has this uh let's call it feature and this is by design because of amm how they actually work because amm is just a formula on a smart contract nothing else so uh unfortunately it is impossible to implement it in uh another way uh any other rescues other than impermanent laws on unicef on swap fight well uh there are always uh kind of risks for uh like there are always risks that you can get get you can earn more in some other place that's the only risk i would say uh but like from the technical point of view it is developed by a very well known team and with uh some of them have very good experience with the smart contracts automatically from the tech point of view it's absolutely perfect uh also uh there are no risks related with i don't know scam or rug pull so-called drug pulls because the team is well known as already said so i don't think there are like systematic risks uh regarding swapify this this question is also uh come from me directly uh because i know uh i it it was very hard for me to learn about waves ecosystem because nspt work it works like it's rocket science circan we we made a video with circan and he wrote some uh he wrote he drove some uh things to show it to me first time we made a stream with him because it it is really hard to understand and there are tons of newcomers in crypto right now and device wraps emm's and there are nft this is a new kind of stuff and they're highly complicated for them and for newcomers where should they start to understand swoop and the waves ecosystem yes so uh i would recommend three places to start with the first place is uh waves.tech website where you can understand how the whole waves ecosystem works so there are even like pre diagrams how which products exist in the waves ecosystem how they interconnect and so on that's the first place the second place uh swap.fi yeah here you can click like uh if you scroll a little bit up uh you can yeah here you can click on like what is for example waves how it just just click on any any point there it should show in details how it works that's the first place the second place if you want to work with shopify it's obviously a swap advice team medium it's their blog so they post their uh pretty pretty interesting materials how it works with if they need uh it's somebody if users need uh tech details about the formula and so on that's like the the best place to understand the whole mechanics the last but not least place i would say is telegram chats of swapify so swapify creators answer all the questions so if you have any any questions regarding how it works uh like how to use the product or something then just go to their telegram chats and you can ask your questions there and also on this webify website there is an faq which is pretty pretty good and i would recommend to read it as well but again unfortunately it's almost almost all of it in english you are muted you are muted unfortunately i cannot hear you sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry yeah we have a huge language barrier in turkey so we need to translate those articles but yeah google google translate i think we'll translate it perfectly yeah yeah yeah it is it is getting uh yeah it's getting good als also it would be great if i don't know some people from the turkish community of waves and shopify and waves exchange if they will help with the translation because uh we try to translate to different languages and but we cannot do it on our on our own because we don't know so many languages unfortunately so yeah this is also if you're ready to help with it not not just turkish we i i believe this video will be watched in global not just turkey yeah i think so uh those are all my questions you know it was perfect interview for me i learned about swap pi thanks to you and i'm going to look for that holy medium article about the future because there are lots of answers uh lays in that article i believe and do you have any comment actually no thanks for having me again it was a pleasure to talk to you very interesting questions and i was impressed with the number of questions you got from the community so if there are still questions remain i would be happy to answer those questions you can directly write me in telegram in my dm or you can go and ask uh in the telegram group in the telegram group of sophie phi you can ask your questions there so feel free to in a moment ask your questions because all these products are made for users if there are no users there are no products so uh actually we actually want you guys to use this product to uh get as much as possible from it yeah that's what we are doing thank you now again thank you very much for having me

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