Swipe Coin Analysis [SXP] Swipe Visa Debit Card ? / Swipe will explode in 2021

hi everyone today we will talk about swipe in s xp swipe is known for its adoption as a decentralized finance payment protocol swipe is an ecosystem for the enablement of defe and decentralized apps users began adopting swipe in 2018 due to the swipe wallet and debit card users could spend crypto as fiat payments anywhere strong adoption from crypto giants like coinbase and binance helped bring sxp to a broad range of users binance holds a significant stake as a parent company to swipe overall swipe has introduced a large selection of defe products with many currently in development the main aim of swipe is to become a payment network to aid users with multiple fiat and mainly crypto applications that will be available on their network swipe wallet is a multi-asset digital wallet that supports up to 100 cryptocurrencies enabling users to buy sell exchange pay swap and interact with dapps within their network the wallet has the swipe pay feature which allows merchants to receive cryptocurrency payments and convert them to over 20 fiat currencies supported by swipe this swipe pay feature is one of the most innovative payment options in the crypto space figures why binance became interested in swipe this product offers a seamless card payment system allowing users to transact with merchants via the swipe wallet or imessage these transactions are entirely free and incorporate an instant crypto to fiat conversion which offers users access to the largest fiat currencies swipe network also offers swipe credit a centralized crypto lending platform this lending platform allows users to take out loans of up to 50 of the collateral value they have deposited this service is currently limited to the following cryptocurrencies bitcoin ethereum tether bitcoin cash litcoin eos swipe ripple die paxos and usd coin the coins listed above also are available in the swipe wallet saving option which can yield up to 12 annual percentage yield this system incorporates a vesting schedule meaning the longer your funds are locked the larger the rewards the swipe wallet and crypto lending platform swipe credit have recently integrated chain link data oracles to improve reward issuance and token burns accuracy sxp token is a cryptocurrency built on the ethereum network bose coin supporting both erc 20 and bip 20 tokens it's used for payment of fees within the swipe ecosystem and also as a method of payment on the swipe debit cards cashback incentives from the swipe debit cards are also credited in sxpt users on top of this sxp is swipe's native governance token allowing users to participate in the network's future by voting on networks changes and community proposals the swipe team holds its funds in fiat stable coins and other cryptocurrencies these funds are allocated based on an annual budget plan which must be approved by the board of directors while the swipe team holds a large portion of funds most of swipe's development has been self-funded swipe also boasts an attractive tokenomics model incorporating an unchained burn this burn uses 80 of sxp transaction fees making sxp deflationary and simultaneously reducing users costs in the long run sxp also boast various on-chain and off-chain capabilities medium of exchange users can store the sxp tokens in their wallets and use them for fiat payments payment for fees users can use the sxp tokens for conversion fees and withdrawal fees discounts users can stake sxp tokens and receive discounts on fees rebates users are required to stake sxp tokens in order to access higher tier debit cards and a higher rate of rebates staking swipe plans to implement a proof of stake pass consensus mechanism where validators are required to stake sxp tokens the swipe network is the entire swipe project although it's still in progress the swiped fe network controls the whole swipe ecosystem consisting of swipe swap swipe credit swipe governance and swipe staking when this swipe network is fully launched it will make all the fe products available on the binance chain seamless to users swipe stake enables users to stake both ethereum or sxp tokens to secure the swipe network as an incentive to secure the network twenty thousand sxp has been allocated to be distributed daily over four years users who stake their sxp to secure the swipe network will also be eligible to participate in the platform's governance once released through swipe governance sxp holders can vote for changes and bring forth proposals onto the entire protocol the number of tokens needed to make a proposal is 300 xp tokens and any user holding sxp can vote on proposals through staking swipe swap is an automated market maker that will enable exchange between tokens on both the ethereum and binance chain blockchain also it will allow for users to provide liquidity by depositing ethereum or binance smart chain tokens in return for providing liquidity users will receive 0.3 percent of the transaction volume and trading fees for their specific pair this system follows the typical automated market maker layout creating incentives for liquidity providers to ensure the automated market maker has ample liquidity sxp network attracted support from major players to support the innovative growth of their ecosystem consisting of the following cryptobuistnesses binance coinbase bitco wrapped bitcoin swipe is a developed project to invest in with awesome road work and seamless modes of transaction process the team plans to stem firth into the defeat space as they develop the swipe network further incorporating their governance credit platform and various other dapps overall entry-level crypto users always are curious about a way to spend their crypto swipe does exactly this not only does swipe provide this fundamental service of payment it also plans to integrate innovative financial technology to its users the swipe team has developed a product that is necessary for all crypto users and has further innovation down the line as the bull market continues to accelerate the swipe network and its native sxp token will be one to watch don't forget to subscribe to our channel and open notifications to learn more about gold dollar euro commodities bitcoin altcoin cryptocurrencies and other investment tools have a nice day and i wish you prosperous days

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