“Sunnies” Sunglasses Case Sewing Tutorial; Step 1

hey there it's melissa mortensen from polkadotchair.com and at polka dot chair on instagram and i am excited to sew along with you guys today today we are going to make this fun little sunglasses case it is padded and lined and perfect for summer a great way to store your sunglasses when you're not wearing them so that you don't lose them in your purse to make this little sunglasses case you are going to need a printable pattern piece you can get that on our blog just go to polkadotchair.com go look for the little icon for the search and type in sunglasses case it'll pop right up follow the directions on the page the pattern piece is free for our newsletter subscribers and the newsletter is completely free if you prefer to have a version of the pattern that includes all the instructions and all the photographs not just the printable pattern piece you can find it in our shop at shop.polkadotchair.com so let's get going i hope you're gonna have fun sewing with me today okay before you start sewing there's a few things you need to do for prep first of all let's go through all of the supplies that you need for this project and you've got the pattern piece um if you bought the printable version of the pattern you can find that um at the end of the pattern if not there's instructions to download it for free on the blog it's free for our newsletter subscribers you're going to need fabric i've gone ahead and already cut out my fabric but you're going to have two pieces of fabric cut out for the outside of the bag actually it's not a bag i guess you'd call it a case um two pieces cut out for the outside of the case and two pieces cut out for the lining of the case and i am using fabric from my ahoy mermaids fabric collection with riley blake designs i've got some of the prints that have this really pretty gold sparkle that riley blake does so great then you're going to need a seven inch zipper you can use a metal zipper if you want but for this project i prefer to use a polyester zipper mostly because i feel like it's more gentle on your sunglasses so they're not as likely to get scratched as they would from a metal zipper then you're going to need some quarter inch foam i am using pellon flex float ah yeah i was gonna have to say this a few times pellon flex foam quarter inch fusible foam it's fusible on one side when i wrote the pattern there was not fusible foam on the market because it's from back lake in 2014.

Um since this is fusible we're going to do it a little bit differently than in the pattern and the tutorial but i will go ahead and update the blog post and the pattern after this so that it reflects the current product if you don't have fusible that's fine you can also go to like big box fabric stores and get it's called auto liner foam if you can't find film flex foam it's not fusible but it'll work great for this then you are going to need a piece of canvas for whatever color you want your letters to be and a piece of paper backed fusible wedding webbing i am using heat n bond ultra hold and you can use light whatever it doesn't matter i'm using ultra hold because i'm going ahead and working with canvas so now you've got all your supplies the first thing you need to do before we get going and you will need a light box for this um you can buy light boxes very inexpensively online they are readily available um this is one that i have with crooked i really like it and it's scratch resistant but if you don't want to invest this much there's a lot of options if you don't have a light box you can use a right window so what you're going to want to do let's go ahead and turn on the light box is you're going to take your pattern piece and you are going to turn it upside down because when you do this kind of applique it reverses the letter so you need to make sure that while you're working with it that it goes that it comes out the right way when you're done i am going to use a little bit of tape just to keep this from sliding around while i work it's totally up to you how you want to do it i like washi tape because it peels off really easily i excuse my voice a little bit today allergies here in kentucky have really picked up and so i'm a little scratchy today so i hope you'll forgive me so we're gonna do is this fusible it's got two sides there is like a sticky side and a paper side so you're gonna put the sticky side down and the paper side up and then you're just going to use a pencil and as close as you can you are just going to trace [Music] the outside of the letters [Music] okay after you've got that traced go ahead and using some small sharp scissors just go ahead and cut it out loosely you just want to get the excess off and you don't need to be precise about this step and i realize i forgot to trace the dot for the eye so i'll trace that in a second okay so there you can see that what you're going to do is you're going to take this and you're going to press it onto your canvas [Music] you

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