Sundaeswap DEX + Cardstarter Partnership Breakdown!

hey guys what's going on paul here welcome back to another cardano video if you're new make sure you hit the subscribe and the notification bell so you never miss any of these cardano updates also if you have been here for a while or you're new please consider giving the video a like leave a comment share it out there all of that really helps get this cardano information out there so today i'm looking at the sunday swap and card starter partnership these are two fairly big projects that are looking to build on top of cardano i'll give you my opinion on what i think it means and why i think this is an important step for sunday swap so if we go over to the site here this is the announcement first off for anyone who hasn't heard of either of these projects cardstarter is an ido platform they also have an accelerator so essentially what they do is they help projects raise funds get to market projects that are looking to build on top of cardano currently they run through ethereum but once we have smart contracts in september they will be porting over to cardano as well and then sunday swap is one of the projects that are building a decks for cardano and when you look out there in the market if we look at building on cardano here you can see that currently there are eight projects that have registered on the site that have listed themselves as a dex or that they have dex functionality and i have seen other projects out there as well so hopefully we get all projects over time to list so for videos like this it's easy for people to compare the different projects that are out there but essentially what i see happening in the market anyway is that they will become one dominant decks right now i don't know which decks that is going to be when you think of binance then for me anyway pancake swap comes to mind as the dominant decks or ethereum you think uni swap they're the places that i would personally go if i was looking for a dex on them networks there are other dexes out there and there are others that have different functionality that isn't just the core swap functionality and i think other dexes will be successful but for the general straightforward swapping of assets then one dex is probably going to become dominant and there's lots of different elements that is going to lead to that to lead to the one anyway that i would see as becoming the most popular right now sunday swap has a big head start on that they were the first project that i seen talking about running an iso when i seen them talking about that first and i looked into what they had at the time they really didn't have a lot at the time they got a lot of following over on social media and a lot of people were interested in it due to the iso model but when you dug into it they didn't have tokenomics they didn't have white papers the team wasn't public and at the last minute they decided to delay the iso and i think that is probably the one decision that could lead to them being one of the top if not the top decks and the reason for that is because when i look at them now i have spoke to the team and pai is going to be coming on the channel to talk about the iso yes the iso is still happening i know there was a bit of confusion when there was the link with card starter that that mightn't happen but the iso is still going to happen and we will talk about that later but right now when i look at the team i look at what they have now the white paper the different videos that are coming out i've seen pi over on hashoshi's channel talking from a tech site as well and that interview if you haven't seen it if you're interested in sunday swap that is definitely worth watching i really enjoyed that interview and it gave me a lot more confidence in what they are doing as well but when you go through it now you can see they have their white paper they have their team all public all posted up here as well which is great to see this is pi here who will be coming on to talk about what they're doing and a little bit about the iso as well so that's the two projects there let's look at what the announcement is or what the partnership is when you go down through it essentially card starter were going to have their own decks they were going to build their own decks and then any projects that go through the ido were going to run through their own decks they would feed because what cards start to do is they keep some of the tokens what they get from the ido's they keep the tokens and then they would be able to provide liquidity on their own decks but essentially what they are going to be doing now is they will be putting all of that liquidity onto these sunday swap decks and for anyone who's not sure what liquidity is or what the as was the trading volume is in that sense is when you go on to a dex you need someone on the opposite side of the trade in order to make your trade because if there is not enough people buying on the i suppose the support side or enough of people selling on the resistance then what's going to happen is one or two trades can send the price absolutely crazy so if a dex doesn't have the liquidity there to support the trading then what's going to happen is if someone puts in a trade they get bad prices they're going to blame it on the decks they're going to say oh something was wrong with the decks or and when in reality the decks could be perfect it could have absolutely brilliant technology could have great security everything running right but if they don't have that liquidity there to back it up then it's going to cause problems for the end users so force on this swap this is really going to help out it's going to help out with the card starter projects anyway and what this is going to do is it will be a snowball effect if they start to become dominant then this is the one that other projects will go to when they want to provide liquidity for their own projects or when they want trading to start as well so that's essentially what the partnership is going to mean i don't know exactly what card starters are going to get from this just yet but i may get cardstarter on the channel as well to have a chat about what they're doing in general and also we could look at what why they decided to go with this partnership and what it means for them this is one aspect of a dex being successful another one is the technology so look building on top of cardano there are some complexities compared to building on top of other blockchains like ethereum has an account based model with cardano we have the utxo model so there are lots of little complexities there in order to how you're going to handle transactions so the technology that you build for your decks the throughput that you're going to have the speed of execution all of that is going to count as well so the tech is one part the marketing is going to be another part again attracting liquidity to the deck so marketing and liquidity kind of go hand in hand because you need to attract other people to the decks in order to have the volume there for people for people to be able to trade freely on the decks we do see over in ethereum there are protocols as well that can be used to share liquidity across texas so i would expect something like that in the future and when you have things like that then you can have decks you can have multiple decks is basically on the top level and then you have protocols underneath that are sharing the liquidity across platforms so all of that will come in time for me this is a good step for sunday swap and when i have pie on the channel we will dig deeper into this talk a little bit about what it all means and talking about what their path is going forward look i'm not saying that they will be the winner i'm saying that right now they do have a good foothold i am also watching some other projects out there some other dexes there is lots of possibilities out there and to see all of these projects building to me it's a good thing because what they do is they all push each other they all push each other to put the best possible product forward for us the end users in the ecosystem so if you have questions for sunday swap leave them down below i will try and put them to pie when i have him on again if there's anything i can answer let me know thanks for watching please do give the video a like if you got value share it out there if you think others can benefit from it don't forget to subscribe and i will talk to you soon thanks for watching

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