Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Official Teaser Trailer

[Music] [Distant gunfire and explosions] [Voice on radio]
Give me a sitrep.
I've got eyes on the target. [Voice on radio]
Air support is getting cut to pieces. [Voice on radio]
WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?! I'm going in [Radio plays music in background]
[Distant gun fire and explosions continue] [Nearby explosion] We lost the target. Repeat. Task Force X has lost the target. [Voice on radio]
Dammit! Argus 3 is taking heavy fire. Get to Park Ridge ASAP! Don't worry boss.

We got this. Hey! Boomer!
Lay down suppressing fire! Keep it down Harl. My ears are still ringing after that last barney. [Laughing]
What is that? Australian for hangover? I believe I can translate. Boomerang has a concussion. From the enemy you missed in our last encounter. [Laughing]
Guess those teeth are sharper than your eyes shark man. [Gunshot] I never miss [Mocking] Yeah, yeah we bloody know. You never shut up about it! [Laughing] [Voice on radio]
Task Force X. Alpha target is in the open. [Voice on radio]
Get your asses to the Metropolis Grand Hotel, and engage. [Voice on radio]
Before I have another reason to blow those bombs in your heads. Shit. [Music] Argh, shit! [Laughing]
Smooth Well, that should knock a few years off the old sentence.

That's remindin' me of something. Oh yeah! Waller's stupid Alpha target. Who we supposed to be killin' again? [Sound of falling helicopter] [Explosion] [Music] Look! It's Superman! The mighty Superman has just rescued that pilot! What a show off. Beat it Spandex! We're on a top secret assassination mission here. No, No
[Screaming] So… figure out who we're killing yet? Ohhhhh, F— [Music] [Heat vision charging]
[Music] Ahhhh, you shouldn't have done that Shark. [Distant gunfire and explosions].

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