Suicide Squad 2021 Ending – Post Credit Scene Breakdown and Easter Eggs

Welcome back everyone this is my video for the 
suicide squad movie ending and post credits scenes   obviously there's a couple post credits scenes 
with a bunch of easter eggs teasing what's coming   next so we'll break it all down if you're brand 
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tomorrow careful for spoilers if you have not   seen the movie yet it's on hbo max right now so 
if you haven't seen it make sure you check it out   but starting at the end of the movie they reveal 
that the real macguffin is actually a hard drive   full of data containing the truth about the 
united states government's involvement in the   starro experiments throughout the movie they 
spend a lot of time during several different   scenes hyping up just how terrible the thinker 
is gaius graves peter capaldi's character he's   a new version of the thinker from the comics 
but he's from the suicide squad comics and he   was based on a character that they never really 
gave a name to but he's been performing these   terrible experiments with starro in mind control 
for the past 30 years at this secret nazi base or   former nazi base called jotunheim I know i just 
got done doing all these loki episodes james gunn   also a big marvel director with the guardians of 
the galaxy movies which is a funny coincidence   that the name yodenheim shows up during a big dc 
movie but they reveal amongst the rebels the other   locals on cortel maltese that it's known as a 
place where the current dictator at any given time   sends his political enemies any dissidents he 
doesn't like even people who just casually say   mean things about him they're whole families women 
and children and they're never seen from again   so even though the new dictator who harley 
quinn kills during the events of the movie   takes over killing the previous one and 
they want it to seem like this really moment   they imply that the previous dictator was just 
as bad as this new one either the united states   government helped put him in power and keep him 
in power for the past 30 years or so turning a   blind eye to anything he did because of what they 
were doing in this secret nazi base with starro   at the end of the movie rick flagg learns the 
truth about what the thinker's been doing down   here experimenting on all these people trying to 
create a way to control and weaponize starro for   the us government control large groups of people 
at scale the way that ratcatcher 2 controls armies   of rats all at the same time flagg tries to 
call him out on it the thinker says that he's   actually been on the government's payroll the 
us military's payroll this whole time and just   to make it seem extra creepy when the camera is 
panning around the room they show you that he's   been experimenting on pregnant women children the 
elderly he even makes a joke about experimenting   on a journalist that they currently have strung 
up who says some mean things about the government   and all of it was done on the orders of the us 
government for the purposes of weaponizing starro   so the thinker tries to play it as if he's not 
the real villain here like i was just doing what   i was told from your government even starro who 
was supposed to be kind of the big bad in the   movie metaphorically and literally because 
he is so huge you kind of sympathize with   him because he uses his mc ability to speak 
through the people begging flagg to help him   escape and says the thinker's been torturing him 
for the past 30 years as part of his experiments   and if it wasn't clear starro was not lying when 
he was saying that even though he does go on a   rampage later trying to take control of the island 
this is my city now it's only in retaliation for   the past 30 years of torture that he endured they 
revealed the whole reason why he was captured in   the first place is that he was discovered floating 
in outer space near earth's orbit by united states   astronauts then mine controlled the astronauts 
when the shuttle returned the government just took   him to yodenheim and coto maltese and made their 
bargain with that previous dictator putting him in   power so that they can conduct their experiments 
on him in private they also clarify staro's powers   within the dc eu they say that as he controls more 
and more people he grows larger and larger and for   the most part this version of starro seems like he 
dies at the end of the movie but because he spawns   in a really weird way it's always possible that 
a version of him winds up surviving and shows up   in another future dc movie at some point he can 
always come back in the future but while rick   flagg is trying to call an audible here in the 
basement released the data from the hard drive   to expose what the government's been doing to the 
rest of the world john cena's peacemaker reveals   that he was also on a secret mission given him by 
amanda waller to prevent any data or information   from jodenheim from getting out he was supposed 
to ensure that everything was destroyed the base   itself including all the files and records so 
while bloodsport harley quinn king shark the rest   of the suicide squad try to deal with the courtois 
maltese army and starro himself peacemaker and   rick flack are having their fight to the death all 
while yodenheim itself is crumbling around them   the way they play this though is that peacemaker 
does not hate rig flagg but he's so committed to   doing what he's told to do by any figure of 
authority from the u.s government protecting   lady liberty so to speak like protecting the idea 
of what he thinks america is he has a knock-down   drag-out fight to the death with rick flack to 
prevent the data from getting out in the whole   idea that amanda waller is manipulating him 
because he's so thick-headed she'd been saying   throughout the movie that something was at stake 
that would threaten to destroy the entire country   like early on they make you think that it might 
be starro that she's referring to but really the   whole time she was referring to the data like 
yestaro was bad but she thought that the data   getting out and the truth about the government 
getting out would be even worse so in true fashion   the whole idea in suicide squad movies is that 
there aren't any real big heroes although there's   some jokes about being superheroes or becoming 
superheroes when they defeat starro at the end of   the movie polka dot man getting one last digging 
at his mother the idea is that all the characters   in the movies are kind of villains just some of 
them are worse than others even the us government   like the us government is kind of the real 
villain of the movie secretly at the end of the   day because they're the ones that are responsible 
for everything that's happening now but this whole   idea the peacemaker will do anything that 
anyone tells them that's why they spent so   much time earlier in the movie having him say all 
those funny things about eating all the dicks on   the beach if he was told to because they wanted to 
establish that he would literally do anything that   anyone in a position of authority over him told 
him to do unquestioningly then after he's killed   rick flagg and jotunheim continues to crumble 
around their entire squad while they're trying to   not get crushed to death bloodsport just happens 
to land right in front of peacemaker and learns   exactly what just happened with rick flack they 
face off in a classic gunslinger standoff moment   paying off their rivalry that had been going on 
since the beginning of the movie they spent the   entire movie with the two of them having arguments 
about who was the better crack shot because they   both had very similar abilities they make jokes 
about that too like you do exactly what i do no   i do it better they had contests to see who could 
kill the most people in the jungle who could pull   off the most creative kills so bloodsport winds 
up beating him by using a smaller bullet slicing   through peacemaker's larger exploding round the 
bullet pierces him in the throat he goes down   and starts bleeding out but then wait for it the 
post-credits scene remember comic book movie logic   nobody's dead unless you see their body bloodsport 
harley quinn the other surviving members of the   team defeat starro r.i.p polkadot man the way 
starro goes out they also want to remind you he's   not the real villain here either as he lay dying 
he says all he really wanted to do was look up at   the stars because he'd spent the last 30 years 
trapped in that underground prison bloodsport   does take the hard drive of all the evidence and 
uploads it to his own private cloud servers with   protocols that will release it if he gets killed 
but strikes a bargain with amanda waller not to   release it in exchange for everyone's freedom so 
if it wasn't clear at the very end of the movie   even though they argue about whether or not they 
should have released the data he did not release   the data so that's why amanda waller isn't sending 
other teams of suicide squads after them but he   still has all the data he could always release it 
in the future if he wants to any of the surviving   members of the team here that made it out like 
king shark bloodsport ratcatcher 2 any of them can   come back in future movies we know harley quinn 
is definitely going to come back in future movies   but then during the first post credits scene 
after a short time jump like later that night   after they've already come back to america you see 
weasel on the beach where michael rooker savant   placed him at the beginning of the movie in that 
hilarious scene of them all trying to land and   then getting killed off quickly he pronounced them 
dead at the time like the weasel's dead and they   made this big joke about how come nobody checked 
whether or not the weasel could actually swim   but he coughs sits up revealing that he survived 
and kind of looks around like where'd everybody go   confused and then makes some noises and runs off 
into the jungle with that funny way of running   that we saw earlier in the movie if you guys 
didn't know either the reason why weasel looks so   crazy and messed up is because james gunn said he 
based him on the look of bill the cat the famous   cartoon cat who was purposefully designed to look 
kind of horrible and funny at the same time so   weasel's still alive now living in the jungles of 
corto maltese until we're told otherwise but then   during the second post credit scene this actually 
pushes the plot forward teases the next big   project they set up the big peacemaker hbo series 
with john cena's character another short time jump   later both john economos and emilia harcourt's 
character show up at peacemaker's hospital room   complaining that amanda waller saddled them with 
babysitting peacemaker is retaliation for them   all knocking her out at the end of the movie 
preventing her from activating all the bombs   in the team's heads and the doctor asks them what 
they need him for what's so important what's the   big deal with peacemaker and emilia says oh it's 
no big deal we just need him to save the world   and that's their way of teasing the plot of the 
peacemaker hbo series so a bunch of the suicide   squad movie actors will be back for those episodes 
season one is going to start releasing episodes in   january next year and i will be doing full episode 
videos for that when it drops the episodes will   just follow the continuing adventures of john 
cena's peacemaker as he goes on more missions   for amanda waller james gunn said he's hoping that 
they get renewed for season two but i think that   dc wants him back so bad right now for more dc 
projects that it's a foregone conclusion that they   will do a season two james gunn hasn't really 
said anything about his next dc movie because   he has guardians of the galaxy 3 that he's gonna 
do next and that guardians of the galaxy holiday   special which is sort of a marvel version of the 
star wars holiday special and he actually said   that that's going to be canon in required viewing 
before guardians 3.

We'll learn more about that   soon but it'll take place between the events of 
thor love and thunder because all the guardians of   the galaxy will show up in that movie but before 
the events of guardians of the galaxy 3. the whole   thing with the peacemaker hbo series is it is like 
dc's version of the marvel disney plus stuff where   you have all the movie actors doing tv shows on 
their big streaming service john cena's peacemaker   is just the first series that they're doing they 
have the green lantern hbo series there's the   batman hbo series that's the spin-off from the 
matt reeves batman movie i will be doing videos   for all those episodes right now i'm working 
on my full suicide squad breakdown and easter   eggs video that should post friday make sure 
you have alerts enabled so you don't miss that   and my marvel what if episode 1 video will post 
next wednesday new episodes of that every week   just like my loki episode videos everyone click 
here for that brand new marvel what if trailer   in easter eggs and click here for that brand new 
footage of ben affleck's batman in the flash movie   thank you so much for watching everyone stay 
safe and i'll see you in the next video you!

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