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like he's gonna poke a lot of fun at I cos I can't say the name of his sight um
I can't say that lab is dirty word in in the name and I don't
say curse words here but you can go to Shi T coin calm this Shi T coin calm and
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all right strengthening the brand of Bitcoin well one little thing you can do
is just use the crypto dividend tongue every day and to describe you cash or 2x
or whatever crypto dividend it is and that just puts it cancels out what the
bad actors behind those crypto dividends are trying to do that there one simple
goal of those those people is they're they're trying to take over the name of
bitcoin they're trying to say they have the real Bitcoin but in fact the real
bitcoin is the real bitcoin it's the one that they split off from it is the root
coin and you can simply remind the world of it by discussing the crypto dividend
concept and/or the one question you can ask yourself and whatever you do
marketing related whether it be on Twitter on Facebook or leaving a comment
does this solidify the brand and prevent name robbery okay
does this solidify the Bitcoin brand and prevent name robbery whatever you're
doing out there because they're people right now who are you know adding things
to their hats to their Twitter names and whatever and I think that's good I think
that's good so but whatever you're do you everyone can be
marketer a Bitcoin town that like button people we've got a look we got live
viewers here it's late at night here on the East Coast 11:32 p.m.

I'm in Quebec
City where it actually the temperature gets cool here at night when is summer
very pleasant compared to humid Baltimore which I grew up in and him
very used to and I'm sure a lot of people are used to the United States
East Coast and I hope everyone down in Texas is doing all right with that store
on Harvey or whatever it's called okay so I mean seriously that don't be safe
texans be safe Texas so yes prevent brand robbery and all the time whatever
you do just think is this making Bitcoin reminding everyone what the real Bitcoin
is and putting the fake bitcoins the crypto dividends that are only there to
make us bit coin holders wealthier is it putting them in their proper place which
is below Bitcoin they are nothing but crypto dividends alright let's go to
stay on waters tweet he's been on the show before i link to it below wasn't
exactly rocket scientists to call this one looks like we're well on our way
with eighty thousand unconfirmed transactions and when the time comes for
segue to X the to X part the mean pool will probably be spammed to unprecedent
Heights to push the agenda Bitcoin okay so he's talking about these miners are
doing strategic things to make the true bitcoins seem lesser then their favorite
crypto dividend whether it be 2x whether it be be cash and Henry law just
sent me ninety Hong Kong dollars your view on Tasos taking over aetherium all
right Henry you got me to say the word Tasos those
not familiar with this channel I really don't talk about many all
coins on here I hear that taser I've heard from reliable people with money
tricks I'll just refer to money tricks on this
he's a Twitter guy who I've had on the show before and he's a hardcore bitcoin
guy he dabbles in these uh I SEOs these whatever a little bit he has no respect
for the iSeries really I don't think I don't to put words into his mouth he'll
be back on the show he's gonna we're gonna do a little correspondent thing
hopefully or maybe hoped give me some reports during the day every pound that
like button if you'd like money tricks he's a funny guy anyway but Henry laws
question so is tasers going to take over for aetherium
Henry I'm gonna look at it from the etherium perspective here it is the
number two crypto currency in the world they're actually quite a lot of people
out there who know what have heard of etherium I have a friend who does not
own any cryptocurrency who brought up a theory into me he's heard of it in the
news so you got to think of this when you say take over
so is tasers going to come to number two cryptocurrency on the planet Earth no
it's not it's not does it do things that etherion does i so I hear it it does his
money Triggs a fan of Tasers yes yes but no I and I'm not a big aetherium fan but
I have to be a realist here it is one of the top tier all coins it is the number
two cryptocurrency on the planet Earth and I don't see anyone taking over that
number two place from aetherium and by the way party people look at me I'm
about to go back to my old predictions I had a prediction of the beginning of
this year I said Minero was gonna become the number two cryptocurrency
in market cap so everyone should be ripping on me for that one but since
most of you guys are all newbies you don't even ever be saying that nine
months ago which is hilarious just tell you there whatever eight months ago
is now but manera is doing it actually is doing quite well thanks to our
friends in South Korea so Henry thank you very much for that to Hong Kong
dollars I was in Hong Kong as you know the first week of July and it was very
humid and I could not take the rain it was really but I hear it's not that
ringing I came the worst type type time of year but I did eat some I eat frogs
when I was there so that was interesting and I loved going to the the wholesale
market down there so pound that like button everyone if you like that I Henry
got his question answer there and you too can answer questions and get me to
say Tasos loud and clear if you do the whatever the super chat in the chat and
I can see the colors pop up on the side so that's really that's a good feature
okay so Sam going back to Sam he said a very wise thing that these miners have
tried to legally sabotage things to pump up whatever crypto dividend they're
trying to pump up alright so king of the trolls he tweeted out his
debate with um Richard and of course I didn't I'm not gonna even link to it I
didn't even watch it and I'm king of the trolls will say he won probably and then
people are gonna think he won I don't know who won Richard's ass much smarter
man the king of the trolls but it was it was a bad idea to do I was happy that
world crypto Network did not broadcast it other they link to it so again it's
just it doesn't strengthen the big point brand when you give key and the trolls
the time of day it is is a heart it is the worst is one of the worst things you
can do for the big point brand when you let that uh that king of a trolls you
know through his thing and he does have a thing to do it's it's not he's not
doing it out of kindness his debates he's got a plan and it's not good for
the real Bitcoin and us holders so found that like button if you like a guy like
me who tells the truth about king of the trolls because I don't try to be friends
with king of the trolls because who need someone like that alright so ties in
over on his channel which is a cryptocurrency channel
trading channel Tizen has been around for a long time
okay much respect to ties in now each praised and I'm not in the training I
don't encourage people to do that stuff alright
but tide has always always appealed to that audience of young men who want to
trade and tie straight up admits he's in this for the money he does trading for
the money he tie comes on my show he's been only this week in Bitcoin show
before the last one which was that first when I was in Hong Kong actually
coincidentally first week in July you can go back to it he was battling he has
grown impatient with Bitcoin and I mean that's Ty's perspective but I just want
to point out when I bring up ties in I have respect for him because he tells
the truth about like he doesn't hide anything he's come from very humble
beginning at beginnings beginnings has worked his way to wealth doesn't make
excuses for himself and he and doesn't make doesn't make excuses for anyone
he's a hard worker and again he's been through some rough times and and you
know i i've seen these trolls on his channel try to rip ties in i love to see
those troubles we try to rip ties and rip ties into his face because you know
ties do a little research from ties in i think he wouldn't i don't think he would
rip x in to his face because he could rip you apart physically that's on the
dude you want to mess with but he's a peaceful man now i mean and so anyway i
brought off on a tangent there i'd like ties in but on his channel he's pumping
up be cash he's talking about be cash and I didn't watch his videos are very
verbose ties and is known for his thick he can talk a while so I I didn't have
time to watch the 50 minute video or whatever it is that about be cash but
obviously this is he's guy that's telling uh people to buy be happy but
again he hides nothing he told people to buy steam also and he bought steam so he
practices what he preaches okay but I'm just saying again people were just like
who the heck is gonna buy beat Cash well ties ends out there telling people buy B
– and so is leon food i guess so this is just gonna keep it up this is just you
know when people wonder like who buys these creep of dividends there you go ty
appeals to the 80% he's been appealing to the 80%
very beginning okay he there's all these johnny-come-lately who try to you know
compete with ties ends channel and who do agree I mean they've got a lot of
subscribers but these guys are bombs man they're like they change their mind
every single day tell you doing that and that's why you don't want to even get
into this trading thing that's why you don't want to even mess with a percent
okay so I mean one thing I see people accusing ties in ties it just rolled
down the price of Bitcoin ties in I mean with it you might have twenty thousand
subscribers or whatever even he will admit he he could like rip on Bitcoin
all day he's not gonna bring up he can't control the Bitcoin market okay now so
many smaller all coins or whatever I mean that there you can get into an
argument about that whether he could manipulate stuff if he wanted to does
even enough followers I mean with these 15 or ones probably I don't know if he
messes with the fifth-year ones I know I mean I don't why I don't watch his
videos that much because he's very verbose there's a lot of their lengthy
videos and I'm not interested in trading altcoins
um another thing is very interesting that I noticed and I will I think I'd
link to that video though I did link to that be cash video below and I'm on
their digital spread crypto dividend wow what a name digital spread crypto
dividend and I saw I clicked on this guy's profile and he just joined the
YouTube on August 21st he came up with that name that had crypto dividend in it
which is after my video so I emailed them I said where'd you come up with a
crypto dividend name Digital spread cryptic David he named not me back but
that's cool I'm glad it's spreading I'm glad the crypto dividend term is
spreading that's very nice alright I mentioned this week a big
point it's linked to below we this morning at least Bitcoin and be cash and
etherium and litecoin were all down and then some of these all coins were all up
so I was going to like talk about how you know maybe some people were
panicking on the more traditional coins although be cash is just a crypto
dividend but some people get confused and
associated with Bitcoin more so than they should and people were just there
was maybe there's a fee you know the that they were just going to these other
all coins beneath those ones but then I saw all our friends bit some they're at
it again they're they are actually pumping up
that they are gonna have Mineiro soon ok Mineiro got as high as 150 dollars today
or something like that here I saw an advertisement on coin
market cap for big thumbs so victim is paying for this banner it says the world
and you click on it the world's number one crypto currency market big thumb ads
Monaro – it's listed coins from additional 1% coins – weekend Monaro top
trader participate in bit thumbs Monaro listing event now so these dudes who I
mean they translate as you can to be happening English on their site it's not
a very good translation so they're obviously appealing to people people
beyond Korea South Korea and they're straight up pumping manera they're
straight up pumping the fact that people are getting excited they're listing
Manero so this is amazing so – is surging also and – is surging where else
on big thumb in South Korea again so we we got a imagine with some other
countries start doing stuff like that this start listing have big exchanges
where people are getting excited where they're like straight up pumping
the crypto currencies I mean this is we're gonna keep seeing this over some
new things so this thing is really interesting and and just imagine if the
Korea of rumors do this or the Korean because some of it is rumors base don't
say people saying oh they're gonna list it soon they're gonna list it soon and
and then it spills over in the – and it's spilling over into Z cash – because
that's an anonymous coin so you've got that side of it but if the Korea rumors
do this imagine what the next round of coin based rumors are going to be are
going to do to the num so whoever coin based list as their
fourth or maybe fourth if cryptic our supers right now on
coinbase you can get litecoin in aetherium there along with Bitcoin and
by the way tasers dude that's another reason
Tasos isn't gonna eclipse a theory I mean Stacy's gonna get listed on
coinbase I mean a theory I'm is very mainstream but anyway cooling bases you
know the alternative mainstream united states cryptocurrency and you know the
United States is the biggest cryptocurrency market there is I mean
that this is where in this country in the United States is where people know
about cryptocurrency more so than in any other caused country trust me trust
there have been too many countries I don't know what they're doing in China
that those numbers don't believe there's not in China they got lay out some
miners like to do some funny things apparently you know so just imagine when
the rumors start well X is going to be listed on coin base and I don't want to
say there's already been one rumor and she was on my show spreading that rumor
about I don't want to say it was I don't want to spread the rumor and that was
along she hasn't been on my show for a little while so I mean it didn't happen
but you know the next and maybe maybe that's why that one's surging today god
I'm speaking of right I have to bring it up in a second I brought up if that had
surged a lot alright so yeah Z cash so maybe again since all these so-called
anonymous coins are surging they're just adding fuel to the fire but I think the
fire started with these uh from people in other news CNBC has a story
investment firm they neck and this is from a few days ago veining that caused
Bitcoin teeth bad the files for Bitcoin ETF so these dudes involved in gold
calling it a fad and then they file for a Bitcoin teets yes is so weird all
right Simon Rickson was on CNBC also and who know we
haven't heard about the Winklevoss ETF for a while is that coming I assume it's
never gonna get approved one day that one day the ETF's are gonna get approved
and again the rumors building up to that god that'll be surge
really surging type of thing pound that like bond people it's almost midnight
I'm finished just finishing this thing before midnight trust me on that
but yes Simon Dickson mentioned dividends
he did mention dividends he did cut him off a little bit he was in a rush he
didn't mention the term crypto dividend but he did a good job on CNBC he said
he'd try his best he definitely tried his best i link to it below here is a
this is a link to an Alastair Milne tweet he says here is some impaired
empirical data showing that transaction fees do not hurt slow bitcoin adoption
and it shows that when coinbase started forcing people to do transaction fees
that it had no effect on coinbase still was getting bigger and bigger people for
body bitcoin people were sending Bitcoin from there it really didn't make that
big of a difference so people don't want coffee yet people don't aren't ready to
spend cryptocurrency on coffee because a lot of people are either they're trading
it like the insane people in the 80% or they're using it as a golden hole the
buy-in hole the store of value and they know better to waste bitcoin on coffee
when they can just waste their fee on coffee you what you end up doing is you
spend imagine if he bought coffee with five
dollars worth of cryptocurrency it back in 2016 and now it's early in 2015 and
now the it looks like you spent $50 on a phone coffee or some I mean it's
ridiculous and you're just gonna keep on getting that feeling so I mean what what
was this battle ahead the so-called battle for you know I mean I don't see I
don't see a demand for everyday transactions yeah and you know I do see
that a lot of people paid a lot of attention to a guy named king of the
trolls who was shouting to the rooftops about how he needed to buy coffee or in
other words how his business needed this how he's it's his business sells a lot
of things for cryptocurrency and I've been saying it was a bailout for him and
his friends all along all this has been you know it's just yeah and it built a
following so whatever in the long run segment one
you know he's still out there doing his thing
let let this price rise let's let's remember what the real big point is and
you know he you know it was our fault it was us as community members fault for
paying him attention he has every right to try to help his business every way he
can okay I'm have every right to call it what he wanted a bailout okay
and people were go that's not not what I was saying that people that's not nice
that look at all and just again we all could have stopped them in his tracks we
paid him attention and yet and there are still people giving him a platform like
Richard who is Richards like a genius but then on a certain level he's he
plays ready to rock again to king of the trolls hands so all right follow me act
tech ball on Twitter te CHP alt I mean finally I linked to a video from Labor
Day weekend of last year we're almost a year from there Labor Day in the United
States is around this time the last around the beginning of September the
end of August and it just is over if you watch this video that I link to below of
me it's just a reminder how early we are in cryptocurrency because I I'm all
pumped about whatever it was $600 then or something like that and and it also
show it just shows that it's not too late people you can become wealthy from
Bitcoin just by buying and holding okay you could become a loud voice in the
cryptocurrency community look where I was a year ago okay
and I mean I was a and look how much I've grown and I traveled and I've done
and how much Bitcoin has gone up since then and this is just the beginning it's
early it's early it's early just never don't be a downer of yourself look at
the positives here just so watch that video there were people back then saying
oh it's late it's late I missed out plenty of people were saying they missed
out there and the whole ecosystem has changed so much in a year so and again
I'm the one who said you know and it is annoying that they're all these newbies
and stuff but that's like that's like and he's great that they're all these
newbies too because they're buying it they're pumping up all sorts of things
they're just helping holders like us but at the same time it just it just shows
that there being some constant voices like me my voice has not changed at all
and those of us in the 20% in the thinking 20% can see you know can sort
out who's the real who the real people here are and who the johnny-come-lately
czar and who's preaching the positive message and who's preaching a message
but is just gonna disappear real soon too and I just hate let's stay positive
watch that old video and you'll see that you know this is just the beginning
Never Say Never with Bitcoin or cryptocurrency and the
sky is the limit the moon isn't lit ask the sky is not even the limit the moon
is not the limit Pluto isn't the limit Alpha Centauri isn't the limit learn
about space how about like what I'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt
meister remember to subscribe this channel like this video share this video
check out the notes section below we post a new video here I post a new video
here every day I'm gonna join you guys in chat right now have a great night
I'll see you on Sunday

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