Stranded With An Enemy | Isolated | TRON: Uprising

Flynn himself couldn't fix this mess. Hey! Huh. You're a hard program to derez. But you know what? I like a challenge. We've got a problem. No. You've got a problem. Hold on! I gotta show you something. You think I'm that gullible? You probably thought I forgot about this. Now will you listen? Will you just stop? Look what's happening. It's disintegrating. The shock from my crash
destabilized the code of the island. Its derezzing, and there's no way to stop it. Pretty soon the whole island is going to fall apart. Still want to keep fighting? Absolutely. But I guess it'll have to wait. No way that'll ever fly again. It doesn't have to fly. Just float. Look around. There's no armies out here. No soldiers, just us. If we want to live, we have to work together. I am the army. And I'm getting off this rock, alone. Still don't think you need my help? The water is going to get even rougher
as more of the island breaks up.

I might be able to attach the propulsion unit
from your chopper to my life boat. Modify it to work in water. Do you need to be an engineer
to do something like that? How hard could it be? It could be impossible. Look, I can't do this alone, and neither can you. And if we don't work fast, we'll drown. At least I'll have the satisfaction of
seeing the end of the Renegade. You really want to die here? We can do this, trust me. You're injured. It's nothing. Without treatment, you could lose the arm. I'll need to access your disc. I'm only doing this because I need your help.

So, you're agreeing to a truce? A temporary truce. You're not gonna try to derez me? I have your word as a soldier? You have my word. Where did you learn how to do that? All soldiers learn how to treat battle injuries. It's part of our training. Huh. Feels good as new..

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