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Eastern time that is 6 p.m. in London CNBC contributor
Brian Kelly is going to be on the show you were probably familiar with Brian he
just had a Forbes article that came out that was about Bitcoin but you probably
remember when he debated Peter Schiff about Bitcoin this is a few months ago
on CNBC I believe it was so we'll ask him about that Brian obviously is a
mainstream in the mainstream media so it'll be interesting to have someone
from that realm on this show and you're not going to see his face it's just
gonna be an interview where you hear voice because there are certain rules we
have to follow anyway so again that's at 1:00 p.m.

Eastern time today and 6:00
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alright so yesterday we had a video about crypt of dividends check that out
that's linked to below a but so I didn't get to talk about Bitcoin when I woke up
yesterday and I saw Bitcoin was down of course I didn't panic and it's still
down I'm like was it around 5500 I don't even know I don't know what is around
people think that's down but people were done it proved that the price drop
showed that there was a pump because of be gold people were selling their all
coins to get Bitcoin so that that they could get their freebie gold
so once the snapshot was taken there was no need to hold that Bitcoin anymore
they already their private key already entitles them to that be gold so they
some of these people jump back in to all coins they sold their Bitcoin so I mean
this just shows you the that crypto dividends can pump up can very much pump
up your coin if you there's a crimp of dividend on your root coin it is going
to help pump up your coin most likely is if it's a top tier at least I mean
that's like at least with Bitcoin so that was an interesting experiment we
now are on the other end of that and you know no one has there be gold yet it
hasn't officially started but you're already entitled to your people I'm not
getting into the specifics it don't worry wait till November be patient the
important thing to also notice is that the be gold site their official site was
ddosed attacked yesterday okay I mean it was right around the time of the the
snapshot before whatever you want to call it and it just shows you that
someone out there someone that's got time on their hands because it's it's
it's a pain to do a DDoS attack I mean if you've got a really dislike someone
so somebody out there doesn't like this it's taking it really personally to take
a cursory they back it's printed dividend it's a
friendly for calm down you're getting free coinage flip it for Bitcoin pound
that like button everyone alright a guy on Twitter Brandon he suggested I talk
about how zero negative interest rate slash negative interest rates European
bonds versus Bitcoin bonds used to be security now they're guaranteed losers
yeah so there I don't know why people buy
bonds now I mean they're just some people there's some very wealthy people
were just like well it's better than keeping it in cash it guarantees me a
minimum return they think they're beating inflate they there's I mean
there's there's reasons but for a regular dude to do this no no they're
they are guaranteed losers and you're supporting the government which is
taxing you on the other end so Bitcoin it's worth it I mean if if you're gonna
buy a bond for your grandkid why I mean in 30 years you probably not gonna be
around so why not just take the risk it's that the risk can get him some
Bitcoin get them give $1,000 with a big coin instead and the kid can sell it
immediately if they want to in 10 years I mean there's bonds or all of these
rules in it anyway this I'm glad this guy brought this up bonds are a thing of
the past okay just like some people say gold is a
thing of the past I think bonds are gonna also jump into
that category in some people's heads just it's just that the modern the
modern person and again we're these negative interest rates are pushing
people into all sorts of speculation so naturally they're gonna find Bitcoin
also so you gotta be careful when you speculate some of these things are
obviously ridiculous that that are out there so be careful but yeah bonds in
this era go for Bitcoin over bonds how about that for the same Bitcoin robot
pound right all right so the main subject today I
was inspired a parsley by me studying these cryptic demons but parsley like
when Simon Dixon was on my show when was that on Saturday it's linked to below or
Sunday signing Dixon was on my show and we were talking about how people compare
aetherium and Bitcoin but people look at and even people who pump aetherium try
to describe it in Bitcoin terms in terms of how it's going to surpass Bitcoin and
market cap and justice all these ask that's not what the hearing is about we
have to get out of this comparison thing okay it's apples and oranges and I know
I left first thing Adam you're just repeating what a lot of people have said
before okay maybe I am but I just want to make it clear now that I totally see
the difference now and people don't don't make this a war between the two
things it's apples and oranges this isn't the Orioles vs.

The Yankees it's
not sports teams people I mean if you want to go into the sports team
comparison it's more like the Ravens versus the Yankees it's a football team
versus a baseball team is it's not the same thing and don't and it shouldn't be
a competition aetherium is going to help this face it is going to help the
cryptocurrency space is going to help get people into this space and I mean I
like it seems like it's easier to do the cryptic dividend thing on it the area
right now by the way and we're going to talk about that it's going to again it
is going to help aetherium will help with adoption it will help with
education people are finding out about it so I mean bitcoin is the world
reserve cryptocurrency it is a store of value and theorem is not trying to be
that and it's not supposed to it's not supposed to be that so if you're a fan
of a theory don't try to paint it that way but if you're a Bitcoin person don't
try to attack at the area because it's not that is it it's not supposed to be
that so we all can be happy here all be happy here and anyway we want we
want to see more and more people in cryptocurrency and there are some really
unique things you can do with ethereal I'm starting to find out I mean just
with the guy that was on Ruslan who was on the show yesterday I mean this is a
way he can use aetherium to promote his project to give out his token to anyone
who holds aetherium and then you know help innovate the
video space and help you know take down YouTube no I mean I and who knows if
that will really happen but again they're very there are some unique
things you can do with aetherium and I'm not I'm not down on the theorem man I'm
not that but I'm not telling you to buy it either
I'm telling you this is what I'm telling you to do with the theorem here how
about this use aetherium use it to innovate makes the cool projects of coal
projects with it yeah and I might even get into some things eventually with it
I mean I honestly tell my I've been thinking about this I mean I think it's
unique but but again bitcoin is your store about you I mean
that's how you get that's how you get wealthy man that's be a saver
be a saver with with Bitcoin but be an innovator with aetherium I've come up
with these lines is right now the top of my son's trolls go you're a hypocrite
now recycle it all right so again we want to build this
space we want it's a both of them succeed although if a theorem sissies
trust me your Bitcoin is a store of value you're going to be real happy if
Bitcoin succeeds as an awesome store value all you aetherium people you're
gonna then are innovating you're gonna be real happy too
so xenon I mentioned this before is a crude of dividend that is being given
out to a bunch of the theorem holders they didn't have a tweet out there i
link to it below xena an air-dropped to over some hundred
fifty thousand aetherium addresses under way massively distributed cos all chain
launching mid 2018 okay I want to confirm and one of my uh
areum addresses I did receive the Xenon crypto dividends show hey people you're
getting free coins from a theorem also check out your theorem address see if
you've gotten this Zenon it's it's pretty easy – what's that say you guy –
I have a link to the site below where you can maybe I'll have to do that but
ether site you can I'll do that after the show let me write that down link to
ether site where you can check your bounced it not everyone knows that site
I know there's some rookies out there so um and there's nothing wrong with not
knowing that all right just a reminder I'm going to be in South Korea November
29th to the December the 6th if you want to get in touch email me at animators
where help calm also I'll be in South Africa hopefully if all goes well Gloria
we gotta talk cleaning this thing March the 8th 9th and 10th hopefully
March the 10th there will be a bitcoinmeister event in Johannesburg
South Africa we're working on it all right and again yeah can you crypto
dividend consulting because this stuff can be confusing if you need regular
cryptocurrency consulting if you need if you just want to talk if you want to
just be a calm person who doesn't get worried at every price drop in Bitcoin
there's no people that you just I still have people emailing me I'm should I
sell sure what the heck you're wasting my time people know you shouldn't sell
this is long term thing anyway email me a dimitra's or help that comment do all
sorts of consultations etc I can walk you through all sorts of stuff so a lot
of people like to be walked through the trails were set up atom actress or help
calm all right so photo of the day is linked to below by Zen tags what's his
real name is a good guy without understanding the fundamentals you will
never become a holder and just people in line to like learn about trading and no
one in line to learn about holding it's a good in anyway let's check it out it's
a good photo of the day picture of the day it's all about it's a tweet you can
retweet it all right early morning where you guys off are all right you know it's
we've got all these people cook this channel if you're in this channel you're
gonna learn about things before a lot of other people are because a lot of people
just repeat what they hear in the mainstream news what they read on coin
desk or whatever and just read little holes where they're not getting unique
stuff and again you would have heard about be gold here if you'd be what if
you would have been watching me you would have heard about V gold back in
August when I was in Quebec City while someone's yelling out there that's
lovely but but here's a guy that has over if I'm not going to link to this
guy's I don't wanna embarrass this guy he seems like a nice guy but he said
he's tries to be a cryptocurrency guru actually has over 5,000 followers on
Twitter which is more than I do by the way he says I just I just learned I own
something called he calls a Bitcoin gold I call it be gold and literally this guy
had a few days go ahead and never heard of it before I and then he says and I
asked him a question and he said I was I contacted him and he says I had heard
about it maybe read an article but didn't know it was actually happening I
hadn't seen a lot on our Bitcoin nor my Twitter timeline so uh I don't know how
you can you know paint yourself as a knowledgeable person in the
cryptocurrency space and as of a few days ago not heard of eagle and not
known then not known about it not knowing that you're getting you're going
to get something by being a holder it's it's just amazing it's amazing some of
that I mean it's a complicated space people it is a complicated space and I
am living this thing okay so uh you know go where go where you want to go for
information but um I'm proud of information here I'm proud of my guests
I'm proud to have Brian Kelly on later today at 1:00 p.m.

So tweet of the day
is from for money Triggs another guy who's been on the this week in Bitcoin
show and who's true be on it this Friday if all goes well and if this Friday if
all goes well I think we're going to be on at 1 p.m. Eastern Time by the way but
anyway some money Triggs uh he he actually he doesn't like aetherium he is
in that mindset where he compares aetherium and Bitcoin on in a Bitcoin
so part its tweet I don't it says he's just going over all the bad things
people have tried to say about big point in the past a theory on market cap will
be greater than point they said Bitcoin unlimited it has 90% hashing power they
said remember those prices before we had segments so yeah yes say say we didn't
say to save the day here but it's an interesting tweet he I don't I don't
want to like further in the etherium Bitcoin war I just wanted to preface
that there by that it's it's a tweet of the day I like him all right another guy
out there a guy who comments on my videos a lot is Russell and he's been
talking about this Bitcoin Hydra thesis of his and he goes over it he enjoys the
Bitcoin Krypton fit ends also he's a fan he goes over in a video of his that I
linked to below the video is a mature for a mature audience he curses in it he
talks about make town at the end which is interesting I do not agree with
everything he says about it he talks about worker collaboratives I'm not down
with that kind of thing at all but he's got a unique approach again he uses
curse words we don't use here but I wanted a link to him because I've been
telling my Russell that I would you know to talk about him and then I would watch
this video and I did watch this video and it is it is thought-provoking
obviously but it's a different different tone than here so if your kid I would
not don't go over there if you're a young person busy curses and it gets too
grown-up topics and stuff so some people will be offended but hey man that's like
people gonna be offended I linked to this a another guy on Twitter but inform
me about quitting market Cal calm it's a it's a calendar that shows all the
happenings in cryptocurrency events factual events you can attend but in
events that just are technical events that pertain the off person different
cryptocurrencies so it's a very it's a cool calendar you can add to it and I
told this you in a while ago I would mention it so I'm mentioning it now on
steam it there's a link to the zaple beta is now live
Zappa is like a Twitter competitor that is coming out of steam it that uses
steam it is labayda is live you can go to zaple calm and link to it below za
ppl calm i haven't used the deck side but it is interesting I'm interested in
Twitter competitor interesting in this type of micro blog decentralized micro
blogging and I assume you can be rewarded with steam by posting there I
don't know I don't know that that again I'm jumping into this story before I had
fully participated in it but hey people check it out check out sample something
that I do know about unfortunately a client of mine had a bad experience with
the mine my Monaro wallets Manero is an altcoin it isn't an anonymous coin okay
and a lot of people are tol you know there's all these gurus that say to buy
it you shouldn't buy it until you're really good with Bitcoin and probably
good with sending like coin from your trizol or and good with aetherium on
your trailer because Manero is a next-level type of
thing you can't sermon arrow on your tresor
most people go to this my Minero site to store there it's a wallet it's
had issues there all these people out there who make these fake diamond arrow
sites and people enter in their private keys to these sites and their mind and
their an arrow gets stolen immediately this client of mine something happened
and they they somehow got involved one of these fake sites and they lost eight
thousand dollars worth of Manara alright so narrow is very tempting for hackers
I'm just gonna say that because everyone uses this Monument narrow wallet you
have to be really careful people this is not something that this is not an
altcoin you got to know your stuff here don't just jump jump into this thing be
very careful with storage this is this is a lesson here this is a lesson and
again there's there's no need to buy manera there's no need to get into this
now you can just store store value with bitcoins store it on your trees or
forget about it 20:20 having people pound that like button alright so in the
cryptographic Givaudan category i said i would i already talked about xenon
now here's another controversial one the etherium Vega fork again this is
obviously someone in China who is doing this I have talked about it a lot and I
have warned people about it i link to a tweet below and says that it is live
from that tweet you can click to get to their main Twitter feed they've been
given a lot of updates they've been just enticing people be patient with it be
patient to make sure it has replay protection for real
be patient wait till it gets to an exchange just be patient
but I'm telling everyone about it because it is interesting that
etherium has fort into that these a few a bag of people have fork etherium this
is not going to be done the same way that Zenon was done okay this this was
this is a real fork now it's safe yet I do I have not done a thing with it yet
but I'm informing my people out there was this is unique news that you get you
no one else is talking about is here in Vega and if more people we're talking
about if you're in Vega maybe we wouldn't have to wait as long to find
out if it's legitimate or not but I again I am NOT jumping in I mean I'm
very hesitant with all I mean first of all I don't have my treasure were with
me in Israel and I'm not coming back to the United States until thanks kidding
so I mean there's there's only a certain amount of things I can do when I'm here
in Israel I do not travel with my trays or because well there's there's a lot of
reasons you don't want to get you don't want to be annoying by you know all
these people these guardians of the bordering in various countries can uh
they could be annoying people all right so segue dot party is a very interesting
site and again be patient that's what long-term thinking is all but if you
don't have if you're a short-term if you're impulsive that's how you lose a
lot of money by doing crazy things with your various private keys your private
key and that it you don't give that to anyone
don't give that to anyone people that that's a bit people say well that's a
basic Adam I just have to say it out there's a lot of people don't know that
someone sent me their private key once okay because they wanted help then
there's a lot of newbies out there and you know there's a great if you're in
the education hey man and if you're an honest person who wants to educate
people after their currency the sky is the limit and I'm interested in that I
mean I will be participating in some fry I don't want to give anything away here
but I I'm friends with some people who are working hard on this and I'm gonna
be participating in a project that involves an education and I respect
these people they're very they're very smart and honest people and I'm gonna be
educating everyone about Bitcoin simple things because people need them to
understand these simple things sacred that party is a cool site it gives you
the latest on Segway again people get your sacred addresses if you get a
treasurer it's easy as anything I have my sacred
address and it's fast people been sending me the edits you can send three
cents worth it's awesome people 73 cents people I love it you can send me
whatever you want to or you can send me ten dollars like some people have been
recently that it's awesome okay and again please send me any news you have
about crypt of dividends that I haven't mentioned if you're trying to a friendly
fork a coin look tell me about it tell me about it man I'm there I'm interested
in this free money man it's all about free money and you know ignore the
people were like it's it's hurting the Bitcoin brand it's hurting the etherion
break yeah whatever people haters gotta hate man hey Bitcoin is as strong as
ever baby and yeah don't worry about it again you know you hear me talking about
every company that has rejected 2x because I know in the end of the game
there most of them are it's just a matter of time it's like the people who
worried about every aspect of be cash then it happened you happen I mean their
December will come after November January will come out after December
November is at the end of the world and January and 2018 are gonna rock for big
coin holders I mean I am pumped and a lot and Simon's pumped everyone's pumped
that's come it's rational that are long-term thinkers you got
long-term thinkers training and not on this clickbait train where they're just
trying to get you to click on their videos to scare you so you keep on
clicking back and like oh I want to hear about the latest person No can we sue
someone or any god man just sit back and relax okay so um and you know what for
people who want to like to sue I mean this is about decentralization people I
mean lawsuits are so like government-centric are so what's the
word I'm looking for here just the old-school centralized I'm gonna cry to
mommy I mean lawsuits dude just just boycott
boycott don't go to like a some higher authority to beg them to punish her the
person you don't like be proactive and boycott alright yeah I'm not down with
lawyers man alright so there's a guy admission this dude I can't say that
name a this site is a curse word in his sight but I'd link to it below is his
name is Andreas also not Andreas Antonopoulos he talks about – a
governance and privacy coin that's surprisingly easy to use so he reviews
all of these he reviews a lot you interviewed Manero so now he's reviewing
– check it out alright status is the word I was going for it's
those status – just start crying I'm gonna sue this person was I don't like
what they're doing dude man come on you sound like a what most I don't you to to
D monetize this video so I'm not gonna say what you sound like but it
everywhere it's like a you know a it goes some hens go they make sounds they
go cock cock cock so um alright conviction wins the future that is a
stefan molyneux line I don't agree with Stefan on everything but guys this is
true conviction does win the future not suing people and not just sitting there
complaining doing action being if you were really behind your goal if
you're willing to go toward all ends of the earth to get it done to work hard
you're going to win you're going to win the future you're going to be successful
in the future so so beacon could and have conviction
people have conviction like I do you can tell I mean I keep on trudging along a
new video every day so now that like button people keep it positive on Adam I
should have bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember subscribe to this
channel like this video share this video do check out the notes section below
chewing at 1:00 p.m.

Eastern Time on this very channel Brian Kelly will be
all it will be different it will be a blast
bye bye.

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