Stock O’Clock: K-Shaped Recovery, Carole Baskin, Mark Cuban And Visa’s Plaid Deal

It's Stock o'clock, welcome! The economic 
rebound is stronger in suburbs than in   cities. The consensus is that we're seeing a 
K-shaped recovery. Restaurants and bars have   been hit hardest by the pandemic. Tiger King's 
star Carol Baskin turns out to be an influencer.   Baskin was paid to mention Zomedica in a Youtube 
video. The penny stock went up nearly 250%   after the shout out. Mark Cuban says 
he's been holding crypto for years.   The billionaire says he hasn't sold anything. 
Last week he joked he would run for president   if bitcoin hits 1 million dollars. And 
Visa will not acquire Plaid after all.   The deal was valued at 5.3 billion dollars 
when it was announced.

Visa ran into a   regulatory wall from the Department of 
Justice. All right, stay safe, bye-bye!.

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