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An amazing week in crypto indeed! 
Here's a sneak peek in a tweet.   This past week was the most bullish week I've 
ever witnessed for bitcoin. Yet bitcoin has been   quietly sitting at $47,000 for five days. It feels 
like we're about to witness a massive push higher.   And below are some snippets of news stories we 
will cover in this video. Hello! I'm Crypto Casey,   and welcome to another episode of last week 
crypto. Every Sunday, we review the performance   of the largest cryptocurrencies top gainers as 
well as the latest global news stories affecting   the crypto markets this past week. This week we 
will discuss if a crash of the traditional stock   market is imminent.

What indicator to use 
to front-run a crypto market crash. Bullish   news for more mass adoption of crypto, and what 
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wednesday. Awesome! It's time for last week crypto. Looking at the top cryptocurrencies by market cap 
Bitcoin up 22.8% ETH up 3.9% Cardano   barreling into the top four by market cap up 63.4% 
and XRP up 34.8%.

Looking at the   top gainers this week Amp up 173% Bittorrent 
up 154.1%. Avalanche up 151.2% and IOTA a blast from the past up 150.1%.
Overall the crypto market is up and going strong   as altcoin season rages on. And is it really even 
surprising at this point because the inflation   threat just got real the stark reality is that 
there is more than 16 trillion dollars worth of   negative yielding debt floating around the world 
right now. The U.S. also isn't in this boat alone.   Central banks around the world are maintaining 
extremely accommodative monetary policies   and growing their balance sheets to record levels. 
The threat of global currency debasement continues   to rise and the debate is no longer bitcoin or 
gold. Any alternative asset that will protect   your wealth will become a necessity in every 
investment portfolio in a world with falling   purchasing power. and it's not just the financial 
industry hedging against eminent hyperinflation.   as we discussed last week companies and other 
industries like Tesla are making big moves with   their billion dollar bitcoin investment.

In fact, 
in their SEC filing earlier this week, Tesla says,   we transact business globally in multiple 
currencies and have foreign currency risks   related to our revenue, cost of revenue, operating 
expenses, and localized subsidiary debt denominated   in currencies other than the U.S. dollar. If 
we do not have fully offsetting revenues in   these currencies and if the value of the U.S. dollar 
depreciates significantly against these currencies   our costs as measured in u.s dollars as a percent 
of our revenues will correspondingly increase and   our margins will suffer. So we have the fear 
uncertainty and doubt about the U.S. dollar   spreading rapidly so is the stock market about to 
crash? 12-year-old bull market; SPAC mania; IPO's that   more than double on the first trading day; An army 
of amateur traders in GameStop mania. It certainly   feels like a rational exuberance and it triggers 
alarms for those who remember the dot-com bubble   of the late 1990s. And a tool used to analyze 
the market invented by one of the world's most   notorious traditional investors is showing signs 
of agreement.

The 'Buffett Indicator' Extremes Expose   "Remarkable Mania" in US equities. A glance at the 
chart below and buffett's most famous catchphrases   comes to mind. Investors should be fearful when 
others are greedy. And in this chart depicting   the buffett indicator of value versus historical 
trends since 1990 you can see the internet bubble   was 71% over the historical trend line while we 
are currently 84% over the historical trend line.   So maybe a stock market crash is imminent. I 
mean even the slow to move late to the party   Feds are concerned the fed to test banks ability 
to withstand a 55 fall in equity prices regulators   lay out criteria for annual stress exercise with 
stocks at record highs so basically big u.s banks   will have to prove that they can withstand a 55 
crash of the u.s stock market as a sort of stress   test that ultimately decides how much banks can 
pay out to their shareholders further fueling   fears of a bubble but casey what about crypto 
are we in a bubble should we be worried well   luckily we have our own buffet indicator of sorts 
it's bitcoin's net unrealized profit loss chart   also called the nuble chart which can be viewed 
with a glass node account looking at this chart   you can see each time the blue euphoria greed 
level is breached shortly thereafter a crash   occurred triggering a bear market zooming 
in to look at the latest crash and where we   are currently you can see we are still safely 
at the belief denial level for the time being   this is a great chart to monitor during a bull 
cycle like this when we breach into the blue level   of euphoria greed i will be selling off most of my 
all coins because as we've seen in previous cycles   it's usually indicative of an imminent crash 
and holding off coins through a several year   bear market is not fun i'm sure a lot of us have 
been there myself included so make sure to follow   me on instagram where i do post more real-time 
market updates on my instagram stories at the   end of the day it's important to understand this 
you won't time the top perfectly so why even try   so make sure you are taking profits periodically 
throughout this bull cycle as the market waxes and   wanes always make sure to take profit a stock 
market crash could absolutely rock the crypto   world for better or worse more likely worse when 
it initially happens even so i think overall the   future is extremely bright for the crypto space 
right now let's hit a flurry of bullish news   stories that back this narrative bitcoin soars to 
all-time high after bny mellon announces crypto   venture bitcoin on thursday jumped to a fresh 
all-time high after bny mellon said it formed   a new unit to help clients hold transfer and 
issue digital assets also morgan stanley may bet   on bitcoin and a 150 billion dollar investment arm 
known for its prowess and picking growth stocks is   considering adding bitcoin to its list of possible 
bets not sure if i agree with the journalists use   of the word bet saying morgan stanley may bet on 
bitcoin a bet to the tune of 150 billion dollars   in this economy yeah it's not even a gamble at 
this point check this out canadian regulator   clears launch of world's first bitcoin etf 
investment manager canada's main securities   regulator has cleared the launch of the world's 
first bitcoin exchange traded fund an investment   manager said on friday providing investors greater 
access to the cryptocurrency that has sparked an   explosion in trading interest and that's not 
the only first that took place in the crypto   sphere this week first commercial bank in the us 
allows customers to buy bitcoin at atm locations   blue ridge bank is making history as the 
first commercial bank to allow its customers   to buy and sell bitcoin at its atm locations in a 
new statement the virginia-based commercial bank   announces that customers can purchase and redeem 
bitcoin at 19 atm locations also mastercard will   let merchants accept payments in crypto this 
year the payment giant plans to support digital   currency transactions directly on the network 
in another payment processor that refuses to   get left in the dust paypal will be planting 
their cryptocurrency flag in the uk next the ceo   dan shulman said last week the company would be 
adding crypto buying selling and custody features   to venmo in 2021 and another staple financial 
institution in the traditional financial markets   is finally getting off the sidelines deutsche bank 
quietly plans to offer crypto custody and prime   brokerage the bank's game plan was hidden in plain 
sight and a widely overlooked report by the world   economic forum this is amazing because now all 
those politicians and no coiners can finally   say crypto is used by money launderers and it's 
also starting to be widely used by celebrities   as we discussed in previous episodes since then 
more and more celebrities have started chatter   among their audiences about crypto take a look 
jack dorsey and jay-z announce bitcoin fund as   cryptocurrency goes mainstream bitcoin's big week 
got bigger with an announcement from rapper jay-z   and twitter ceo jack dorsey that the pair 
are establishing a bitcoin development fund   another celebrity that's been preaching the 
crypto gospel hits the nail on the head here   mark cuban on blockchain it's like the early days 
of the internet when a lot of people thought we   were crazy what we're seeing right now with this 
communal effort and the foundation of blockchain   type applications that people stuck at home 
can use to try to make money just change the   game 180 degrees he said if you don't understand 
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casey if you enjoyed the episode please make sure   to like this video and subscribe to my channel for 
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forward slash last week crypto so do you think   the stock market is going to crash soon how do 
you think it would affect the crypto markets   how's altcoin season treating you so far let 
me know in the comments below be safe out there you

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