good and say it here on my YouTube channel Today we’re going to talk about the screens right guys these pearls beautiful beautiful beautiful that’s going up understood the last retraction or she’s already valued Look since the last retraction She’s already valued 156 percent ok good and only in the year 2021 if I get here, pull here, not only from 2020 and look at this one, it was the plan of December 31 and if it was from January to January 2020 and um, guys, a person who invested in this point here already it had an appreciation of 389 percent of its capital ok if you say notion for you to have a notion even the screens is a project we call that competing with the project of the rival of cherrypy it is going up so much simply because the ripple has not undergone this process and people think that the star can simply replace the rich person, I personally think that the two will go together in the near future. There are also others that the other touches to be, you don’t know that they can, for example, ue the project decided to take an impulse got it But anyway today i want to talk about the screens today i want to do an analysis of the screens close right that is worth buying mat as you can buy screen mainly also that it leaves me here for you and not ones prices some prices some to keep in mind and for the short term because for the long term it only looks for the long term it is always above the last top In other words, I see why I don’t know over a dollar ok in the long term 33 years I see above of a dollar always good on the top and a blond Okay but today I’m here on the daily chart to talk to you mine first let’s see how you can buy canvas for guys who want to buy canvas it’s already expensive for your binance account the link is down here in the description just click and create your account create your account in the Bible that you will receive a 5% discount on all Cups Remembering that it is binance at most to charge one percent rate is fine if you make a deposit or bank transfer you will not pay anything fee me the week platforms that have the lowest rates on the market Okay so if you want to buy the screen just create your account at Minas check your account takes about 40 minutes to an hour at most and after that you can go there and make a purchase at that moment look at us here in xml XL or SBT why? Because we have no option of PLL or dollar But you you can buy control change dollar Goofy and dollar is the same thing okay is clear Peter and the american dollar are the same thing this asset issued in par with the dollar And so No problem if you still don't know how to use Minas linda who likes inscription down here in the description there is water and important videos you have there right tutorial on how to use Minas step by step So guys who want to buy a customer there under registration all the information and don't forget to leave your like subscribe to the right channel but before you buy if you want to see an analysis of the time of the Screens right Bora do an analysis here is very simple but still very complete right I will open the screen here Just put it in full first people I still can't do it a How can I tell you an analysis of the daily chart why Why none Who closed the negative after this understood so I can’t have an Inter region and to do to have a part in consideration PIS repair right but I can do a position and for a thousand to see me that the price at that moment is going to make a repair I really believe in the goal, it usually doesn’t fail right, she has an incredible activity and I know that at that moment, according to her, measuring the market will make a repair to get a new impetus for New expansion, that is, to get new maxims right, no, or it's in Raid, right, male, new machines here, taking into account this period here, right taking into account rite here I believe that the market will seek a new maxim Ok look now I’m just going to try to open it here for this part here on the chart Beautiful show Look guys if I want to draw Firmo I’ll have to draw the last one to see the negative of the diary for maximum and this maximum here because you choose this melim mass what it is the last negative candle you can also see here it is the last negative candle on the daily chart when we have this expansion of Christ so this is the right point to trace my Libonati is good this is the serious point this is an angle here it shows me that in fact it was the last expansion of the daily chart we had Look at this point for this point or I will have to deselect here show to select expansion from that point to that maximum traction for me one of seeing here the unify burrê traction means new expansion where to minus 27 so i think christ will come back attract him will attract where he stops again for 61 or seven eight but not those 6 to 1 and 7 and 8 you know why not these because these are from the expansion the previous one are from there Then I said ready for this point I will have to have to bake 6 um is for 78 of the new expansion probably it’s going to be from an interesting region at that point, next to the next whoever is going to close denies it alive Okay so I can’t tell you yet where the next price drop will be, more or less why because I still I don’t have a negative on the arm with the diary, you can see here that it’s mine, it’s forming, it’s probably going to close as a positive ground Neto can’t happen yet more or less seven hours to close this than in and as soon as he close It could be that in the following I was able to have an interesting portrait, right, but at the same time that I am waiting for him, for example, I can go there on the 4-hour chart and do an analysis of the 4-hour chart for you to understand then Even though I didn't have taking into account even taking into account that it is actually weekly the thing has already happened on the daily chart something is not yet not prepared to happen on the chart and four hours even we already had the feedback this was the retraction look at this feedback that he here if it was not and 61 it was exactly 61 is that as I use it up to a personal time I can just hit the eye on the graph and already know what is really going on understood then if I trace a daughter look I will just show for you and draw a figure Last negative letter of her maxim in that one where the attraction was Okay So here I know him he can do what he can get half way less 27 he can understand he can get – 27 but for him not to be even people here I believe that – 27 he can’t break going this Elite here understood I think he’s still going to work on this air he’s okay I believe a lot look just that Christ will still work on this Elite that the 4 hour chart is good forming a bowling alley and most likely right Much will probably take a bowling alley and me here can make a relationship with the region and seek – 27 that will converge with that ate 8 of macular retraction daily good're going to consume 68 and this whole conference I I think they marked vampyr people to come and get a region, you know, this one he takes out here he feels a little confused you know what I'm going to do I'm going to try to reproduce here a little bit with the guys, look mainly to take that fig to show you and in the Diary I already showed it I already got it all right now if I want a next expansion I will have to get a candle that will close negative that closed negative the last negative rate in the diary that was this because the screens are right It's ok 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 consecutive days of high if that candle that closes the negative supply of the price has this where it tends to be in 61 understood then so you can do what a Deck can do you can do this repair expansion to double po come to pick up 61 What is probably not even going to close this region but nothing there to pick up – 27 Okay, I'm on the legs of a price recovery Of course, this personal attraction when it happens is very likely I will not go here to record it about it but if you remind me i can record a video about if you have monitored the graph Diary of the cell Denise Look I just don’t know send it on Instagram Send the water well, send a network but don’t invest it but I couldn’t send it Nei closed those who are not negative on the screen on the daily chart, you can do an analysis.

Certainly I will do it, but the initiative will have to come from you, okay, because I have other things to do to improve in the case, and there’s not much. to do I can not stay your monitor a chart could put an alert here could but it is the personal daily chart so I don’t think it will happen now ok in addition to the day I have many other charts to analyze honestly there are a lot of other graphs to analyze a lot of cryptocurrency action on your performance so a lot of currency pair also a lot to analyze and not just look back at the screen but then guys and I will do everything I can for the community here on YouTube right so let your like in the video subscribe to the channel and if you can remember when you don't want my diary this negative tea I will also thank you very much for now I see the market doing what we have this last one has a negative here that it closed its maximum I see improvement arriving in a 27 A4 moment ok it can make an attraction already done even right I saw two scenarios possible here in 4 hours ok I see this retraction Look here and 61 she came back here ok this may indicate which market he is going to look for this region because it has to be a reverse frigonati at that point for this maxim he can try to look for this region here or minus seven eight right or in fact broken Lu like that he take that I showed you that infatil doesn’t exist in this region Silvio Compito we’ll see the cleaning came down here still the bearing and it will do it will close what didn’t even show negative on the art graphic right the first scenario I’ve already shown it before it would be the formation of a wall and, uh, the market comes back to test a region similar to this one and we try, buddy Or nothing too and high search already understood, but very personally, I’ve been in this market for a while I think it’s almost inevitable that stirring it will close in the negative diary and the market will test 61 as it was here with text 61 here in good understand why I would not test again okay it will test 61 because mine is the psychological number of the market basically look only here He comes to get a million right, even if I had taken my position here, even if I had taken my buying position here and it is 61 right, my Stop is always below 100 ok for those who do not know when I buy to have coins E u dont buy thinking about it i will buy this right there if i sleep without a percent of capital i will be positioned no i always have a stop i bought 10,000 r $ 10,000 from her the price arrived in this region will be a devaluation of my capital in how many per percent is just going to be a devaluation and 58 percent allowance how much per cent touched my stock so much the operation lose money accepted is the loss understood it already happened to me in fact an operation to get close to the stock and get to 78 go back there up I close a partial one, you know, it guarantees another type of stock, for example, here I can put it on Breaking.

Okay, for example here. Let's say I took the heart and 61, I took the operation here in the middle of a commitment screen for [__] 61 o the graph started to rise which I do the same here I go to operation 0 to 0 I place Lar a sales order in our nab for example from Iguaçu price back main of sells everything I will drop out of operation and the price can go back and m and take it from zero to zero, that is, sells, we close the portion here, the price back I took a small portion, it was a profit but I didn’t get the whole cake, you know, but in this region I can go back to buying because there are still 61 figs. example when I have stock below without My Target is always minus 27 which gives me a return here two for one ie generally when I have my Capital in some that I took it was usually I leave with a 100 percent profit okay I usually leave with a profit of 100 percent here this valuation here even at 27 is 124 percent on screens born Araújo Araújo the last investment I made it there as a return of 156 percent you have a good idea and or I can leave is also 68 court is a portraying price waiting for the water to reach 68, you know, and I can leave with a risk of return here from this operation, at that moment it would be 182 percent right so simple, besides this way that I invest in mine that took it was stationary and base 500 is that taking the selected ones that what I like to buy and projects that excite me makes me excited, above all are projects that I like where the colikids also about everything including Look, I just have a video here to record for you that turns around it will be bombastic in the best cryptocurrencies for 2021 Look at the number of the video ok and also cryptocurrencies that can explode in 2021 As was the case with the series of you being aware, I will make an analysis of the series here very quickly, there are many of you who took this person because you have no idea Dude you don't have it And then how beautiful it is here I'm going to get the graph of the mine anyway and he has some would You know since yesterday I'm positioned in GNT if I say I think the guys that will not end in but I will stand here looking internet was just caught here was positioned right here O 6 Uni was up around this region and 108 went here then position you and daily chart RT does I can warn you the day before looks just got here I put it out here the show and he me this fig good okay we had just looks that LT here price price Punk returned and this time here was when I positioned myself because it looks just that it was the last one that is from the negative ok or I took a magnetic magnet This was the last one that was not negative the film with the lowest price for the highest price and the price came in and a million when it arrived my position was personal, so why am I talking about so much manager these days in all the videos because people just what I run risk return here look at that It’s at that moment right You’ve already gone from six hundred percent simple so people six hundred percent risk a lot in this cryptocurrency here ai dinny what was the criteria for investing What price started to arrive in this region look at this MTB here or when I live static magnetic I can't do a clear analysis and this MTB here it was broken ok I have this ok it is not fat as strong as it is right this one is the strongest of all ok this one he sees you here Including the strongest mix But this one I can consider because because I can touch this little one or touch that I can touch the ones that but I can’t cut it, it’s good so playing here this year here I’m afraid to be informed this break was clear right fig like right hearthome low to high right at the smallest point small how much higher up there long position And I still buy why Because I also believed in the project so much we have one that hopefully if you stop to analyze this project it is a project of the big car sets sensational ok I am sensational this sensational project it is basically Google of Crypton coins ok it is Google the cryptocurrencies are good and there is a group on the telegram that people were talking about, here it was about her fundamentals and when I realized this good service foundation I like deep foundations ments are very good In my opinion I will try to see technical analysis if the technique and fundamentals match I have a purchase for wonderful in this group I went there to invest I even regret not having invested male very sincerely I should also have invested more but this is the pain is eternal of everything investor i have my people right now in five ok i think i need to reach 5 hours ok the five dollars i think the price reaches 5 hours so for me this one taking He is too macho to grow up but he or you are still always with 100 percent of the capital here I have not already done a partial Generosa has already done fifty percent of what I got in Okay Let's say for example I will not say Vitor Moreira good to hesitate if I invest 500 euros here I already watched a part because when it reached more or less this region here of a dollar here look and this vision of a dollar not of 97 cents that I was in 68 of fig that I told you that minus 2768 I use as a target can reach 6 8 I made a position and let the other one buy because I also believed in the fundamentals it must be fifty percent and leave another fifty percent and by that time it has passed three times the position I closed Okay but anyway I'm still going to make a video I'm about this asset just about this asset because I believe in this project a lot and I believe that it will go a long way, okay I even see a photo and a collection of the price that can occur okay four times when a negative looking close here I will be able to trace Fibonacci again and I was able to measure a new entry point Okay if you don't want the negative for example I know if you want a negative chart to draw a picture here and I see a new one right back the region that is going to be bought for the general who wanted to enter but if you buy to generate whatever you want enter that one that she took was not something of a Pump there was no one driving her as suggested having Gold coins the me an organic movement are people believing in the project that made it explode and i will position it right i will erase all of this here and he action person i am even thinking of doing is a subscription club here on the channel right supporters of the right channel go to who was a supporter will have common benefits once a week will be able to send whatever you want me to review x active you will be able to say there because we and calls to us right This week or else we will be able to talk interact in a much more strong much more natural you will be able to tell me once a week tell me I want you to analyze this asset for me you can I will analyze it right no I will Isa will have access to our group telegram light member of the channel and there we will exchange ideas every day right you will also have access to the best opportunities that I see in the cryptocurrency market ok how good this opportunity here in the series uncle could leave for the guys but I still n I don’t have a subscriber club So I basically got it by myself with some close friends right, and you’ll also have access to all of our videos 24 hours before Okay, but this feature, this channel club, the channel’s supporters club, it’s only going to be launched when I hit 5,000 subscribers so if you are not registered yet sign up and I guarantee you that being a channel club will not cost more than 30 reais ok, it will not cost more than that it will be something that will give me a profitability but at the same time I don’t want it to be too expensive because I want a lot of people to have access it won’t touch more than 30 R the first people who were part of it will certainly not cost more than 30 remains good people is from Pinheiros I hope you have liked here in the video of the analysis that daughter Estela when she closes it negative first that still in the Diary I remember to do another analysis and tell you next expansion prices ok and that's it until the end great video all the best for you bye

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