[STAY:SEE👀] #24 ‘색안경 (STEREOTYPE)’ MV Behind EP.1

Tada~ Hello. We’re here for filming STEREOTYPE MV. Even, I am the first. (Blue Blue)
I changed like this to match the hot weather. I will do my best! (GO)
GO GO Thank you for ISA's formal interview. (Heart pounding)
(MV Filming Start) Let me introduce my cabinet~! Tadada~ Inside the cabinet that I actually use at work, My pictures, letters from the members, ‘life four cuts’ photos, and more.

I put things like that on. And also there are some photos that the fans took or some drawings as well. It's a scene where a grown-up ISA looks at the cabinet and recalls memories. The director said, "I'm glad I made this the first scene.” So I feel even better. (Satisfied)
The first start is so good! (STEREOTYPE group dance shoot)
We look forward to your kind cooperation! Director: Let's do our best for three days. (ISA and J are doing pair dance for J's part)
J and I are doing the pair choreography together. (ISA and J are doing pair dance for J's part)
(V) (V)
Do you want me to show you? What could this be~? It’s a mirror! J knocks on it.

Ting~ (The ISA mirror opens at J's gesture)
And then, it opens. Like this. J will look at my mirror, (Tap Tap) This is how she puts on makeup. I'm putting on makeup. There is something more! (SO BAD choreography)
A patch of love! Oh! You're right. Right? (Excited J)
Awesome! Let’s show them that, too. (Working hard) (Click!) (Photographer Sumin succeeded in capturing the moment) (Disappointed)
Guys, the picture came out too bright.

(Found the camera) (Power) Let’s go! Girlfriend shot! (Hopping) What's a girlfriend shot? Girlfriend shot! (Hold my hand)
We holding hands, now. So so. What~! Sumin  is not cooperating. (Belatedly joins) (SWITH, are you watching this?)
SAVE~! (Found ice cream after taking a photo!) (Found ice cream after taking a photo!)
It's ice cream! (Mint chocolate lovers)
It would've been better if that was mint chocolate. It's pistachio. (Sad) It's a bit disappointing. 🙁 (feat. Seeun)
(Sieun is taking pictures) (Waaaa~) (Calm)
OMG! ISA said to me (Lovely J~)
‘You look like Dua Lipa.’ Like this… So I said I am J Lipa. (One voice)
J Lip Balm! (Satisfied)
Okay! J Lip Balm! (Pretending not to know) (J Disappointed) (J Disappointed)
What's with the reaction… (So cute) Go away. ISA, go away. (Cold)
No, go away. I have to do my part.

I have to dance. (STAY:SEE) (Yoon is choosing accessories) Staff: Cute! Oh! Really? (Like it)
(Showing off his hat) (Showing off his hat)
I can see your pores. Come quickly. Ah~ It is hot, but the blanket! It is this thick! Mom bought it for me. (You have to listen Korean until the end)
It's perfect. It's perfect. It was cold because it was right in front of the air conditioner. Whew! (When the sun is shining) How is it? I'm a woman who avoids the sunlight. (Staff : Isn't it hot?)
I actually… Is it good? Uh… Oh my~ (Applause)
It is best temperature. So perfect. My body doesn't harden. My body is completely warmed up. I can relax my facial expressions. It feels so peaceful. We express shape of glasses, right? Right. What glasses are there? This, This is a sunglasses. No, this is a glasses~ So we wipe the glasses at fist.

Like this~ (Right!)
Silly~ You didn't even understand the choreography. I acted like I was wrong on purpose to induce you to explain! I acted like I was wrong on purpose to induce you to explain! It is a glasses. A glasses! Sun glasses~ And again a glasses. Also there is this one. And  a telescope. Ting~ Ting~ (Yoon's loudspeaker appears in the dark)
(Loud) Guys~ We are looking for SWITH to take Yoon with me. I'll let you take her for about three days. (Please apply right now!)
www.수민.com Sumin.. Dot com..? (Looking far away) (No fun prevention committee)
There's something like that? (Out of frame)
Guys! Hello! (Going home on time)
We're a 4-member group, STAY! Hehe! We’re Funny Girls. Actually we are Tall Girls, but there is a spy among us. Who? Sieun? I have no idea, who? I don’t know! Totally hiding! (Slide)
We're undergoing an undercover investigation.

(Slide) Why are you bending your knees? Pardon? I didn’t. The ground went down. Ah~ (Already the last group dance scene) (ISA missed the jump)
ISA! (ISA missed the jump)
Who was it! Who was it! (Stamping her feet) (Next take) Director: Cut! Again, again. Why? Why? Why! Sorry sorry sorry! Wrong! I prepared it too early. (Awkward) Oh my…! To be honest, I tried too hard… I thought I should prepare well… ISA is a NG fairy now. At first, she forgot it. People can make mistakes. honestly So I said okay! Second, she prepared too early. Baby baby, ba~ she prepared to jump at that moment. Third! Why did you get the third one wrong? Third, I sat like this.

I think it would have been so funny if I watched it! (Finally Jump Success!) (Finally Jump Success!) Filming~ The end! (Let’s go home)
Leave in a cool way. (Let’s go home) Go home! Go home! (Going home in a cool way)
Bye~ (Nope~) (Day 1 of MV shooting is finished) (STAY:SEE) (Wearing a school uniform)
Tada! Hello~ Today is the second day of the MV filming. The second day! (Hold two hands tight)
It's a really important day for me. Because it's my first time trying acting. (J has to say her lines in the trailer clip.

J feels acting difficult.)
Too difficult. I don't know how to act. (Hm..) (nervous)
I can’t~! (Punch to get rid of nerves) (Punch to get rid of nerves) Ah? Oh there is Seeun. Oh my~! A solo shot x2 (Tada) (Come back!) (Tada)
A solo shot~ (STAFF: I heard there's a crying scene today?)
A Hamberger? It's a scene where I cry while eating that. (STAFF : Is there a line?)
Yes, there is. I don’t like it. STAFF: (Flustered) (J came to get advice from a senior actor)
Do you have a line? (J came to get advice from a senior actor)
Yes, there is a line. But I don’t understand that line. So, (Sieun speaks kindly for J, who has a hard time understanding the script)
you don’t know how to express because it is too deep feeling. It means you cant’s say it.

(Nodding) I can't be serious anymore because I feel so pressured that (Shy)
I'm being filmed on camera. (ㅠ_ㅠ) (Exits)
I have no idea! (U-turn)
Don't you think you know what I mean? Roughly…? As I say to SWITH! I'll think I'm talking to SWITH! STAFF : J! (Perfect timing) (Perfect timing) (Acting with Yoon) (Acting with Yoon) (Avoiding eye contact) (Wrong!) (J missed her line because of nervousness) (Catch the premiere)
(And the Unni members are watching) Why are they so cute? (It's hard!) We did <SO BAD> and <ASAP> on the set.

But this time, it's school! Outside! It's so different and fun to film it here. I really wanted to try it at school. There are still students among us. So, there's something we can express only now. I'll be out of school next year… I wanted to try it before I became an adult. It came true faster than I thought. Looking at this school uniform reminded me of this. The middle school I went to was divided into two, so female and male students went on separate school trips I performed HyunA's 'RED' on stage there, and it suddenly came to mind. (ISA’s trip down memory lane with Hyuna's ‘Red’) Ah~ I feel like Shin Chan~ (A sudden runway) Ah I feel like Seeun~! (Sieun's individual cut starts) I'm filming a scene where I'm a little upset.

Except for me, only five of them are playing. So I said, "Sometimes, even I really don't know how I feel~” While lip-syncing~ It’s kind of like that feeling? (STAYC!) I heard that the one who speaks English well transferred! (Yellow hair)
I should've pronounced yellow like “YELLOW~". Where are you from? I’m from Korea~ Me too! This is a foreign language school! Let's go! I think I should get close to these friends next time. I think I should get close to these friends next time. (Shocked)
I will teach you English~ I am going to get close to the next classroom’s friends. (Don’t go~)
I will teach you English~ Oh~ this is too much! (Running away) (LOL) We are going to play the piano. (Dance, dance) (Dance, dance)
(Into it) (Into it) Let's just walk according to this music. Keep playing! (Staring)
You said you were walking according to this, but you're going outside.

We don’t go! We don’t go! (Leave me behind?)
I won’t! I won’t! Hurry~ Hurry hurry! Please playing the piano! (The walking is starting with pianist Yoon) (The walking is starting with pianist Yoon) (walking)
A bit slow? (Seeun and J are getting farther away)
Go away. I don’t care. (Why can't you believe us?)
Ah we are walking now~! (Walking and ballet) (STAY:SEE) Come here! Is this ISA's cabinet? No wonder! No wonder! There's a lot of stuff on it! (Proud) It's mine~ (Soomin found a yo-yo in the cabinet)
Don't you know this? (Soomin found a yo-yo in the cabinet)
I know. (Soomin found a yo-yo in the cabinet)
I really liked this. This came out well in the raffle game. You've never succeeded! Oh? I did this well.

(Winding the yo-yo again) STAFF : Well! Let's start! (Flustered) (STAYC members are listening carefully to the director)
Soomin just looked at the camera, and the rest of you will have a fun conversation~ Among the trailer scenes, An adult ISA opened the cabinet. It's a scene where she recalls the memory. (Adult) When I saw the girls walking, Soomin and I made eye contact. Right. But the eye contact changed from me to ISA to Yoon. But the eye contact changed from me to ISA to Yoon. So we don't know who's going to make eye contact. What did you think? I'm the only one stranger! I did it as if I suddenly came into another world. (Leaving traces on the whiteboard) STAYC was here! Are you a princess? (Princess ISA came)
– Yes!
– Right~ (Sieun's signature on the whiteboard.) (Written by Yoon) (Sieun saw it.) No, I mean.

Actually I laughed at something else. (I almost got caught…)
I was surprised… Hey, What do you mean a princess ISA~ (I heard it all)
What? Bae Sumin? (Rub Rub) (Sumin made weird word with doodle) What is it~! (The fairy Sieun came) (Sumin is the better fairy) NOPE! (Whew) (STAYC's guest book full filled the whiteboard) It's so hard to memorize your rap lyrics, Sumin. COMPLEX? (Thinking hard)
Yes What was it? (BGM : COMPLEX (Live ver) – J, ISA)
This is my favorite part. My Favorite part. Oh really? Yes~ Thank you! My favorite part in the entire album. OH REALLY? What were the lyrics? So? Oh, the lyrics are hard. Does it make sense that you said that is your favorite part, but you don't know the lyrics It's really confusing to memorize this lyrics. Cruel! Actually I didn’t think that I got that part. It suits you perfectly. REALLY? Yes (The rap that keeps lingering in her mouth) (Repeatedly playing)
(Sieun is into her favorite part) I think of you~ (SWAG) I think of you~ Sieun is excited! Today! Why are you so excited? Because, I am Sieun! Because, I am Sieun! I have to go.


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