Start Mining Dogecoin With Your Mac’s GPU In Under 4 Minutes

all right I'm going to get you mining dogecoin on your Mac computers GPU in about four minutes here this process works on other altcoins as well like litecoin and feathercoin the only difference is the pool use in this case I'm using dog pool arena so I'll be mining dope coins but you need to sign up for one of these if you don't already have an account sign up otherwise just go ahead and log in which I'm going to do right now now once you get in you don't really need too much just go to my workers tab and create a new worker in this case I'm going to call my new worker GPU make the password GPU as well and you can add that new worker and you'll now see that you have a new worker with that username and password those need to remember the only other thing you need is the hostname and port number in this case you can find it under this home tab it's at the bottom there in the first comment it'll start with a stratum plus TCP followed by an address and some port number go ahead and copy that we're going to use that later all right now that you have that you need to download the actual software that will do GPU mining with my favorite is CG minor it's available at this address which is in the video description unfortunately it doesn't support GPU mining anymore so you're going to download an old version if you scroll down to 3.72 you'll see a comment that it's the last version to support GPU mining so that's the one we need go ahead and click it you want to download the miner only and let's go ahead and download that now if you switch into your downloads folder your seats downloading its a zip file so you're gonna have to double click on it to expand it do that it'll open up and you'll now have a CG miner – whatever – Mac – slim directory now to run this we need to go into terminal which is applications utilities the terminal application open that up this is what it looks like if you're not comfortable that's right I'll tell you just what you need to type the first is going to be CD downloads which will take you into that Downloads folder once you're in there you need to do CD C G minor – three point seven point two – Mac slim which is going to take you to that file now you're ready to run the program so do dot slash C G minor and then those couple options you need the first is – – script which is going to tell it that you're doing script mining which is what I do Cohn and litecoin in it and most other altcoin mining is the new – OH followed by that that hostname import address you need – you then with your pool username dot your water name so in this case it's Auto GPU then a – P with your worker password which in this case is also GPU there's a few other things you can mess around with the first one is – I which is the intensity I have a pretty weak GPU on this computer so I like to keep it low but it runs between eight and twenty I believe that would just keep cranking this up until your computer starts crashing with a better CPU can probably get it up to fourteen or fifteen you'll get a higher higher mining rates the other thing is – W which is the work size I would do W 64 and then just go ahead and hit enter and your program will start to run and you are now you're now mining with your GPU you'll see I now have a a higher hash rate generally sit between about 10 and 10 and 15 it jumps around a bit at first and they have it though

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