Staking de Polkadot no MyCointainer – Veja como é rápido e fácil ganhar Polkadot até mesmo dormindo

and Hey guys okay, it's Shadow who talks and today I'm going to show you how to earn rewards with polkadot in Maicon Understand folks for those who don't know polkadot it's a Crypton currency that has an extreme appreciation potential ok, many people are investing in the mouth doch a lot of people are pushing on the Road because this Crypton currency promises a lot, and analysts and many people from the Half Crypto said that this currency has a great potential for appreciation so as well as many other good currencies I take a little of each and make a Road but today I'm going to show you how you can generate more polkadot even making Road of your coin it's good here at Michael to understand folks for whom and it's a could for shared faux take masternaut EA polkadot it has the protocol for Fox take so How do you keep these coins on the node that are running online You will earn a percentage on top of the few hours you have good for Faustão that usually doesn't work.

Well, as I'm doing Road right I decided to buy some coins to try so I put them Maicon understand I'll show you how easy it is first you click here on deposit ok after you have created the account I'll leave the link in the description Ok you put Red coins here and here you will select the polkadot it's in this list here hi hi if I find it here polkadot tagged internet generate the address then just send the polkadot to this address Ok so after that you click here on your dashboard then the confirmations and it will appear here, OK, spinning Rewards I put the polkadot yesterday here in the micro understand and just as I believe there can be a great appreciation of the polkadot I'll leave it here yielding because let's assume that in a year I want to sell so I 'm going to take out polka dots that I bought, right, root and I'm back with thoughts that will be generated throughout this year. So let's click here to see you see Look how interesting its percentage today is around 3.9 percent a year coins for fake have generally yield much less They have a much better controlled issue and smaller than Master node with coins among others because it is more secure So you can see here that I deposited 4.9 polkadot today and from yesterday to today it has already generated these Rewards here, look how interesting So I no longer have an account.

Nova I have 4.9 some quebradinhos here at the end so I bought five, right to post, because I spent it like this here, it became 20 dollars here, show me so instead of leaving it on a prepared wall or even on the Exchange, I leave it here in the marked understand why we are going to generate in Rewards and Maicon understand is they hold a regulated platform okay, they have an insurance company too so it's something worth trying so you can also put your uncle Factor here, right factor two to have more security on the account every wallet.the for fake you have to take containers are in Cold the milk so you don't need to worry about it put the value' here and I see them ingest Rewards over time ok and so I have codes from Michael understand Power that they made all the fees of steak still porta four and Michael Emerson's fees on top of the Rewards may be because you have this reward that I get from yesterday to today And so the co It's about two or three percent depending on the currency on the Rewards that are generated ok it's not on the deposit it's not on the coins I have but on the Rewards I earn what with the Power code you were all these fees So it's worth understanding that Maicon has more than 80 fake porting assets and that Master today for you to choose from the list is always increasing the secure platform ok it's the biggest fake tecmaster platform shared in the world So it's worth a try I'm already making Road of some polkadot here and they are generating me Rewards Maicon understand so guys don't forget lace form container if you want a code from Michael Ende pauer just join my group and ask me there and I'll pass it on to you then you will participate in raffles for a month and you'll still have zero rate on yours here ok that's it we over polkadot were an icon to fear thanks [Music] What's up [Music]

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