STAKER.APP 10’000 $ WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT w/ Stef & PulseChain Sacrifice Stats Day 7

Hello on the 597th day of my visit. I hope everyone is doing well I want to thank my new client Rodríguez welcomes the covered brothers Don't forget to click here now. Like button please update this video 500 likes click on subscribe button then enable to receive email notifications about every new video and existing notification let's start the release now. In today’s question, I’m only two years old. The first topic is yours, Mom. A quick overview of public hexadecimal statistics and casualty statistics. Twitter at YouTube kaya noong nakaraang linggo ay magwawagi inihayag ngayong araw kaya't manatili at magsimula ngayon nagsimula agad Si revisamos nuestra billetera primero, puede ver el día 597 Todavía. prueba compartir, puedo mostrarles a ustedes que lo harán Reciba sus apuestas y su forma hexadecimal líquida bien en la cadena de pulso मैंने पहले ही अधिक का अच्छा ब्याज अर्जित कर लिया है इस टेक के लिए एक हेक्स अगर हम थोड़ा ज़ूम इन करें तो आप देख सकते है टी-शेयर की कीमत कल लगभ लगभग २४५८ डॉलर पेआउट भारी कि पेआउट प्रति शर्ट शर्ट शर्ट से शर्ट से शर्ट हे शुर 9 संदे है 9 क्स बर्बाद टी-शेयर see सके परिणामस्वरूप 62.59 .

का एपी आया pretty damn cool to be a staker i guess if you move on to hex you can see the important market data compared to the us dollar we are now up 2622x compared to bitcoin we are up 618x and compared to ethereum we are up 180x congratulations to the green stats as always on graphics dot rocks you can see nine point five four two percent of all the hex is staked and of all the hex existing we have now zero point four one seven percent sacrificed we will see in a minute how much this is exactly and the liquidity on the uniswap pools are changing a little bit 49 million on the version 2 usdc pair and we have roughly 16 million on the version 3 usdc pair the current api is almost 40 for today the total locked value is now 9 billion with the pools included we have 9.035 billion us dollars in locked value it looks that the price of hex is going up again one hex costs you at the moment 14 almost 15 cent and one t-shirt is 2 726 dollar and if you have a quick look on the price cha rt we could see that we tipped almost below 12 cents we recovered and are now chilling around 15 cent again maybe this is the uptrend maybe this is the change maybe we will go on from there if we have a quick look on the penalty side on hex dot vision you can see in the last 24 hours the staker class and the address received 5.3 million hex tokens in penalties thank you very much serio x76 for 1.8 million hex tokens and thank you very much xerox 3 for 1 million hex tokens as well almost a million 0x80 as well thank you very much for your service continue to click this red button if we move on to nomics your top cryptocurrencies by market cap website it is transpand you can see bitcoin chills around thirty one thousand seven hundred forty eight dollars up six point five percent ethereum is one thousand nine hundred twenty eight dollars up eight point and on position 3 we have hex with almost 15 cents up 12 and a decent market cap of 85 billion us dollars if we scroll down a little bit w e can also see that the market is quite green so when the market is green maybe hex is tanking but at the moment we're just going green with the rest but as well if the rest of the marker is quite red you can observe in the past that hex was quite green so let's check quickly the chart on deck start vision if you zoom into a little bit let's just get rid of this here we can see we broke out of the previous channel above 12 cents this week is kinda heavy it went all the way down to seven cents so we corrected quite a bit so if you measure this real quick from the highest previous week down to this wick of seven cent we corrected approximately 74 which is quite decent but also normal for crypto but the price got bought back up pretty damn quick we closed the candle and now we're in the green again we wicked almost above 25 cents so you can see there's still some pressure going on and i guess we're gonna move into this range maybe we're gonna break up to the upside we will see this in ac ouple days or weeks so let's come to the stats of the sacrifice phase you can see the timer on the rate will increase five percent in 14 hours and 26 minutes if you check out the pulse website we can see total sacrifice so far just on the theorem chain be aware of that 565 million us dollars and also a little information do certain restrictions sends and staker app donations are not yet included we are working on it so to all the friends of the staker app out there don' t get worried your donations are safe you just don't see it right away on this website but as they said they are working on it and you will be able soon to see your sacrifices as well for all the people out there just be aware that if you found yourself in this ranking this doesn't have to be the final ranking we have a lot of other chains like bitcoin bitcoin cash which is not included in this ranking as well so if somebody sacrificed a lot of bitcoins he maybe get himself pushed up in this ranki ng which you don't see at the moment so let's check quickly on easter scan you can see now 2.645 billion hex tokens has been sacrificed this is quite amazing 100 million in usdc coin 27 million in die stable coins and 16 million in tether usd if we check quickly the theorem address we can see so far we are almost going to 50 000 ethereum at the moment we are chilling at 49 017 ethereum went into the phase sacrifice so far so this is quite an amazing achievement and as said we still have some days to go we have 12 days left after this day takes over and just before steph will draw the winner of the latest steak wrap price we're gonna sacrifice some just for demo purposes we have to send some hacks every day to the sacrifice phase so today we still have a balance of 10 000 hex i'm gonna sacrifice 1 000 hex today we go with an average fee next gonna confirm the transaction and it's gone we can see our ranking on if we give a little refresh you have to wait a little bit for t he latest transaction but you can see so for all my sacrifices in here and at the moment i have to rank 10 491 but this will change pretty quick so now let's switch over to the video call and we're just gonna wait until steph arrives and he will draw the winner of the latest sacra price so stay tuned for that so here he is steph is on our stream hey steph how are you doing hey well thank you for having me um yeah we have a big announcement to make so uh i' m glad that we use your platform to do it you're welcome of course um so i'm just gonna go ahead and um share a bit recap the contest and the prize that we announced last week and uh today we are just picking the winners so we wanted to do it like live with like kind of a third party to show you that you know we're serious about it we're not about picking yourself up behind the closed door this is what we're gonna do so let's go ahead and share my screen um i'm just gonna do a quick recap of yay the requirement of the price the contest so it's a ten thousand dollar price um that goes split into three winners and that goes to people that sacrificed a bit more than 10 bucks and also that referred someone that's like at least 10 bucks for one year right the contest ran from uh from the anytime uh in the past up until last sunday uh midnight utc time so if you meet all the requirements the date requirements you've been sacrificing using the app and one of your referral i've been staking for more than a year at least 10 bucks while you're part of the eligible set of addresses uh that might be winning three thousand three hundred and thirty dollars today so i'm gonna go ahead and choose the spreadsheet so um the number of addresses that are eligible for the contest today or uh 82 addresses you can see all of them around here so all of these addresses are smart smart addresses smart contract addresses for people that have hypnosis safe wallet in the application so i put together a little script to make it fun um that will i just wrote those few lines of code earlier so we have like a menu and we have a function to select randomly from the spreadsheet um the random address that will be picked up so we will do draw it three three times and if because i didn't spend too much time if there's this two times the same address that gets picked up for the second and the third we'll just draw again for for this so this is showing you that we are selecting someone randomly from the list the set of addresses let's go ahead so drumroll i hope everybody's ready let's go 82 winners and uh if i'm drawing today it's like about 3.5 chances to win for any of these addresses so quite a high chance that's that's cool yeah yeah so we got our first winner yes uh yeah that's zero xb 759 and ending in nine eight nine e so um congratulations i get like three thousand bucks so we hope you can stack it um okay let's go ahead and pick the second winner oh okay this is the second winner that we have [App lause] it will be there and let's go for the third one i'm clicking on the little functions yay we have a third congratulations winner to all of you yeah so um that was pretty simple you may have seen in the pop-up uh for all of them he said like we know number one because ii may have like gone too fast and i did not assign a viable here so don't worry about it but the good news is that we pick three different addresses and all these three addresses uh just won uh that amount in dollars and uh we'll be sending that uh to them in the next couple of hours so um we'll just uh clip it that announcement and publish it across our different social media discord telegram and twitter and we hope that you know the winner are happy the good news is right now there was a very specific edition for the pulse and sacrifice right to incentivize people to use use the smart wallet to use the app will be running more and more of this uh contest and prices throughout the summer um and if it works real lly well we're gonna increase the price pool so uh use your stick up uh you know stack on it refer people around you because uh you might get a chance to get something back at the end of the uh the summer also thank you very much that sounds awesome maybe switch quickly back your camera on so we can awesome so we can have a little chat so congratulation again to the three winners as steph already mentioned that they will be announced on twitter as soon this video will be out so in i think in an hour or so the video will be out and everybody will get the news so this once again thank you very much steak uh steph from the staker app and uh i'm looking forward some for some new prices and uh yeah thank you very much that i also have the chance to announce this here on my channel yeah thanks again and uh a little hint for the next prices we're gonna try to reward uh quite significantly the our top preference so people that tends to have a you know our influence influence by the community or keep on boarding new people well uh that's uh you know our time to say thank you and to give back so uh we'll announce more about this in the next uh next week or so awesome thank you very much steph thanks for having me bye -bye so congratulations to all the winners again thank you very much step from staker app for this free internet money and as you mentioned we will have some new price announcements in the upcoming weeks so stay tuned for that get your staker app today just type in your browserstaker.whole.doc and you will be redirected to the ios store or the play store of android to download this app and with that we are already by the end of this video for today if you found any value in it please leave a like and subscribe to the channel this would be really appreciated drop a comment down below if you have any questions stay long and fat sacrifice enough stay safe out there and see you in the next one peace [Music] you

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