Stablecoin USDC telah di tambahkan ke Jaringan Hedera (hbar)

circle launches usdc coin stable on network presence circle usdc oil tablet issuer has expanded coin support to blog header network this makes usdc the first downstream stablecoin launched in 2018 hedera is a proof of ownership blockchain network owned and regulated by various organizations including Google and IBM these organizations run allowed nodes in the network over time hedera aims to move to a permissionless model with usdc availability in the present network by bringing a realizable published finance application to Vania last month the edera governing board allocated 10.7 billion hbr tokens worth nearly 4 Billion Dollars with current prices for ecosystem development including for the Devi app with the launch of usdc network presence the hbr foundation is taking an important step towards fulfilling its mission to facilitate the development and launch of network DVD applications said and executive director of hbr f This integration foundation is in line with the growth of the tokenai economy in the hedera network and will help drive new projects we look forward to working with the community to bring this app to market Hi stablecoins play an important role in the Devi market traders use these coins to trade and lend them for high yields on Devi protocol with the addition of a circle header now supports usdc on still other creatures including etherium Al fry as it has dentro usdc is the second largest stablecoin on the market after USB it has a total supply of almost 33 Billion Dollars as compared to USB supply which is over 72 Billion Dollars According to dashboard data on usdc blog added presence as an enterprise-oriented network in view of Devi this being the sixth stablecoin network as a key part of hbr's 2.5 billion dollar initiative usdc dollar-backed stablecoin used to lubricate the wheels of commerce n cryptocurrencies later for blogs that use directed acyclic graphs for time-sequence transactions incorporate them into blogs seeing the introduction of usdc open the door for the greatest development around areas such as decentralized finance or believing usdc is the main building block for Devi and payment use cases in the economy .id now anyone can transact value with usdc in the header Hi and they do so with some significant benefits over other chains such as high performance low latency and sustainable energy efficiency plant growing projects in attendance will receive the opportunity of adding USB don't in an interview with coindesk checks Fixed Name known fungible nft for theater community may help airwallet considering payments and hextra institutional focused cryptocurrency custodian hbr foundation has set aside $2.5 billion worth of currency to invest in distribute as ecosystem grants, most of which will be dedicated to Devi's development and orientation according to a press release.

The company's attractiveness in addition to making new breakthroughs in Devi, the introduction of USG will also revive the corporate players that run nodes in Hajrah's attendance governing board including Google IBM Boeing and Telkom decu to some extent the sleeper name says it can also increase use cases such as securitization and ledger-based supply chain platforms usdc circle creators know that integrating their 30 Billion dollar circulating digital dollars into fabric blogs like Fried Lake pants coincides with the accelerated growth of fuck TV and NFC plaques at this it is said that the Virgo team who are somewhat used to Devi Dan's endless promise of nft fueled metaphosphate interested in the company's achievements the presence and prospect of usdc being used in this permitted arrangement decided to prioritize the generation of results.fa know n this is because We feel we have the power to use more enterprise usdc and interesting features to build more enterprise applications Cafe production to the abyss Regina in an interview cd-rom to be the sixth blog where circular supports USB in July Tron joins etherium Al fry egg and perfect this is shortly after circel announced plans to expand sdc to about 10 more networks that's the spin info of the usdc stablecoin that has been added to the hasbirob presence network See you in the next video crypto friends

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