SpellFire: The Most THRILLING Crypto Game EVER!! ūü§Į(Next Axie Infinity) | Best Play-To-Earn Game

welcome back everybody to altcoin daily it 
is a fantastic time to be in cryptocurrency   the reason why you subscribe to this channel 
is because on a daily basis we take you through   everything going on in the cryptocurrency space 
news opinion perspective interviews in today's   video i want to drill down on metaverse coins to 
understand what we're talking about let's just   list off and recognize some of the brand names 
in the space today when it comes to metaverse   gaming and play to earn coins for instance if you 
asked me what is the most famous brand name blue   chip metaverse coin in cryptocurrency today i'd 
say decentraland and maybe second the sandbox if   we're talking about gaming coins in general maybe 
i'd go engine coin is the most famous gaming coin   if we're talking about play to earn cryptocurrency 
games of course the blue chip is axi infinity   setting records but there's so much more than just 
these three just these four for instance we've   talked about on the channel before my neighbor 
alice redfox labs decentral games avagachi   and there's plenty here that i've never heard 
of comment your favorite metaverse game nft game   and play to earn game in the comments below tell 
me your favorite play to earn game tell me your   favorite metaverse game and tell me your favorite 
nft game or crypto in the comments below because   all of this comes on the back of ubisoft getting 
in recently facebook getting in recently atari   getting in recently just to name a few and 
understand how much growth that we've seen with   nfts and play to earn games just in the past year 
alone check out these stats nfts have been gaining   massive interest from investors the industry has 
seen a growth of 2 100 in the first quarter of   2021 alone that's compared to the previous quarter 
according to crunch base marking 2 billion usd in   revenues and the fact that you can earn massive 
revenues on these play to earn games that's why   it's so appealing to a lot of these companies and 
a lot of these people and projects in july of 2021   the industry saw a massive 1.5 billion us dollar 
influx more than half of the accumulated gains of   the year's first quarter this was about nfts in 
general to be specific on play to earn games play   to earn games have seen similar success according 
to the latest report published by blockchain game   alliance more than 800 000 almost one million 
unique users have played on one or more of the   available play to earn gaming platforms increasing 
the market for unique and active wallets   by 121 percent so with all that being said 
let me put a specific play to earn project   on your radar it's like an axiomfinity it's 
like a gods unchained it's a play to earn game   a card game called spell fire remaster the magic 
this is a play to earn game a revenue generating   original nft card game on the ethereum blockchain 
spellfire is sponsoring today's video i have a   lot to share with you about them you can see 
on your screen right now four of their cards   this is part of an open marketplace where you can 
get the cards and in-game items to play the game   priced in ethereum i'll show you more on that 
in just a little bit now 90 of all nft generated   profits go to card owners so that's pretty cool 
and a big reason why i was interested in these   guys is because spellfire is an already existing 
property spellfire was established back in 1994   and it's currently now on the ethereum 
blockchain whereby it utilizes the dao concept   so an already established property so just so 
you fully understand let's compare spellfire   to magic the gathering to hearthstone all of 
these have been established brands and card   games for years spell fire since 1994 magically 
gathering since 1993 hearthstone since 2014   and obviously just one of them has made its 
way onto the ethereum blockchain as a dao   as a play to earn game first nfts that you can 
actually touch on ethereum because you can get   them in real life and also play the game i 
believe that's the concept spellfire unlike   these two cryptocurrency play to earn 
game you can upgrade your cards it's a dow   yield generation blockchain ethereum 
nfts check and also the physical cards   so spellfire a fantasy game that presents players 
with unique experiences in the magical world has   introduced the first non-fungible token experience 
of owning in-game cards in real life quote we seek   to allow everyone involved to become a part of the 
revolution which connects the past with the future   so let's talk about what makes spell fire unique 
as an nft based game what are the unique features   let's talk about the five magical worlds that 
you can play in and rule and explore show you the   marketplace maybe we'll get into the pitch deck 
to see some interesting metrics and interesting   specifics on the game check out the twitter so 
much to do let's start with the unique features   spellfire a legendary card-based nft game powered 
by eth and incorporating some unique features has   successfully completed its seed funding round 
they're backed by some big names like terra nova   x-21 autonomy capital spellfire has some unique 
features which make it stand out among its peers   in the industry for instance nfts acquired are 
both digital and physical making it the first nft   based game that allows owners to touch their nfts 
this is really cool this actually reminds me of   vivi or omni their collection of ip based nfts 
like they're working with disney right now and   they worked with marvel this reminds me of that 
special nfts have an augmented reality feature   allowing the owner to interact with their nfts 
using gestures nfts will be upgradable players can   create their own nfts with unique characteristics 
spellfire includes a play to earn mechanic   which allows owners to generate revenue from their 
nfts and from playing the game just like an axi   infinity with 200 million tokens being distributed 
through in-game rewards so by playing the game   tournaments special collections achievements 
and 90 percent of nft generated profits going   directly back to the owners this is certainly 
one that is competitive with axi infinity and   certainly a project to watch and obviously the key 
to all of this which is subjective is is this game   actually fun and i like that they're providing a 
lot of variety to keep people playing five magical   worlds to rule and explore whether we're talking 
about flaming waters water is flammable and these   lucid and magical lands were elves orcs trolls 
vampires and where beasts live in deceptive peace   wet desert blood birth strange shape-shifting 
creatures champions artifacts and lands are   bounded by divine blood in this majestic world of 
horrid beauty holy dead lands frozen fire plenty   of unique worlds to play in and explore and 
this is their open ethereum based marketplace   very similar to many marketplaces out there that 
more and more people are getting accustomed to   using and this marketplace actually taps in and is 
powered by the largest crypto marketplace open c   and you know you can buy and sell and trade 
outside of being within the game that's the   cool thing about all this you can get access to 
these cards by playing the game you can buy them   yourself you can buy them from other people on the 
open marketplace check out the pitch deck so this   pitch deck answers all your questions in a very 
consumable way it is available right on the front   page of their main website this i'm sure is what 
all of the vc investors saw before they invested   so they could understand what the game actually 
is you know what is spell fire what can you do you   can collect you can create you can build you can 
evolve you can earn you can live goes through the   different cards the different worlds uh it shows 
you you know what this looks like on your mobile   device it talks about how you can earn play to 
earn crypto and of course you can learn all about   the team this is their official twitter magic 
world of spell fire is waiting for you and this   is about just you know 45 seconds long a 
pretty interesting exciting trailer watch this so the great magic legend slept for 30 years but it now has awakened it's time for the new hero to appear maybe you are this hero spell fire remaster the magic again 
so if play-to-earn games interest you   if you want to play the game if you want to 
participate in the spellfire card game or just   learn more information about how it works and 
about the different worlds and all the stuff   you can do with the augmented reality and all that 
stuff i'm going to leave a link to spellfire the   main website in the description below and all 
pertinent information links in the description   below and of course on their main site is where 
you can get all the information from their pitch   deck to their trailer to get to the marketplace 
to all of their sources of information as you   can see and just learn more about it in general 
i'm curious if you have played a play to earn   game before and what you look for let me know 
in the comments below or if you are playing   spellfire let me know what you think and with 
that being said i will see you tomorrow my friends

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