Speed Coloring a Polka Dot Pals face with Barbara Sproatmeyer [PART 2]

Hello, I'm Barbara Sproatmeyer. I'm the artist
and creator of the Polka Dot Pals line. I'm excited to be here coloring as a
guest on the Whimsy Stamps channel. I previously colored the hair in a seperate
video and you can watch that on my YouTube channel. So in this video I'll be
speed coloring the face. The character is Polka Dot Pals Khadija and the face that I added is
from the Polka Dot Pals Mason set. This is typically how I color the faces. I like to use a light color to
plan out my darkest areas then work from dark colors to light;
with lot of fussy blending here and there until either my markers get sticky or
I'm satisfied with the work.

Luckily in this one it was the later. For this project, you'll notice
I'm not using a white paper. Instaed I'm coloring on
Neenah Desert Storm cardstock. It was different to get used to
because while the ink is wet, the colors appear much darker. However, I like the look and it's
good a change from the normal white. You'll find the complete details
and project on my blog. I hope this has inspired your coloring
and thank you for watching. <i>Music by Josh Woodward</i>
<i>Attribution License 3.0</i>.

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