SpaceX Doge1 Mission Geliyor! Elon Musk ve Maye Musk Dogecoin Twitter Açıklaması! Btc, Eth, Bnb, Xrp

Hello friends, you are all welcome Our video content today There are important statements about cryptocurrencies We will look at these Negative correlation between bitcoin ethereum The most concrete statement about Dogecoin so far We will look at this, this is very important As a result of that statement, dogecoin really costs $ 1 I think it can even pass I am really the first time related to dogecoin I got excited and I can say that I hope, as a result of this news Wait and watch and then we'll do an overall market analysis With Graphic Analysis We will continue our video dear friends Reminder before moving on to our video Me from Twitter Dear friends, you can follow with EngTrader1 address Come on now if you want, let's move on Video content When we get to our first news, there is a news like If You Are Ready To Lose Your Money Invest In Cryptocurrencies The person who said this is the Governor of the Bank of England.

He warned investors here If you're ready to lose all your money Investing in cryptocurrencies Called out My Purpose to read this news Because the head of the Bank of England is an important figure Since such statements may harm the Crypto industry We need to consider these Because of this In a corner of our ears Let this news be found Let's say dear friends, let's skip the next explanation FED and Elon Musk say alarm Bells are ringing in financial markets, dear friends are here again. what he did on the weekend Sources from the relevant explanations Volumetric from a really serious number Like dollar The numbers fall down Markets related It caused the bells to ring says the news here Risky and He tells us here in this news that troublesome things can happen with an explanation dear. I am passing to the next news, there is negative about Bitcoin and Dogecoin.

Dear friends In the last 24 hours As Bitcoin and Dogecoin are falling Eth making new ATH moves upwards Attracted quite a bit of attention From its technical analysis to its technical review We will do it soon Dear friends I'm passing to the next news. Yes, my dear friends have come to our most important news. Next month mission That you will be paid with Dogecoin The news was given This gospel Especially A tweet retweeted by SpaceX and by Elon musk Shared on Twitter dear friends received quite nice interactions What it says here Geometric Energy Corporation First commercial month in history fully paid with doge installed Doge 1 month mission on a Falcon 9 rocket Be thrown She's feeding with pride, dear friends say it's really for the doge We can call it a revolution, love Very concrete step paid with doge with dogecoin Relevant month 1 Financing payment to be assigned What to do Like i really said A very important development about the Doge As a result of this Price Can see a dollar or even exceed a dollar Especially when I will look at it in terms of volume. Volume Pretty low According to the model It's not even sincere to come this time Frankly i Started to think like that Will begin to see these concrete steps dear Again, the Spacex doge 1 satellite Like next year to launch to the moon The name of the satellite is also doge1 satellite See how much he owns the dog It shows here Hope it won't be a single move, love.

As we said, these are concrete movements Is too good for News dear Okay friends Let's go to the general When we look at the volume of your market Trillion $ 493 billion volume We see that Our 24-hour tree is around $ 247 billion. Bitcoin dominance 144 If thermal to 4 Like 18.16 We see you're domino's dear 24-hour change of the general market volume 0.82 percent When we look at the general situation of our market, the pose That there is an air We see, dear friends Put me on Emotion here, its volume draws your attention There is a volume of 68 billion dollars When we look at the first row, of course, we cannot compare it with technology, but The time we see what concrete steps are This is very painful It will increase too much That you could come to better places Let's not forget friends So The fact that TOKI is one dollar means that its volume here is 140 billion dollars.

Not even half the letterman Technologically I do not compare, misunderstanding We look in terms of volume and concrete steps If it continues on my mind Canaan I'll say this for you to see what prices can come Well, now technical analysis When we come to the technical analysis, dear friends of nature, see I shared such a graphic yesterday, share more from Twitter. We had a Rising Trend In Nutrend The duo hill formation had been formed.

After the trend break There would be a movement down to the size of the formation. Dear friends, around 34 Cent What did he do yesterday alone hit our first support zone here He was found back into the train upwards When we look at the age of 4 at 4 hours now, it is a Trend breakdown again. We see you in your attempt If trends break again Support zones for us Will be protective But as a result of breaking these supports, what will we say? Especially trending It breaks down here For price closing We can say that the move he did yesterday remained a rts movement so dear friends Price here It is important that it does not close below the trend, of course, these are the pricing valid for the short term.

Looking at bitcoin What is Bitcoin? See Friends Again How much is $ 60,000 with $ 59,000 and how much our price has come back here. Entered into It needs to break 60,000 so it can move upwards quickly again, lessons come Downward selling pressure may come from here again Don't pay attention There is benefit here for us Let's call the resistance zone 59500 levels This Resistance Zone It has to be passed now Unless passed back into the channel and That red Let's say there will be movements towards the area Enough but we'll see when we pass by Alive We see that Fatih is doing business in these regions where he exceeds 4000 dollars.

We gave as a target Now, our next target is, as I said, how much is around $ 5000. I think it will come Enough here, again by making movements in the channel I will come up to $ 5000 I think I will When we switched to Apple, we had a falling train here in the short term. For now, this trend seems to be broken dear. Our trench zone is our first resistance. 159 levels Next Target project Around 165 and again at the next Target Dear friends who will be around 176 We support ourselves by looking here We can set the shadows sure Is it the king of here? Need to wait First of all The resistance zone here is going to break and above that The moves showed that the next zone of resistance So that you can pass safely Finally, let's take a look at Mr.

There is an image of a bowl in one of them, dear friends, look like this Of course the new Atheists do I delete it again Tell me, there is a hidden bowl formation, if the price closes the upper zone of this formation Will say me Up to formation length My dear friends, who will say that Zeynep can go upstairs. When does it correspond to where? Say it But when we draw Our life As 750 dollars It catches our eyes for my brain Of course, he can also exhibit such a movement here.

Cup handle can also do, of course, it should be watched carefully. So the resistance zone here The zone needs to be broken. This is $ 680. It catches our eye as their surroundings After this place is broken now Accept it as a request and get your eyes on 750 dollars. We can drink dear Well friends, thank you very much for listening to me Me from Twitter Please don't forget to follow on YouTube and telegram In the next video The sheep that our family want me to make You can write a comment below the video Take good care of yourself See you in the next video.

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