Soy diseñador web, no monero

Hello everyone, well this video if I want to do it because a while ago he gave me one in canada with a person who told me well and you what but what are you doing this what is to live they said and I said for having gone sir give me patience for this better fish how I explain you and that I could cover an explanation tells me it's not that I look at my daughter is studying that chart is in a duckling school and then she The swiss vito development are teaching I said 'that's cool, good and normal balance dynamics of this one is not with a green as the website says in that race with we agree that there are no hotels Efe this look where it is in coal I said look bastard have number one me I studied design, it is in the unam with many people chambas hopeful graphic designer planet i love cinema editorial but for making different my cousin girl and hangers was touches of photographs and mine mine mine this frankly I love 3d and it is They have illustration but hey how is the famous queue and benita strike from the badgers university I had to learn other things that they were editorial design I realized that I was saturating the editorial style a lot and I always loved that thing interactive where nothing else something so so flat although it is very paid and that finally speaking with the total editorial design then, in many vicissitudes I went with a little bit by getting into the world of the web I specialized in web in the race I took a specialization and systems in it that would be like the package basic of Colombia continuation has to have but hey the point that I annoying is that many people say beautiful aces but they are pretty bastard and then they were pretty and the work of monkeys, for example, see molero rivers what lost four monkeys That is a bad conception of what is had in Mexico of what it usually is graphic and good is a kind of mixes of the programmer and designer and all logo and frankly here we are getting into a unfortunately it is a mistake it is a mistake of those who hire us from those of the people from companies who do not give you the place and do not give you the place it deserves if people lack culture for good to understand what it is what a graphic designer really is, what the hell is it because a lot of people don't it is useful to people whose web pages is an engineer with all cases that those engineers do not know how to compete nor is it about removing the girl, far from it, in fact, the best dumbbell is and I always say it is a senator with a programmer the barriers are like breaking down and that the new generation of kids we like the web this one has more and more powerful with national programming screw but the visual part the part graphic in the not the prettiest part because this is a word that also With how I shut up, it is not pretty, it is to work if it is aesthetic in a different way.

nice nice the stones of the secretary each one has to his credit and in Mexico good is what people today He says then when I get into technical touch I dedicate myself scratching the eggs from the computer and actually passing the the programs, no bastard, you are a programmer and see better with a destination that I am not a programmer I am a graphic designer my task is to develop graphical interfaces visibly attractive and usable suitable for a product in this case the website that can be a serious training that can be a running page that can be a portal that can be a lot of things that is, I know that right now there is a fast food of empty websites, applications are already installed and the one of no I know I know I say but this place of the filth that there is is that is your presence is what you are going to invest in your skin what you are going to find or cheat once brands that invest many millions of dollars in design as a thing lives than coke as pepsi because finally the beautiful sells then I say ask him to learn because obviously it has this very industrial design also achieved it is important to understand one thing web design is extremely usability not It is nothing more than I can think of this to put a little there to shine is a combination of a marriage of practical design so what does this do for living anywhere You can see it ours, there are all photoshop fireworks, the ones that are asphalted the most, gala but hey, I don't know html 4 of our own telecinco night I'm learning and is in html5 proposing I love joomla development because basically two things I love Mexico the spicy hp then son coal look for this annoying sign that they tell us and apart from all of them it is a range of programs design of I have good taste because it has killed my eyelashes in reading books and seeing great artists great mexican graphic designers that not for nothing the greats this I love this simply the work It is from many of the moneros as noises for example the war and well we have a visual education I love photography this I think I don't have a job for photography so you have to give it that place you have to tell people what a well-made my father website means and also comply with programming standards the standards of usability then only live to quote web pages developing systems together with programmers who love to do that crm se months this si We do not know, he explained it calmly but damn well it is seriously a world apart from what people think of what one is to live there is a huge difference huge huge circumstantially huge between the user who handles the cell phone and the one who develops the possible cellular applications If you see the movie about doctors, for example, all three movies talk about a language of a suv programming language of bach dos de quirós energy information channels from the hand of triumph and also you as a user I believe that this is a possibility to put them a little technically batteries of what you can do is worth then made web is a person who questions the eyelashes doing a little stylesheet programming and that we have an open mind to that of the youtube facebook blogs of social networks but without losing sight the aesthetic point aesthetics is everything and is the most important thing we have to have as graphic designers because otherwise we will have things half hybrids or a style to learn to program up to a point and a programmer can learn to design but really no need to do That is, it does not bother me that we have this market that has been requested this request a huge path of requirements and it's not that I'm stupid in person but I don't It is not that the person is stupid but let's go framing and frankly what it works for us is the perfectly manageable specialization coordinate projects with programmers because I have worked with them and vice versa I am going to adapt to a type of work under line with this I can Cesar and have this quick answer because I know how or where to find the answers but I will not deny that I like to go into painting I love it give east and draw I love to be and he always show off these things of health toy prisoners I also love this piano and it's like the creative part that you need a step of living that is, you have to read read a lot of the movie poster graphic and all that gives you visual culture our most put the hairline and the same article at the bottom I don't like it very much I like it more classic art but good is a matter of taste then the rose steiner and well if we take web pages but well here in the long run we know that it implies a lot of things are too many things maybe for normal people but all proud of having chosen to be very in love with my career I I love doing what I do that madly mothers although later today I must also take a breath because they don't suck there are people who still think that being stone soldier and I believe that again technology is not so much where you are but how you do it with what you do it and the speed you do it ok we'll talk also a bit of what is after I have it that is wordpress of what they are these months and why it was said months ago how we got to this technology I send you a big hug and well we are very proud for whom really has been and will be that the graphic this we are going to really want to and we do not like people who do not make monitos The monkeys are made by this my 5-year-old nephew makes models in role I have been for it but I do a conceptual solution to a graphic problem or rather a graphical solution to a conceptual program and that is called graphic design ok so that graphic junk says there he is throwing us the Tuscans in graphic style arises from industrial design is German and it weighs with the bauhaus and everything has a skill and the big difference and that's what we do than people that scale between a city or graph industrialist and an artist is that at the end of the day the list ok mother if the public does not like your work you as a designer have to obey a pattern of this behavior of a pattern that they pay you the silver ticket decides today on your page is alive and unique but post and god that they open what happens a lot this or happened a lot with their vaginas they with illustrated by illustrators and you and I am as a customer is watching this video and wondering why I am going to condition and ccoo if there are so many engineers who are web machine well I I tell him to look at three things the usability of the page the visual aspect and the content of these sites are three things together with nothing it says but a good site designed with good content but if it is not so visual number one imagine that it is in my passion groceries and a lot of boxes from series to which one are you going to see the wave you attract well that page draws attention because it says look has design ok second your page has to be structured then that does not do anyone and does not export Mediterranean well but I these pages to which one enters the home and says here where club el de pico and loneliness with a magazine of these talks that walking and distributing in the extensive streets this I do not know pamphlets and then you don't have an order like their website well let's talk about the things of the text web technologies little by little this endorsement a big hug Like the raccoon, I am also going to upload music modeling articles and frankly whatever I want what I want to do this wants to do it but well I'm on the air for example of the bike that I love that it was the other theme and well it's a 4 round of 17 countries very cool and well some are also playing the hand because I had a great time

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