Solana vs Tezos NFTs | Which Blockchain Is Better For Investors?

ethereum solana and Tezos nfts all have a lot 
in common you see most people are familiar with   traditional nfts on the ethereum network but 
with the high fees and carbon footprint people   are looking for alternatives to ethereum nfts and 
that's why solana and Tezos are gaining so much   attention in the world of crypto both of these 
blockchain networks can execute peer-to-peer   transactions and serve as a platform for deploying 
smart contracts just like ethereum so first let's   talk about ethereum and the main problem 
with ethereum is the extremely high gas fees   or transaction fees that users have to pay when 
buying an nft or even transacting with ethereum at   all ethereum is also not great for the planet and 
has a high carbon footprint on the more technical   side of things ethereum can handle about 20 to 
30 transactions per second and just to give you a   visual representation let's look at the website 
tx street and this website shows how ethereum   transactions are being added to the blockchain 
and if you look at this line of people each person   represents one transaction that's waiting to be 
added to the block okay so that's ethereum but now   let's talk about solana the benefits of solana 
is there's low fees and it's environmentally   friendly currently the solana network runs 
about 1892 transactions per second but the   development team says solana can scale to up to 
50 000 transactions per second and that's huge   salon is also extremely cheap to use with their 
transaction fees being just a fraction of a dollar   significantly less than ethereum but here's the 
thing about solana is that even though the fees   are cheap the artwork is pretty low effort it's 
low quality not to mention that a lot of solana   projects are basically duplicates of collections 
on ethereum for example Solpunks is almost a copy   of crypto punks and while that's not necessarily a 
bad thing it's not super original also solana nfts   are not very affordable either the current price 
in solana is about 140 us dollars and if we look   at the floor price of some of the popular solana 
collections like soul punks to become an owner of   one the floor price is 7.39 sold which works out 
to be over one thousand dollars overall solana   does have some good collections but it's not very 
affordable and it's not very original but that's   why tazo's nfts have me so excited so let's talk 
about Tezos Tezos transaction fees are usually   less than 50 cents which makes it very affordable 
to use it's also environmentally friendly which   ethereum is not you see if you're just getting 
into the nft game and you don't have much money   to spend then ethereum and solana nfts might not 
be for you but Tezos has a huge opportunity and   that's their cheap nft prices usually around two 
Tezos and right now the price at Tezos is about   seven dollars which means that the average 
price of Tezos nfts works out to being about   fourteen dollars and the collections on the Tezos 
blockchain tend to be much more original than   the art on solana you see not a lot of people 
are shopping for tezos nfts right now but there   will be because Opensea and Tezos are planning to 
integrate their marketplaces soon and when it does   i see a huge rally happening for Tezos coin 
and Tezos nfts so with as little as one to two   hundred dollars you could build up a very solid 
Tezos nft collection and once Opensea integrates   Tezos on their marketplace that collection could 
be worth a lot more money but as always this is   not financial advice and you've always got to do 
your own research with that said thank you guys   so much for watching and i'll catch you guys next 
time hey alexa play get into it yeah buy doja cat

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