Sinovate | Re-Inventing Distributed Cloud Storage

SINOVATE is more than a cryptocurrency. We are a technically sound, open-source, innovative
community-based public blockchain. Bitcoin enabled power and the control of money
transparently We aim to give users power and control over
their private data. SINOVATE provides innovative low-cost blockchain
data solutions for everyone. Problem? Centralized cloud storage
Data security and breach High cost $ 25/TB Solution Distributed and decentralized data storage
Private and secure Very low cost $ 2/TB What we present: Decentralized blockchain-based cloud data
storage within infinity nodes. I.D.S. technology called Incorruptible Data Storage Enables never-before-seen data storage benefits of nodes at no cost to the owner. Infinity nodes ensure sustained data stability
for at least ten continuous months, at which point they shift to newly created nodes with
their deflationary model.

By its nature, blockchain is not suitable
for information storage due to scalability concerns. I.D.S. Blockchain Email simultaneously enables storing
proof of essential documents inside the blockchain forever and saving distributed data within
infinity nodes until the desired time. I.D.S. SIN Messenger allows direct messaging while
protecting personal privacy at all times. User Data is never registered and stored within
the servers. How do we guarantee stability and low cost? Every Blockchain node must remain online to
ensure network stability. As this is costly, compensating node owners
through network-generated income is necessary. In traditional masternodes, users can deactivate
their nodes at any time. It is impossible to store data in common masternodes
due to instability issues.

SINOVATE infinity nodes are activated by a
coin-burning process called proof-of-burn to control inflation. In order to receive the burned coins and the
return on their investment, nodes must remain active for 12 months. The 12-month continuous period ensures that
node data is reliable and transferred safely to active nodes before they expire. Therefore, the distributed cloud transports
data quickly, reliably, and significantly cheaper than centralized and decentralized
cloud solutions..

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