Silver Coin Inventory Calculator – Silver Dollar Calculator

okay so here's the spreadsheet that I was talking about that may change the name over time I'm not sure it's just the first thing I thought of so basically this is the spreadsheet and I'm going to scroll down through as you can see over here on the left hand side I have images of each of the coins that do contain some kind of silver and also it has the year that you would be looking for if you are collecting these kinds of coins in this column it shows the percentage of silver that that coin has in it excuse me in it and then based on this price which what I put in here is the silver spot price based on that this value will change and that's the value per coin in this column you put in the number of the coins that you have in your inventory and then this column right here will automatically update based on what you put in for the spot price so I'm just going to scroll down a little bit further so you can see what coins I have in here like I said in the video previously I have a lot of these half dollars that my grandfather gave me they're only 40 percent silver but for the quantity that I have that actually adds up and again keep in mind that this is only the silver value if you were to sell these coins to a foundry or something like that and all they were interested in was the silver content that's what these would be worth now a lot of these especially the Silver Eagle coins the International Silver Network has as a flagship product those also have a definite numismatic value they're encapsulated in a plastic container they're professionally graded by by one of two companies in the United States now I have silver eagles and I put them I put this in here as a Silver Eagle bullion because as I said this spreadsheet is just for the silver content alone it doesn't take any kind of numismatic value into consideration at all and then I put this row in here that's just for whatever you might have as far as bullion other bullion besides the silver eagles rounds or silver bars so I'm just going to briefly show you how this works the value of silver yesterday was had gone up to 37 32 so I'm going to put that in there I'm just going to click out of that cell and you'll see that all these prices updated and then the value of your inventory is also displayed and like I said before I started with the International silver Network I didn't know that I was a silver collector but it turns out that I am and this is helping me keep track of my inventory right here I have a little disclaimer that talks about the years and the percentage of the Silver's things like that and that the value that you see here is in US dollars it's not in any other for me it would be a foreign currency it's not in any foreign currencies it's only US Dollars and then I have links here to my business silver dollar business comm and if you need some information or if you want to join my team then by all means please go to silver dollar business comm you can contact me and then we can talk about if this business is for you primarily I'll need to know what your goals are in a home-based business and we'll figure out if if I can help you reach those goals so that's it for now thanks for watching and I'll talk to you soon

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