“Sick Boy” Lives In Sterilized Bubble For 18 Years

Hi, Mystery Recapped here. Today, I’m going to 
explain an American film called “Bubble Boy.”
  Spoilers ahead! Watch out and take care!
  A boy named Jimmy Livingston is born with no 
immunity whatsoever. Even a little germ can kill   him, so he has to be kept in isolation. He cannot 
touch anything without it being decontaminated.   Hence, he will have to live inside a bubble-like 
plastic sphere for all his life to survive.   His mother, Mrs. Livingston, is overprotective 
of her son. Until he was four years old,   he wasn’t even allowed to come home. However, 
after he turned four, she and Mr. Livingston   bring the little boy home in his bubble. His room 
too has a huge bubble, so he can walk inside it.   The bubble has a pair of protruded hands 
that his parents can use to “touch” him.   All his toys are decontaminated to be free of the 
smallest of the germs and kept inside the bubble.   Jimmy has lived in that room ever since.

Livingston doesn’t ever want him to leave the   bubble, so she ends all the bedtime stories with 
the princess dying because they were let free. He   is only allowed to watch one tv channel and read 
one magazine, because Mrs. Livingston insists they   are the only ones ever made. She also uses the 
protruded arms to cut his hair and hug her son.   Mrs. Livingston is an extreme nationalist, 
so she teaches Jimmy only the things she   thinks are reasonable and forces her ideas on 
him. However, poor Jimmy doesn't know better,   so he goes along with it. Everyone in the 
city knows about the unique bubble boy,   but it doesn’t work to his advantage. Instead, 
the neighbour kids wrap themselves in plastic   wrap and make fun of Jimmy outside his home, 
Mrs. Livingston chases them away frequently.

  The only food Jimmy eats is homemade. A 
decontamination system has been placed in   a plastic tube, where Mrs. Livingston places his 
food to kill the germs before Jimmy can fetch it.   Jimmy is now sixteen years old. He narrates that 
he grew up like any other kid and is happy when   he gets an electrical guitar instead of a car. 
Until one day, he is at his window when he sees   a new girl his age named Chloe moving into his 

He has grown to like the girl,   but cannot do anything about it. More so, he 
doesn’t know anything about love or girls.   His mother senses his infatuation, and recites 
the story to Jimmy about a boy who died because   he touched the “next door whore”. For the next 
few years, Jimmy watches Chloe through his windows   a lot, she also notices him watching her. He 
narrates that he knows something is happening   to him, but he doesn’t know what. One morning, 
he wakes up with an erection and is petrified.   Unknown to the concept, he hits himself 
with a bat; he cries and calls his mother.   Mrs. Livingston comes in and makes him repeat the 
pledge of allegiance until he calms down. Chloe   has a group of popular friends who make fun of 
Jimmy, calling him the bubble boy. She seems to be   defensive towards him. One day, she knocks on the 
Livingston’s door and Mr. Livingston lets her in.   She sees the system of plastic tubes all 
around the house, and is fascinated.
  She follows the tube and reaches Jimmy’s room. 
Jimmy is surprised and nervous because his   mother is the only woman he has talked to.

talks to him and tells him she like his guitar.   Jimmy tries teaching her to play it with the 
protruded hands. He starts reciting the pledge   of allegiance in the middle of it. Starting 
that day, the two hang out together every day.   Mrs. Livingston doesn’t like their friendship, 
but cannot do anything about it. A montage of   them spending time together follows.
She gives him a guinea pig inside a ball   for his birthday, and even brings kids inside his 
room for Halloween. One night, on her birthday,   a drunk Chloe sneaks inside Jimmy’s room through 
the windows.

She tries getting inside the bubble,   claiming she cannot stay away from him anymore. 
However, she passes out before she can go in.
  The scene cuts to Chloe’s prom night. Her 
perverted boyfriend, Mark, comes to pick her   up and Jimmy is devastated. Mark offers Jimmy 
a cigarette but he doesn’t know what it is.
  One night, Jimmy sees Mark and 
Chloe make out through his windows.   The very next day, Chloe comes into Jimmy’s 
room and shows him her engagement ring.   Mark had proposed to her to marry him. Their 
marriage is this weekend at Niagara falls,   and she has come to inform Jimmy. Jimmy is 
disappointed but doesn’t show it in his face.   She has also brought him a gift, which she keeps 
inside his decontamination tube, but Jimmy ignores   it. Instead, he gives her the guinea pig back, and 
asks her to go away. Chloe leaves with tears in   her eyes. Later, Jimmy opens the gift, and sees it 
is a snow globe with “I love you” written inside.   Surprised, he screams her name and decides to 
go to Niagara falls, to stop the wedding.

  He works hard to make himself a portable 
bubble shield, and is finally successful. Then,   he sneaks out of the house without his parents 
knowing. Jimmy is happy to be running for the   first time, he reaches the bus station and 
asks the person there for a bus ticket.   However, Jimmy has forgotten to bring any 
money. Distressed, he tries to cross the road,   when he is hit by a bus. He goes flying 
to the ground, but his bubble saves him.   The people from the bus come out and offer 
to give him a ride. Jimmy happily accepts it,   but he gets to know that the people are part 
of a religious cult. When he points it out,   they angrily throw him out of the bus. The 
cult group reaches their destination, where   their leader announces a round man inside a globe 
to be the savior sent by god.

The group realizes   that Jimmy was their saviour, and sets off to 
look for him to take him out of the “globe”.
  Meanwhile, Jimmy meets a biker named Slim. Jimmy 
tells him about the love of his life marrying   someone else. Slim is impressed, and in turn tells 
him of his old girlfriend who he still loves named   wildfire. He then offers Jimmy a ride, and both 
of them make their way to Niagara Falls.
  At home, Mrs. Livingston finds 
Jimmy missing and freaks out.   Mrs. Livingston and her husband set out to look 
for Jimmy, because the police would only do it   after twenty-four hours of the disappearance.
Elsewhere, Slim and Jimmy reach Vegas and stop to   rest. They have a lot of fun at a casino, but 
Jimmy only has two days before the wedding.   So, he leaves Slim at the club, steals a scooter, 
and runs away in it.

After traveling for a while,   Jimmy comes across his parent’s car, who 
tries to stop him from running. In a hurry,   Jimmy gets into an accident. But thankfully, 
his bubble bounces him into a running train.   He escapes his mother but is now trapped in a 
train with talents from a freak show. The freaks   tell him about their boss, Dr. Phreak, who keeps 
them captured and uses them in his freak show.   Jimmy meets Dr. Phreak, who happens to be a dwarf. 
He accidentally throws the man to the ground with   his bubble, and frees the other freaks. Then 
he continues his way to Niagara Falls.

But he   can hardly use a scooter anymore, so he goes to 
a restaurant to ask someone for a ride. There,   a bunch of police officers bully a man named 
Pushpop. When Jimmy tells them he has no immunity,   they assume Jimmy has a contagious disease, and 
run away from the place. The restaurant catches   on fire in the chaos, and Pushpop offers Jimmy a 
ride. He also agrees to take him to Niagara Falls.   Somewhere else, Mrs. Livingston reaches Dr. 
Phreak, who tells her that Jimmy is going to   Niagara Falls. Furious, she calls Chloe and yells 
at her for making Jimmy run away. As she talks to   Dr. Phreak, the freaks outside steal her car.
Pushpop and Jimmy are on their way, when they hit   a cow in the middle of the road.

Pushpop is 
distressed because, in his religion, cows   are a symbol of god, but following his mother’s 
word, Jimmy tells him that his religion is false.   This offends Pushpop, so he leaves Jimmy on 
his own. Jimmy then somehow reaches New York;   he asks for a ride from an old man named Pippy, to 
which he agrees. Jimmy wakes up the next morning   and the man is still driving the car. Jimmy 
soon realizes that Pippy is lying lifeless,   and the car hits a billboard. Jimmy goes 
into a grocery store and calls Chloe.
  Mark picks up the phone and tells Jimmy to give 
up, because he is about to marry Chloe in an hour.   He is now hopeless, so he calls his 
mother and asks her to come to pick him.   Both his parents drive to him, and get him inside 
the car. Mrs Livingston goes to the washroom,   when Mr. Livingston asks Jimmy how it felt to be 
outside for the first time. The father and son   bond. Mr Livingston tells Jimmy to not give up 
before trying. Taking his words, Jimmy runs to   stop the wedding. Mrs. Livingston sees this, and 
follows him in their car.

At the same time, the   cult group finds Jimmy and follows him as well. 
Slim, with his biker friends, comes to rescue   Jimmy too. Slim locks eyes with Mrs Livingston, 
who happens to be his old love wildfire.
  Turns out all of them are driving on a plane’s 
runway. A plane takes off and Jimmy gets on board   with an old pilot. They fly to Niagara falls, 
but the plane crashes, making Jimmy fall into the   waterfall. Thankfully, his bubble doesn’t let him 
drown. He somehow manages to get out of the water   and rushes his way to the wedding. Chloe and Mark 
are in the chapel, saying their vows, when Jimmy   enters the church, claiming his love for her. 
Seeing this is his last chance to persuade Chloe,   he puts his life in danger, and tears his 
bubble open to kiss her. However, just after it,   he falls unconscious.

As Chloe tries to wake him 
up, Mr. and Mrs. Livingston arrive there too.   Mrs. Livingston mourns her son’s death, when Mr. 
Livington asks her to tell everyone the truth.   Mrs. Livingston embarrassingly reveals, that 
Jimmy doesn’t have any condition, and he suddenly   wakes up. It turns out that she had lied to him to 
keep him away from the evils of the world for all   these years. Jimmy is shocked, but forgives his 
mother when she claims she did it to protect him.   He finally embraces Chloe as everyone claps.
Cut to a few months later.

Chloe and Jimmy are   getting married. Everyone he met during his 
journey is at the wedding. Mr. Livingston,   Mrs. Livingston, and Slim are now a throuple. 
The movie ends as we see Jimmy and Chloe drive   away in a car to their honeymoon.
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