Siacoin Wallet Install Guide (It takes a while to sync)

yo what up guys Alain here from learn to become let's hear that's a there and today we are going to be checking out the SIA coin wallet well the see a coin application this is a few other things you can do with it but for now we're just checking out the wallet where you can send see a coin you can receive Co Co and you can store CA coin you can see holder transactions here you can lock it you can recover it I'm going to take you through step-by-step downloading it and making sure that everyone backs up everything so let's get started first thing you got to do is go over to the see a coin website and that is CL COI or decir Tech when you get to the website this is what you see your decentralized private cloud so you can go ahead and win before you discuss trends downloading it maybe check out all the things that has to offer go down here scroll down it really just breaks down the whole platform you can see getting started about frequently asked questions gets here coin the roadmap you know you want to check that out see where the company is going the blog and the forums and sweat on the slack I definitely recommend getting involved if you choose to invest with these guys just seeing how active the community is getting on there getting involved with the community as well you know let me know that you support their ventures so to get the wallet you want to go to download you'll see you can choose your respective platform here for me I'm doing windows so I'll click download and boom there it is on my desktop completely downloaded that was nice and clicking easy oh I'm gonna and zip it there we are we've observed it and here we go here is the see a coin files I guess what they give you and here is the application that you use to launch so I double click that and boom this pops up and takes you through a little wizard so go through all your security pass phrases and everything like that you want to save those back everything up back absolutely everything up that it asks you to I'm thinking I'll do a separate video on how to backup and restore the seer coin wallet but for now just follow all the steps to ensure that you have kept everything safe once you're done you'll be taken to the screen you can just click wireless if you're not on this already and you can see this is where you send where you receive for your luck and from what I could tell from the digibind wallet your transactions that you do won't reflect here until you're fully synchronized on the digi I mean the see a coin blockchain so yeah now it's up to you you have your wallet you're free to make your own decisions financially and I hope that whatever you do do is successful if you guys found this video helpful in how to get a CA coin wallet or just too hard to learn more about see a coin because these guys already starting to pick up on the markets yeah leave a like comment subscribe and I'll try get more videos up ASAP Cheers

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