Siacoin Price Prediction & Analysis: 16 March

Siacoin had a massive 60% breakout after clearing
out a key resistance level at $0.0144. The digital asset continues trading at $0.018
after a significant pullback already from the high of $0.0213. On the 12-hour chart, Siacoin price saw a
huge 60% upswing followed by a 15% pullback down to $0.0173. This is the 78.6% Fibonacci Retracement level
that has held so far. A breakdown below this key support level could
drive Siacoin price down towards $0.0142 at the 61.8% Fibonacci level, basically erasing
all previous gains as it doesn't seem like any significant news has pushed the digital
asset. The only key resistance level on the way is
the last high of $0.0213. A breakout above this point should also drive
Siacoin price towards the next Fibonacci level at $0.0263, the 127.2%..

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