Siacoin Price Analysis and SC USDT Price Prediction, Siacoin Latest Updates and Review

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on my channel 100 coiner and today's video   is going to be about Sia coin and in this video 
i'm going to do a quick review for the Sia coin   we'll see how the project has been progressing, 
we'll also check the tokenomics for Sia coin   and at the very end of this video I'll be giving 
you guys my price prediction for sia coin and   where do I see this coin going in the next two 
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let's just go to coin market cap and let's   see how Sia coin is trading today so currently 
Sia coin is ranked number 93 on coin market cap   so that is pretty good, it is like under the top 
hundred and it's trading just below two cents.   It is down by three percent since yesterday so that is like three cents uh three percent down 
right now and if we see the total market cap for   Sia coin that is 817 million dollars with a total 
supply of 47 billion coins so because of this   number because the total circulating supply is 
47 billion that is like one of the reason why we   have this price of below two cents right so that 
is like a good amount of coins a good quantity   right something i like about this coin is 
that this is a proof of work coin so that is   something i like because some amount of work 
needs to be done to get these coins generated   so that is like a positive i feel with the Sia 
coin but let's first of all check what exactly   Sia coin is and what kind of problem it is trying 
to solve for the whole crypto universe right   okay so here we are on the Sia 
coin website that is   and as the website says Sia coin is actually a 
decentralized storage for the post cloud world   so like in simple language it's like decentralized 
storage system or a storage solution right   to the whole cloud storage which is out 
there so decentralized storage is definitely   something which has like huge demand because there 
are already these huge cloud storage platforms   like onedrive google drive dropbox who have like 
a huge who who are sharing a huge market and all   these all these entities they are currently like 
centralized entities right so you don't have the   complete security of your data which you have 
on these platforms so there is definitely a   requirement for a platform or there is a space for 
a platform which provides decentralized solution   to online storage and ci is trying to solve this 
problem uh for the users right so let's see uh   where all they have their storage 
providers so if you if if we see   they have a fair number of storage providers 
and they are well spread across countries   just a bit low in asia i'll say but a lot of 
them are in europe a lot of them in united states   definitely some of them in south america as well 
so yeah it has a fair amount of storage providers   now let's see like what all benefits it is 
actually providing rather than the traditional   cloud storage companies so the very first point 
and i believe which is the most important uh usp   for this project that is it is completely 
private right with saya you you don't share   your information with anyone else like any data 
which you have on the network it's completely   private it says Sia encrypts and distributes 
your files across a decentralized network you   control your private encryption keys and you 
own your data so this is something i believe   which a lot of users are looking at no one no 
one wants their data to be shared no one wants   their data to be compromised right or 
their data to be any way to be like public   though it is not completely 
public but everyone wants   a private solution how they can share data across 
a network so this is uh what Sia coin solves   then uh Sia coin is definitely a lot more 
affordable than the traditional solutions   as they say Sia costs about 1 to dollar per 
month for 1 tb of storage rather than like 23   on amazon so this is i believe like a huge 
difference almost like 20 times less than   what amazon storage is charging right now that is 
again a unique usb for Sia coin network is highly   redundant that means the files they 
are they are stored in segments across   multiple nodes in the globe right so they have 
the information stored across multiple nodes   so even if there is any single point of failure 
right the network doesn't go into a downtime   or you don't have to actually wait to get 
your data there are multiple nodes operating   so they'll be able to counter counterpart it right 
and uh the fourth point that is it is open source   so i really like projects which are open 
source right because uh open source projects   they are i believe i personally believe open 
source projects are very less manipulated right   with uh with the whole uh private projects it's 
like a lot of at times a lot of marketing and   a lot of financial uh i'll say things right they 
overpower the actual project while with the open   source project you don't have all these aggressive 
marketing going on right so that may be one of the   reason why they are not always shining ahead 
on the top but they might be having some very   uh strong core values so i like this about 
the project that it's open source project   and the last one like they have a marketplace 
on blockchain so it's like the different storage   providers they need to compete between themselves 
to actually uh do business with users right   so this is like very beneficial for 
users because they are going to get   uh the best price when there is this kind 
of marketplace where there is a competition   between uh the storage providers so these are 
some of the very unique features uh for Sia coin   which i believe like if you are understanding 
uh Sia coin which you need to know   so it's like a decentralized cloud 
storage platform and like to be   in very easy words i can say like decentralized 
cloud storage platform which definitely has some   demand right it has some demand so uh let's go 
back let's go back to coin market cap and let's   see first of all how this project has been doing 
and since when this project has been operating so if we see on coin market cap this project has 
been there since jan 2016 so it's been like almost   five years this project has been operating 
and if you see in the bull run of 2017   it got to a high of eight cents and in this bull 
run we were able to get to a high of around uh five and a half cents right   now again it has to be traced back and it's just 
below two cents right now so yeah the project   has been in this in the sphere for a quite fair 
bit of time so they have like uh they have got   ample amount of time to build the whole system 
and this is something which which when i went in   in more details to the project i found out and 
i saw what all these guys have been building on   so i'll show you like two primary platforms 
which cya coin has so the very first one is Sia   stream right and now this is like the perfect 
home for your media enjoy super cheap storage   for your media files completely under your 
control science stream uses next-gen cloud   storage technology to provide fast streaming 
at lowest cost so uh video streaming has been   a very hot thing in the past few years right and 
saya is tapping on that segment with saya stream   so you can buy some uh some cloud space out here 
for your streaming needs so this is definitely one   of the strong uh platforms they've built the other 
one which is there that is kinet okay and skynet   is like decentralized internet for a free future 
so it's more more of like the storage space area   where you can drop your files and you can save 
your files somewhat like kind of dropbox right   so these are the two uh major 
platforms they've been building on   for the streaming uh scia stream for the streaming 
solution and skynet for the cloud storage solution   so this looks pretty good to me 
and it looks like that things   have been building on the network so these 
are definitely some really good signs okay uh now let's go ahead and in fact let's uh go 
to the charts let's see how it has been going and   what can we expect from Sia coin in the coming 
future so right now if you see uh this blue line   it is actually the 200 days moving average 
right and uh after this huge dump Sia coin   has actually found some support out here and 
it's like bouncing back on the support line   now because uh Sia coin is an open source project 
right and we do not see uh much of like this   marketing thing which is going on so that is the 
reason uh the price movement has been very steady   right primal price movement is uh steady something 
i feel if we are able to get a bounce back uh on   the bitcoin charts if bitcoin again starts moving 
up from the 35 000 level it is doing right now   definitely Sia coin is also going to 
bounce back and right now because uh   if you see in this whole whole bull cycle right 
coins like the meme coins have been exploding   uh there has been the explosion for de-fi 
in the previous cycle right there has been   a lot of explosion in the nft space but uh 
still this this platform this this problem   which these coins are trying to solve like science 
trying to solve the cloud storage problem and i'll   say like saya is not the only one there is 
like file coin and then there is like a cash   network so there are like a couple of coins 
which are trying to solve this problem   and i feel uh that though not right now but 
definitely in the in the in the coming year   right or maybe later in this year we will also 
see a bounce a complete bounce or a complete pump   in these coins which are actually solving this 
huge problem which is related to cloud storage   so there are multiple projects which are working 
on this problem and i understand that only a few   of them will flourish right but looks like Sia 
coin has got a good chance it has it has been   there onto the space for quite a while so i'll be 
expecting positive stuff from Sia coin for sure right so i was also checking their road map a 
lot of stuff out here things look really good   so uh yeah so this is uh my current view on on 
the this is like the daily chart for Sia usdt so i   feel like uh right now the price of Sia coin will 
be highly dependent uh on how bitcoin moves right   uh one more thing which i find uh can be 
a very good factor in the in the coming   months for Sia coin prices cya coin is right 
now on the top exchanges right like Binance   Kraken huobi right but uh i have also been like 
when i was researching on Sia coin i have been   like i read few articles and uh it is possible 
that in the coming future cya coin also get listed   on coinbase so if that happens so that is really 
going to be a huge pump a huge pump for Sia coin   so that is something we can 
expect in the future for cya coin now uh let's come to the final part and let 
let me give you my price prediction for Sia   coin in the coming years i personally believe 
that cloud storage is a very huge market right   and it has got a very huge potential already like 
all of us we we use google drive we use dropbox   we have been using onedrive we use 
all this stuff in our everyday lives   and this is not going to stop anytime soon like 
our needs of sharing data online they are just   going to increase increase and increase with the 
coming future so when there is such kind of huge   demand for something and then there is then there 
are these solutions which are trying to provide a   better solution there is a very huge chance that 
these kind of projects they succeed and i again   emphasize on this that there will be just like 
a couple of them which will be uh like maybe in   the top 30 to 40 on coin market cap or which will 
really succeed which will really come to the top   right but i particularly particularly 
feel this segment has got uh   some real buzz inside right so it can flourish 
it can really flourish real good what uh   if if we see the the total circulating supply 
for cya coin that is almost around 48 billion   right and i feel like if Sia coin is going to make 
it if Sia coin is going to be the solution which   people opt for whether it is for their streaming 
storage needs or whether it is for their cloud   storage need i believe that a total market cap 
of 48 billion dollars that is highly possible for   such project which is solving such a big problem 
so i expect Sia coin to go somewhere around to hit   a dollar in the coming years right and as uh 
cryptos they start getting more mainstream   and these solutions uh they start getting 
implemented right and more more and more   people are joining the whole decentralized space 
so that definitely gives Sia coin a target of   one dollar but uh like we need to wait maybe 
a couple of years for that because uh still   the blockchain whole industry is like the adoption 
is pretty new right it like adoption is coming on   but it's still very slow so so we might need 
to wait like two to three years but yeah it is   possible if the team delivers that we can see a 
one dollar Sia coin in the coming future right   so guys uh these are my views on Sia coin for 
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