welcome to crypto dealer in this video we are about to have a look at the see a coin disclaimer this video does not force you to buy any cryptocurrency or invest in anything i am not a financial advisor before investing in cryptocurrency talk to your financial advisor or do your own research see a coin price prediction will sc price hit 1.2021 crypto space has garnered massive crowd attention this year a series of new ath milestones from many altcoins and a slight drop in the btc's monopoly tells the story of 2021 one such altcoin that amazed the space in the first half of the year was see a coin c coin is one of the eminent cryptocurrencies existing in the crypto space it is a decentralized cloud storage platform secured by blockchain technology it runs on its own network sia cia network stimulates underutilized hard drive capacity around the world what is seocoin cecoin provides a solution to the data storage space challenges social media users and traditional cloud storage providers have been facing you might need storage space and find it difficult to access one you might have maxed out your hard drive capacity it provides a decentralized cloud storage platform for users users of the blockchain network can lend out their vacant storage space to fellow community members it makes an open source platform available for the development of decentralized storage with this system the cloud storage technology just got a boost the technology makes it possible to encrypt data for safety reasons split it and share it in nodes the information is stored safely and even reassembled this technology is similar to what is used by the eminent cryptocurrency there are fees involved in this storage system for keeping and sharing things like hosting fees these charges can be paid using the native currency of the platform these whole transactions can be done using smart contracts with these smart storage contracts the whole process can be done without involving a third party it will work with a set of rules imputed to it and automatically execute itself fundamental analysis the network sees itself as being in direct competition with reputed cloud storage providers such as google amazon and microsoft as cia exhibits decentralized nature it is able to provide reasonable storage rates files stored on the sia network are divided into 30 encrypted segments with each segment uploaded to a unique host for redundancy the contracts between uploaders and hosts are stored on sea as blockchain and enforced using smart contracts see a coin acts as the mode of payment on the blockchain with renters paying hosts using sc and hosts locking sc and smart contracts as collateral skynet the company behind sia and ceocoin has announced a number of products built on top of the cia network including see a stream a cloud-based media streaming application and the skynet network its flagship content delivery and file sharing network the company has raised funding and grants from reputed organizations such as bain capital ventures paradigm and in blockchain in addition each storage-related transaction on the cn network is subject to a 3.9 fee which is distributed to holders of the company's second cryptocurrency soft on with skynet holding approximately 85 percent of all software see a coin price analysis cecon has put moderate performance in this year started new year by at 0.0012 us dollars and showing consistent growth coin reaches to 0.0034 and obtained price change of 134 as of today this is best figure for year 2020 but that wasn't last for a long time because after that see a coin almost dropped below 0.0010 us dollars which was the lowest trading price of last one year of sc coin run as last of week of april 2020 was really good for cryptocurrency and from top 100 list seocoin was on the list of top 10 highest gainer of week as last few days cryptocurrency market is full of ups and down as bitcoin was almost about cross 10 000 but again dropped below 8 000 as bitcoin having has won the weigh-in that can help to put dominate performance in may 2020 as ceo coin was one of the oldest cryptocurrency was launched in 2015 this will help to get some percentage of growth along with bitcoin see coin in last one year pretty consistent for rapid fluctuation in prices in which 0.002 us dollars average value achieved most of see a coin so considering this trading price is safe price you should buy see a coin below 0.0020 us dollars that can surely give you minimum 25 percent roi with maximum holding time of 1.5 to 2 months as of today price is already on the line average price and looking forward for rest of year there are lots of possibility with sc coin as they recently launched skynet which takes 20 years of efforts to build as it is based on decentralized content delivery network and file sharing platform and this will be considered a small contribution to free internet concept so from now onward skynet will be permanent for solution for data and application operation and it will be plus point for see a coin in the future just like other vintage cryptocurrency there no data on how much total supply left for see a coin as cucoin is still holding all-time highest price record of 11 us cents since q1 of 2018 as there was no big growth not seen as comparing with 2018 there lot to recovery in terms of growth rate and capitalization but in positive factor see a coin still holding 64th ranked in the top crypto list and that is helping to get average per day six million dollar market cap technical analysis of see a coin currently see a coin is worth 0.02015 technical analysis and price prediction show that the future is bright the price of ceocoin is trading below the 50-day and 100-day moving averages and we are experiencing an uptrend the price in the coming days can be expected to be quite bright there have been several price action predictions on ciacoin see coin always create challenges to their developer as more than one million see a coin is the reward of the phi skynet hackathon challenge where developer need to create open source application integrated with coin where data can be stored and shared to user as there are some applications should be interesting and likely to test it by real users the payment option are in the wide range as there will always one time payment and amount will be non-refundable as they believe it can lower the risk of hacking or fraud in the marketplace as reward they are offering is really great way for appreciate developers as far as cloud storage in mind see a coin project driving most user into their network place as along with storage they offering some basic needs such as backup your old files or data at any time as with customer feedback they also doing pretty changes in network so customer can stay in the network without looking for other respective option as due to transaction takes place in the marketplace there is always create fluctuation in marketplace and that will be noticeable in upcoming years as 2019 was the disaster year for cryptocurrency due to china and india banned and most of frauds and hacking cases register but now things are changed crypto back to the business making world more secure with payments talking about history nebulous incorporated as parent company of sia as they are currently holding more than eight case off ons as sofonz's second active token in the ecosystem which was launched to benefit seocoin price growth as initially saw funds was sold in crowdfund and then after that sierra raised by over 1.6 million dollars worth with involvement of different companies such as procyon ventures raptor group and james palatas company and then 2019 psy raises almost 3.25 million us dollar seed with bain capital venture and then finally see a makes announcement of settlement with sec regarding soft funds in october 2019 see coin price prediction 2021 with certain improvements c coin traded at the price of 0.005 during january the price is anticipated to increase if ceocoin focuses on several inbound developments to enhance its cloud storage it might trade around 0.012 and 0.015 throughout the year at the end of 2021 see coin might be exchanged at five cents see a coin price prediction 2022 c coin anticipated a fresh price of 0.058 during the start of 2022.

the price might likely rise if the market focuses to invest in decentralized cloud storage platforms by the end of 2022 coin might reach the nine cent mark sc five years price prediction in five years see a coin might provide a more seamless and user-friendly platform and it would concentrate on enhancement of its security sia might release its newer versions for the betterment of users it might concentrate on building the user base and the price may rise by the end of five years c coin might hit the 1.50 cent mark the information provided is for general information purposes only no information materials services and other content provided on this video constitute solicitation recommendation endorsement or any financial investment or other advice seek independent professional consultation in the form of legal financial and fiscal advice before making any investment decision.

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