Sia Skynet Almacenamiento Descentralizado En La Nube| Monetiza Apps| 1Tb x 2USD al mes| Apps Gratis

Hello friends, good morning. In this video we will explain what SKYNET is And the blockchain where it works, the Sia Blockchain With a one-to-one (p2p) network that will give us 1 TB of storage Cloud and broadband for $ 2 per month, stay to teach you how to use Sky apps, there More than 230 of them are all working on the Sia blockchain we started. You are in Dex Networks! We invite you to join our channel By activating the bell and please give it a like and I'd love to keep getting news And updates on New Internet 3.0 and New Blockchain Networks village networks.

Start Sia blockchain is a leading storage company Decentralized cloud, with a storage capacity of 3.6 petabytes, Currently 669 TB in use Sia does fully private Encrypts and distributes your files over a decentralized network. Much more affordable cost On average, it costs Sia decentralized cloud storage 90% less than cloud storage providers. Sia distributes redundant and stores Redundant file clips across nodes around the world, eliminating any point Single fail and guarantees uptime that rivals providers Traditional cloud storage. Sia is an open source marketplace Fully open source on Blockchain using the blockchain from Sia, Sia creates a decentralized storage marketplace.

Well, from the sia page where we will be entering skynet, This is your welcome page, Here we will mainly see that they are not used to test the network by uploading Whatever kind, you can test it, it tells us the characteristics The main network of skynet which is practically the same as the sia network Very well here we have the skynet app store, it has a total of 234 apps, The first apps to split by video, we have fox media, we have space x video, We have several YT-like pages, which are actually working In audio, the quick example would be like Spotify but with decentralized and free storage, In blogging the comparison will be like blogging, like some landing pages, Games, are simple games that work completely on the skynet network, Books are decentralized storage that you can download, leave online, share, You can upload private photos to a storage device such as google drive or Mega and also own photo storage host, either to download gif, png, Transparent films are any web image In the skynet gateway we have utilities for the same skynet.

In the facilities, for example, here will be an android store which is an apk, for our example This store is called sky launch and this is the same store but with another graphic interface. This will be the skydroid so we can download it to our android cell phone and others. Very good friends, we thank you for watching our video. We hope you are Useful for you, let us know any questions you have, we will leave the url addresses in the description.

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