SHOCKING! Will Cardano ADA or Elon Musk’s Dogecoin DOGE grow more by 2022?!

in the cryptocurrency industry over the last 24 hours dogecoin has been all the rage doge has risen nearly 200 in the last 24 hours and nearly 500 in the last week with the recent surge it has surpassed cardano's ada to become the sixth largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization hi cardano lovers welcome to cardanolam your daily dose of cardano if you're interested in everything around cardano this is the place for you make sure to hit the like button and subscribe for us to provide you with more cardano news and let us know in the comments how much you think cardano will cost by the end of this year let's get to it despite bitcoin which controls 44 of the economy dropping nearly 1 at the same time the cryptocurrency market reached a new high market capitalization of just over 2.5 trillion dollars just before midnight monday representing more than 200 billion dollars in added value over the previous week cardano's token ada a four-year-old cryptocurrency that has climbed 26 and dose coin which is still up 24 after crashing as much as 45 early sunday after self-proclaimed doge father elon musk called it a hustle in his saturday night live debut are two other top tokens posting spectacular gains this week according to ben zinger's survey dogecoin would increase in value by a greater percentage than cardano by 2022 ada has grown from 0.181 to 1.86 dollars in 2021 and 900 increase in value at press time cardano was trading at about 1.33 down 15 from its all-time high of 1.56 dogecoin jumped to 39 cents on saturday but the mean cryptocurrency is still trading below its all-time high at 43.77 cents on april 16th cardano is a cryptocurrency network and open source platform that employs a roboros proof of stake technology to create a more stable and less susceptible to tampering blockchain the cardano network's mission is to build and maintain a public blockchain platform for smart contract based applications the aim was to build a blockchain that was both fast and scalable this has been the case thanks to its proof of stake pos consensus system in comparison to eth it allowed for much faster transactions with much lower fees some might be surprised by ada's bullish run after elon musk spawned a crypto market correction by tweeting that tesla will no longer allow bitcoin btc for purchases this is attributable to the high energy consumption of cryptocurrency mining bitcoin ethereum and dogecoin were among the most heavily impacted cryptocurrencies many users were ecstatic about where ada could go after hearing the news on twitter some speculated that ada was the latest one that would never sell the coin while others assumed musk was behind the bullish run this comes after cardano's parent company input output recently announced a partnership with world mobile group cardano's use cases will be expanded as a result of the collaboration in african countries including tanzania and ethiopia cardano ceo charles hoskinson has recently spoken out about the company's roadmap acknowledging that it failed to meet the project's five-year targets hoskinson said of course i'm a very optimistic person and i tend to underestimate engineering and scientific complexity so we didn't quite hit that milestone 2021 is kind of our overflow year where we're pulling together and turning on all the things we dreamed of over the last five years the cost of the project continues to rise this comes after cardano's parent company input output recently announced a partnership with world mobile group cardano's use cases are expected to grow in african countries like tanzania and ethiopia as a result of the collaboration cardano ceo charles hoskinson has also expressed his views on the company's future plans this includes having to admit that the organization failed to meet the project's five-year targets in addition the cardano ecosystem recently announced plans to introduce age usd the first ever stablecoin the algorithmic stable coin appears to be on track to reduce exposure to cryptocurrency markets that are prone to volatility within the industry stable coins have become increasingly common in that regard age usd appears to be set to add more value to the cardano blockchain ecosystem cardano has a roadmap in place that runs until 2025.

The voltair update is the last phase on the roadmap the voltaire age of cardano will provide the final pieces needed for the cardano network to become a self-sustaining system the cardano roadmap says dogecoin was created in 2013 to mock the concept of cryptocurrencies adopting the face of doge an awe struck shiba inu the joke currency was widely circulated in memes at the time with a value of 0.00026 doge on the other hand has risen in recent months it was worth 65 cents at the time of publication and rising potentially making early investors millionaires dogecoin's current popularity can be attributed in part to wealthy influencers twitter mentions mark cuban the shark tank star was an early adopter allowing it to be used to purchase dallas mavericks tickets and merchandise and musk has been a vocal supporter of bitcoin seemingly increasing its value with each tweet despite being mispronounced by someone over the age of 25 the price of dogecoin has risen by more than 450 percent in the last month briefly reaching an all-time high of 45 cents on april 16th meanwhile elon musk the ceo of tesla inc nasdaq tsla and a big fan of dogecoin hosted snl on may 8th an appearance on cnbc or another business related news channel by a senior executive of a publicly traded corporation may often move the stock price quickly when a show airs outside of business hours it may have a smaller impact on the stock price that begged the question of what effect elon musk's upcoming appearance on saturday night live would have not only on this company's stock price the following monday but also on cryptocurrency trading during the show's airing given the securities and exchange commission's watchful eye musk was likely to be cautious about disclosing too much information about the electric vehicle business musk the tesla ceo could appear in skits and parodies about electric cars lunar landings and even the memecoin dogecoin which musk promotes regularly on twitter earlier last week the electric energy car maker released its first quarter earnings the show which is broadcast on nbc by comcast corporation nasdaq cmcsa airs outside of tesla stock trading hours when the market reopens on monday may 10th it was interesting to see how musk's appearance was received and what was said about tesla the market never sleeps with cryptocurrency and dogecoin can be exchanged at any time during the display it's likely that if musk discusses dogecoin or there's a skit about the meme coin being performed the price will skyrocket dogecoin owners and supporters gathered on april 20th for doge day in an effort to draw attention to the cryptocurrency and raise its price to critical levels such as 69 cents and one dollar with no new such event information the doge community could rally around musk's appearance as an event to get dogecoin trending and trading higher on wednesday dogecoin rose 8 after musk tweeted the doge father and listed the snl may 8th date musk's blunder-prone history of spreading disinformation and online bullying always overshadows his tesla and spacex inventions and it's proved to be a divisive choice among viewers and cast members as a host however one group is ecstatic about the 30 rock debut of xa12's father dogecoin investors doge the iconic memecoin recently made headlines by painting a new all-time high at around 30 cents as crypto potato previously noted although this was amazing in and of itself what came next was truly incredible dose took off for the sky once more after a brief retrace the cryptocurrency is currently valued at about 0.4 and has a market capitalization of just under 46 billion dollars as of this writing on finance the latest all-time high is above 45 cents in terms of total market capitalization dogecoin is now the sixth largest project it's also worth remembering that this occurs on a day where the rest of the market is in negative territory in reality for the past 24 hours all of the top 10 cryptocurrencies with the exception of doge have been in the round the rapid rise in doge's rice production elicited a strong reaction from the community jordan belfort aka the wolf of wall street posted a picture of the cryptocurrency a few hours ago further boosting the price he also sent out a couple more tweets after that dave portnoy hopped on board as well he's not envious of doge in case anyone was curious the doges are howling tonight according to cameron winklevoss dogecoin currently has a larger market cap than several firms including coinbase which recently received a direct nasdaq listing fx3 remains bullish about dogecoin but believes it is approaching a watershed moment it will break out and shoot towards one dollar if it can break through the 61 cent resistance level it is currently facing on the rebound let us know in the comments below whether cardano or dogecoin will grow more in 2022 and make sure to subscribe and give us a thumbs up see you next time at cardanoland

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