shocking mark cuban just revealed this about v-chain and why v-e-t will reach five dollars when mark cuban began selling garbage bags door-to-door he sowed the seed for what would eventually become his long-term success despite being late to the crypto market mark cuban is already a rich investor who has had a big impact non-fungible tokens nfts and decentralized finance defy apps are the favorites of mark cuban he has become one of the most outspoken cryptocurrency enthusiasts in recent months investing in everything from ethereum to nft platforms to defy industry leaders he's presently getting interest in cardano and vechain among other cryptocurrencies in a peak time on social media and few of his talks billionaire and entrepreneur mark cuban has expressed interest in vechain so today we're going to talk all about what mark cuban just revealed this about v chain coin and why v chain will reach five dollars these are some of the questions we'll be addressing for you today and we've got a great catalyst in waiting for you so watch this video till the end because today's video is going to be very exciting welcome to vechain land your daily dose of v-chain if you're interested in everything around v-chain this is the place for you subscribe if you want to stay updated with all the vechain news predictions and stay one step ahead in the crypto world make sure to hit the like button for us to provide you with more v chain news don't forget to enable all notifications to join our weekly cash giveaway pinned in the comments before we get to our topic let's take a look at the chart and see what the price of vechain is doing on the 2nd of august shall we v-e-t has seen a period of consolidation a few days back however it rebounded from that and registered steady gains over the last few days vet's price at press time stood at 0.0913 dollars as it recorded a 5.2 percent gain overnight the technical analysis chart showed that vet witnessed a bullish trade with the relative strength index touching the overbought zone just 24 hours ago at press time however the indicator fell below the overbought territory with prices touching the upper band the bulls might push the prices higher the immediate resistance for vet lay at 0.93 dollars failing to test that the support region awaited at 0.0870 and then at 0.801 dollars the asset price has a higher roi than most of its competitors and has made investors profitable for a long time on coming to the daily chart the vet price continues to travel in an upside parallel channel v chain price may see a new high being formed the vet btc pair can also see a break above the major resistance in the future one can wait for the price action before investing in the future vet token price is currently down by more than 70 percent from its all-time high v-chain has a market cap of more than 7.2 billion dollars and is ranked 23rd in the cryptoverse the volume to market capitalization ratio for the v chain is currently near 0.17 suggesting an uptrend in price the weekly technical chart of vechain hints towards a bullish momentum for price in the future vet price is currently showing a small bullish momentum on the daily chart the bullish momentum of vechain can see a halt near the value of 0.1 dollars in contrast on the downside the price can see a bounce back from 0.06 dollars if the price jumps above 0.1 dollars then a strong upside momentum up to 0.2 dollars can be observed vet btc pair can also observe a strong bullish momentum in the future you should invest in v chain as per their risk adversity now let's get back to the topic mark cuban is a big fan of non-fungible tokens nfts and decentralized finance defy applications both are powered by smart contracts consisting of small pieces of self-executing code that live on the blockchain the billionaire and dallas mavericks owner spends three to four hours a day looking through crypto projects but only selects a few to invest in and vechain vet is one of them cuban invested in pretty much everything from ethereum to d5 nft platforms meme coins and more vechain thor is the top platform for running scalable business applications and is the first choice for companies looking to build real-world products v-chain has always addressed the barriers to mass adoption this includes preventing volatile transaction fees using the dual token vet vtho model and mitigating congestion with v-chain scalable network that adjusts to changing network usage vechain unique protocols include fee delegation which allows dap owners and businesses to pay their users gas fees and opens dapps for most people vechain is a leader in identifying and meeting business requirements this ability is evident in the quality and relationships that vechain has with its partner companies vechain also helps businesses avoid blockchain and crypto pitfalls such as compliance legal and accounting big update is that with vechain's low-cost reliable and easy to use blockchain technology the data stored is time stamped and immutable which will prevent any false claims and help trace and track the initiative's progress moreover vtain's partnership with dnv aims to help transition clients and their businesses toward a green and circular economy which could help promote new digital ecosystems as realized from recent social media hypes we can see that mark cuban is really excited about use cases of cryptocurrencies so vechain is supposedly the way to go for him mark cuban's investments give some insight into the range of cryptocurrency projects available right now as well as the specific areas he's excited about but cuban is also a strong believer in the importance of doing your own research and investing in projects that interest you vechain's roadmap to poa 2.0 poa 2.0 clears the way for large-scale adoption of public blockchain tackling the critical weaknesses of contemporary mechanisms found in other blockchains the new poa 2.0 consensus will enable the blockchain vechain thor to leverage a high throughput capability with guaranteed data finality vechain is now one of the most used blockchain platforms globally and with the recent developments from their site even after its more than a 70 fall from the all-time high investors who bought vet crypto at the beginning of the year have seen their money grow 260 percent the luckiest vechain investors are those who accumulated the dip in vet coin during its march 2020 plunge to 0.001678 which still persists as the all-time low those investors have seen their money grow more than four thousand percent so we are likely to see one dollar to one vet soon how soon enough though let's wait and watch why do we think v chain will explode to five dollars v chain is not a regular blockchain project instead it offers users control over the originality of products on supply and gives manufacturers more control over the quality of the goods the luxury goods industry records a loss of 450 billion dollars because of switching tampering and other reasons vechain wants to eliminate these risks it is impossible for an authentic product to be missing in the supply chain or that the user gets a fake product if the product has an intelligent chip that you can track at an immutable ledger that stores all the data the vechain foundation has worked tirelessly to build the bridges between blockchain technology and the real world vechain evolution continues to gather pace transitioning from consortium network to best-in-class public blockchain platform using proof of authority consensus boasting advanced technical features governance structure and economic model since it gives the operators control over the product it allows for quality control for example many perishable products can spoil with the slightest temperature change but the products can be controlled remotely through vechain token chips and iot devices hence giving them better handling vechain is domiciled in china and you should know that the chinese government officials are strongly linked to the blockchain platform in light of this it is safe to say that the recent crackdown on bitcoin mining and transactions in china won't affect vechain we would like to again highlight how big of the opportunity can be seen here so what is stopping you to go for v chain as it has the potential and future to go bullish and big and best of all billionaires like mark cuban also support it also we would like to mention that this is not a channel intended specifically to provide financial advice and we do not ask you to invest in any company this is merely a channel directed towards bringing educational content to your doorsteps with that in mind before you invest in anything we recommend you do thorough wide spectrum research on the topic well that's it for today's video guys and make sure to subscribe and give us a thumbs up see you next time on vechainland

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