SHIBA SUPPLY UPDATE [ Crypto Espresso 11.17.21 ]

welcome back everybody this is crypto espresso 
your daily shot of crypto news today is wednesday   november 17th and before we get into today's news 
make sure to stay until the end as we know a lot   of you have had a lot of questions about sheba's 
supply so first up a number of analysts believe   that the current bear trend has a way to go 
suggesting bitcoin will drop below 53 000 before   the bulls return bitcoin stayed around 60 000 all 
day on tuesday november 16th having declined from   66 000 since november 15th so what's the reasoning 
for all this well bitcoin was hit by concerns over   the cryptocurrency tax provisions contained in the 
1 trillion u.s infrastructure bill signed into law   by president joe biden on november 15th let us 
know your future predictions for the market down   below claiming it has its own plans for a line 
of pulp fiction nfts miramax has sued tarantino   for a breach of contract copyright infringement 
trademark infringement and unfair competition   twitter and square ceo jack dorsey is a bitcoin 
believer but the social network's cfo has no   intention of following the payments firm's lead by 
putting corporate dollars into crypto speaking of   the wall street journal on november 15th twitter 
cfo ned seagal said investing in cryptocurrencies   like bitcoin it doesn't make sense right now the 
reason he said this is that crypto assets are far   too volatile adding that the company prefers 
to hold assets like securities that aren't   subject to the wild fluctuations of bitcoin 
which routinely rises and falls as much as 5   or even 10 in a day the los angeles angels 
superstar shuhi otani is the latest in the line of   elite athletes including tom brady and steph curry 
to become brain ambassadors for the cryptocurrency   exchange los angeles angels wildly popular pitcher 
slugger shuhiotani has announced a long-term   sponsorship deal to become a global ambassador 
for crypto exchange ftx he's going to receive   all of his compensation in cryptocurrency as a 
part of the deal in an announcement the company   explained ohtani will serve as a spokesperson 
for ftx to further elevate the ftx brand   increasing awareness of the company's platform 
and digital assets in general on a global scale   and for our last story today we know that there 
has been a lot of debate surrounding chiba's   supply in fact we've already addressed it a 
couple times including on our podcast which   is linked down below but we want to ask you our 
dear viewers how would you calculate the figure   and what wallet addresses would you deduct from 
the total supply make sure to comment down below   and also make sure to subscribe to not miss out 
on tomorrow's news and if you have any other   questions make sure to ask alex in the description 
below anyways guys see you all tomorrow you

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