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In today's video we will be talking about the moment when Shiba Inu surpasses Dogecoin.
Shiba Inu will overtake Dogecoin on this date The movement of excellent news continues for
Shiba Inu, good news does not stop coming out and surprises will continue to line up to our
delight. But first I want to inform you about something related to Bitcoin and Ethereum, and
it seems that everything is ready for them to start being sold in the stock market.
Reading Money Control I learn that Dow Jones launched new cryptocurrency indices,
further integrating Bitcoin and Ethereum, by bringing them to the Wall Street trading floors.

The new
indices, S&P Bitcoin Index, S&P Ethereum Index and S&P Crypto Mega Cap Index, will measure the performance
of digital assets linked to them. They say the list will expand to include
altcoins later this year, and the exchange first announced the plan
in December. By that time, they said they will cover more than 500 of the
most traded currencies and that their clients could create custom indexes and other
cryptocurrency benchmarking tools. They ensure that traditional financial markets
and digital assets are no longer mutually exclusive markets. For
those interested, they report that the indices will use data from the virtual currency company
Lukka, based in New York. And on the other hand, they confess that Bitcoin, the
most popular cryptocurrency, has experienced a wild rebound in prices after
the support received.

High- profile companies such as Tesla and Bank of NY Mellon
are among those that have backed BTC, causing its price to break
out of all-time highs. Historical records
Something interesting about all of this is that listed SHIB in the top 2 at
a time when all cryptocurrencies were in free fall. Not only is it interesting,
but it is important because of the image that Shiba Inu presents to those who visit the portal.
In addition, being located at the top, in green, while the others are marked in red, if
someone sees that list and does not know SHIB, they will get a good impression. This kind
of thing usually leads people to be interested in what is behind that coin, to
find out about its projects and how it is moving. Billion Dollar SHIB Purchases
Right here is where a crypto starts to gain more enthusiasts, more investors, and more
followers, who might think it will soon overtake Dogecoin.

And we see then, things like this
, that the user @Danicandaga posts on Twitter: A Shiba Inu whale quietly transferred
6 billion SHIB coins to a different wallet address and the total price of
the holdings equals more than 80,000,000 of dollars. Just days before Shiba
Inu will go on a wild streak and remove a zero from its trade, The International
Business Times was the first to report this. A mysterious and unidentified whale made
an entry on October 1 buying 6 billion SHIB’s, bringing in another 276
billion the next day. The operation was carried out in three different installments of 116
billion, 158 billion and 1 billion. The whale had bought the 6
billion coins for $ 43,838,916 and almost doubled the investment in
just six days. However, it is not known whether the same whale has transferred
the stocks to a different wallet address after reserving the profits.
The wallet address does not match the whale's purchase wallet address from
October 1, the only similarity in question is the 6
billion coins.

And this is one of the points on which the followers of Shiba Inu rely to
say that they are doing much more than Bitcoin. Of course, they also admit that they are
doing it, precisely thanks to Bitcoin, which gave life to cryptocurrencies, and it is about
seeing growth naturally, not forced at all. It applies to the cases of holders, recently
more than 1,500 holders registered in a single day, that means that more interested parties are getting
involved, but I insist, naturally. Many wonder but when will it surpass
Dogecoin? And the answer cannot be other than that, if it continues as it is, it will not be
long before that happens. Giving an exact date is not easy at all
and I would not advise anyone to do so, for the simple reason that the world of
cryptocurrencies is completely unpredictable.

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