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Hey guys, let's go with Chiba token, which will be the original token for future Dex and Chiba Suape, Which will run on your personal ATM network. Ox was killed and he is now suffering from congestion And it's already threatening to cross We'll actually augment our structure around a cause Having a broader view here of the Chiba movement at the moment, as it has changed Hours and need to be increased to see how the Kelton channel reacts with respect to Lead Cloud, I realize it's quiet here, I was threatening to cross the lines The three are bottom-up vs schmorl cloud, and bottom-up cross just now after The third quarter landing here with the whole real body above the ichimoku cloud, it is normal for the paper to suffer from This congestion while still rotating over the red sector of the cloud, the paper will only be released When the traffic starts over the green sector of the ichimoku cloud which will make it lighter , This way the Kiel channel itself will not be released This overhead lane is wrapped up and over a cloud shimoku in Squid, this reality of congestion is reversed as cascading wave opens by buyers And sellers, but if you see that buyers raise a new feature high Really relative, we'll put it like this because both lines represent an object exponentially slow has already established itself in the upper range of the scale here at Mac Day in the crisis chart, This succession of buying and selling waves is a reflection of this congestion because the paper Now pass over the red sector of the ichimoku paper cloud and it will be lighter if liberated when the traffic starts over the green sector, then on Mac يوم The advantage of buyers over sellers is confirmed, the apartment with an area of ​​\u200b\u200b200 mm He should put it in 30 minutes because in two hours, it can't be analyzed And we have to increase our structure a little bit here so that we can visualize better And he understood that the paper crossed the 200-period moving average and at that moment there was a climb The lower boundary of this hill's cloud which at that moment is a strong strong support He or Oxe lipstick that seems to attract people is a large triangular shape of It's probably going to explode upwards, well, I guess the people who paint Uncle Battle who paint A structure similar to the one that caused this explosion, see this structure The trio that took this wedge bang up, it's possible that we're repeating This diagram to have our burst coincides with the beginning Paper crossing over the green sector of a schmorl cloud, so you guys I Particularly excited about this icon even though I'm on Trixie already belly open in Worst scales plus one belly in bokadinha down this is the result of this The congestion for paper traffic here in two hours above the red fifth sector of the cloud, I'm especially excited about the rain that you think has everything to get back to levels Pre-correction for Bitcoin, here is the Che la Chimba touch analysis that started His story in a somewhat controversial way that I discovered that the stock burns that was sent To the title of the founder of eternal vitality Buterin was a target To generate the donated money for covid-19, then my auditor asked me that a pest was finally born Also the brutal spontaneous media about each other touch and now it seems to be found His justice and gradually resumed here the buying power that this graphic figure appears to be It repeats itself and it is very likely that I will be my wife back to Bitcoin Pre-correction Levels Very Personally Soon I'll be back with some The good opportunities in the crypto world opened up due to the brutal Bitcoin correction and from Analysis proposal wants to broadcast messages below ok good people big hug

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