SHIBA INU (SHIB) – Análise de hoje, 20/05/2021! #SHIB #shibainu #XRP #ripple #BTC #bitcoin #ETH

Hello everyone, let's go from shiba inu to shens tokens who will be the native token of the future Dexter Fringe Chiba Suape and let's see what the capitalization is at that moment and Silva Swap after that which 4.2 B if the paper had to undergo stress resistance was the one who owns the personal Bitcoin I am analyzing tokichiro here in Meia Hora precisely because two hours ago there is still no drop enough to make one in a more accurate analysis but although in two hours it has already bought here in this indicator medium here o two hours ago already bought and the sellers are losing momentum here o at two o'clock the possibility of a broad ripple of buying character is clearly opening up But let's go for half an hour because we still don’t have to walk long enough to form one more structured cloud and a broader view is an Aquino and in half an hour until it is the launch Button who gets enough people to have a better personal notion in half an hour now the paper has already been bought here, the trend is reversing from low to high here a green cloudiness is already forming the selling wave amplitudes are already giving rise to the proportional or even larger buying wave amplitudes, let's see how it behaves the next wave of sales character itself This reality is reflected in the Mac day where both the short and slow exponential lines are already migrating to the upper band of the metric realize that the amplitude of the buying waves is already surpassing that of the amplitude of the selling waves in the mm200 those realize that the paper had difficulty sticking from the bottom up MM 200 here it came here is the owner of Bitcoin the paper could not resist reached zero.

A 0 0 0 0 62 It is 50 after the point and hit 627 paper already almost doubled since the bottom paper bleed a lot like everyone else crypto in this one that owns Bitcoin Bitcoin now it's at $ 41 1624 673 Bitcoin quickly people will go back to Brasil Happy I was even making a drawing here a correction and see she will come back to see the monthly app around 48 49 thousand dollars that the owner of everyone crypto had as sole Responsible Bitcoin that all the changes were in the wake of Bitcoin so Bitcoin has already opened the third Kendall here in the four hours of buyer character forget it I will make it cute here you think here it’s not even here it’s getting the real body a little more intense in ES in four hours the momentum of sellers are losing a lot of strength will probably open up a wide range of important buyer character here in the four hours EA Bitcoin every four years promotes this bulan that is the result of House and in this case Halloween who is promoting This cake is from 2021/2022 happened in May 2020 that the same thing that happened to Alvin from May 2016 that spawned Gohan from 2017/2018 and the same thing happened in May 2012 that spawned Gohan from 2013 / 2014 so in that donkey Bitcoin will probably jump from 20 thousand to 220/240 $ 1000 probably and we live this congestion in the middle of the road as it lived in 2017/2018 as it lived 2013/2014 So folks to analyze both Chiba play while any high because at that moment because of these Bitcoin we have to look a little bit at the proof it is Bitcoin that was responsible for the fall Push Button who is making three pass from the bottom up the Kiel channel to have the cloudiness in the Projection of 26 periods here in half an hour it's already greenish So I think that today lipstick that already know your background formed here with a double bottom one I stop 11 w a little weird here look here and now the paper passing through an ichimoku cloud in the half hour in the next hours he provave It must have already crossed the victim that the next relevant resistance for the paper would be the mm200 itself, which is in the range of 1427, right 0.00001 427, right 40 and after the point So this is the record of the resumption of the buying power of ximba touch that in my opinion already know your tricks fund reflects This reality the indicator here pointed upwards aggressively migrating to the upper metric band So folks, this record here is from ximba Tolkien who for In my opinion already knew your fund has already done this means that you are here O and is now seeking its resistance to now he's living the cloud resistance estimated the super line and already will have to face the moving average of 200 periods who have some analysis of suggestion You just put the messages below and I from now little back with any opportunity in the crypto world big hug

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