SHIBA INU (SHIB) – Análise de hoje, 01/06/2021! #SHIB #shibainu #XRP #ripple #BTC #bitcoin #ETH

Hey everyone, let's move on from the Shibatoken that broke our huge triangular shape we were watching Here since May 25/26 and burst up or advance Chiba Above the Shimoku cloud and now the gravitational force of the cloud has occurred, which is normal during Crossing the origin over the red sector of the Schmorl cloud, the paper suffers strength effects The gravity that the cloud provides when the paper starts to cross over the green sector, It would suffer this usual magnetic repulsion to cross in the green sector and through the green sector So now for the next 16 bars and the next two hours a day and 8:00, Toshiba Touch will still be It passes through the area above the green sector of the Schmorl cloud that suffers from this Effects with the loss of buyers' momentum, but the fact is that the paper is already migrating to it and may I've actually moved to the top of the shimoku cloud at this moment, and it's stuck here on the top line From the cloud, the crisis reflects this age fact with a double ripple opening The buyer persona denotes the buyer's control of the file on the Mac for each of the fonts The short and slow exponential that settles here in the third quadrant of the upper metric range With the buyer's karate crew and now with the opening of a small sales wave Indicate impulsive buyers, it is only because the asset crosses over the red sector For the shimoku cloud here at the distance of 200 mm I will put it here in one hour because in two hours an hour You still can't get one very clear idea because there isn't much left to use yet in training when Two o'clock here at one o'clock, I noticed that at that moment, Oxi Boy still mattered To consider doing graphical analysis in all teams stuck Here at mm200 it looks like it broke the 200-period moving average of 1 hour from bottom to top and now He's back, he tests MM 200 from top to bottom what is the norm when he crosses the paper 200-period moving average, it always exerts a gravitational force and pulls the paper back to Moving average, but it's normal to get stuck because it's stuck here, it's been a long time here, Stuck in mm200 a I say trying to penetrate from the bottom up now that you have penetrated Now that you have penetrated from bottom to top, now it's stuck in this gravitational force represented by mm200, then It launches itself what will happen when the paper starts to cross over the green sector here from a cloud schmorl Cultrix here in an hour in quarters plus the top gives more to the top here More than the spot quarters for the best band in America, let me put it in the clock Two here at twelve, it's already settled here in any second quarter of the top bar of the personal scale which will now encounter the relevant resistance as follows 1020 where mm200 is at 2 o'clock if it is broken it will get the last high here at 1.208 ok, this one scored Hey lipstick, that will be the original touch for future decks and Chiba Suape, who still Project but very related, let's put it this way, guys in a little while I'll be back Another great opportunity in the crypto world that has opened up due to the need for new Bitcoin and any Someone who wants to suggest analyzing some assets, just post messages under a big hug

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