Shiba inu price prediction 2021 | shiba inu coin price prediction in hindi | shib price prediction

AOA, friends welcome to another video of from Talib e ilam my name is Amjad Sohail and today we are going to discuss Shiba INU Coin price prediction 2021 that should we buy Shiba INU Coin or not and if we have to buy then what is the safe price? so we have to do our analysis about Shibi INU Coin price prediction in hindi that what we have to do? we should buy or sell, or leave this? what profit can we get? either it will move up or down? what is its rank now? and what is its opportunity? what is Shiba inu coin price prediction 2021 telling us? we have to enter of not? we have to go on computer for analysis so there i will tell you that what about shiba inu coin prediction in 2021 in hindi so we should buy shiba inu coin or not basically shiba inu is a token and we will discuss about shiba inu token price prediction , lets go on computer to check all about shiba inu coin here we go on computer screen and we will talk about shiba inu coin hindi and i will try to explain that in 2021 what is shiba inu coin possibility basically we will take an overview and understand take advise of your financial adviser before enter but before that we try to analysis that what is the thing based on we should buy this or stay away now basically in coinmarketcap its rank is 33 before this it was not anywhere now see within short time shiba inu coin or token introduce itself basically it is a token and ranking on no.

33 it means that its technology have some worth and have potential in market to go up and now have a look at its price it o $ 0.00001992 it means that when it start it was on $ 0.00000001 now see when it was on $ 0.00000001 and anyone invest $ 1000 now get more then 199% in return infect more then this profit they booked and in 24 hours it increased 22.54% before discuss anything, when you click here it lead to its website which is necessary to check what make its worth see it is decentralized token and basically shiba token is a meme token here you can read about this in detail it gained 220+ community any token when it start it takes some time to up, and see any token starts like this they did not go to 1 but they give 1000 to 3000 profit easily so it is good opportunity for short term traders you can read about its ecosystem here where we have to buy here they are telling and there is bone also they can stake or give bonus in shape of bone soon it will be available but not now you ca.

n read further about this here here is art, rescue and community you can join telegram, twitter, reddit, discord to communicate with them for anything and we were talking about this check about its market capital which is $ 14,906,756,399 in USDT and it has 394B supply in the market and check about its total supply its price has decide after dividing total supply over market capital on which we will talk any other day here it is showing its live data about total shiba supply and USDT down here look first only 2 or 3 exchanges were supporting this but now 39 exchanges are supporting this you can buy on houbiglobal in USDT and you can find futher information here that which exchanges are allowing to this in which currencies so look in short time it introduced itself so lets go on trading view for further detail now look before some time when we started to record video it was on 0.0000199 now it is on 0.0000256 during video when it started it was on very low price we have to check one imp ort thing which is necessary that here is ultra high volume as per

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