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Hello, assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, back again with my channel, the Bangko villya channel, explaining the education of bonzii business marketing gretors and illegal online loans. Yes, it's rare for friends who have watched this video of mine and those who do sacred things and blame the bells, they are given convenience and smoothness and making it easier for sustenance Amen okay okay okay friends yes Congratulations to friends who have stocked shiba Inu well Wow this is amazing Shiba Inu's friend has now relented and has reached NR the highest point dad has ever since he launched it in 2020 and now he has reached me wth just now, after I watched it a few minutes ago how many hours ago it was bye still 0.000027 dollars, now it's 0.000 32 dollars Wow, I 'm a new WTA again, wow this is amazing, yes, this is what causes chili prices go up, friends, because this is confirmed, shiba Inu, wow, it's amazing, shiba I it's confirmed what to launch in the largest market in the world, namely mainin, wow, many doubt that by Nini or shiba Inu it will not be possible, especially if it is a coin with a very unlimited number or total supply of coins, yes, it is impossible for listing in a market as big as brainly, it turns out Wow, it turns out that shiba Inu has proven our trade, OK, okay, congratulations, friends, Wow, this villager, his friends, he's already listed on the listing today, ah, it's better if he's listed on eh paint, maybe 8:00 a.m.

Later, what will he be doing, Dad, for the opening, oh, trading at the market by Nadya, another market in the world Huh, right, for the shipping address and I've checked it. The shipping address at Baen is already available, only friends for deposits are also available in the yes section Come on we grew up in this world, so friends who want to deposit or want to transfer their assets, bhaiya's kebaya to Painan, can do that now, right? Wow, that's great, yes, it can be edition by no. Now, this is the value of the newest new idea , friends, I can't say anything, yes, with the baby, the world is great, let's see, that is, with corruption, is the supply circulation already 390. Hi trillion, that's already circulating That means he left how many trillions again, oh the total supply, so if you look at the total supply, it's similar to dogs, Duke is also unlimited, because in a limited way, we don't know how much for dogs. If we are disciplined, we see the ideal total supply , right? or what is the name of the existing token, yes, it's 1000 trillion, it's not wrong.

Yes, the 1000 trillion that has been circulating is already 392 trillion, wow this is amazing Shiba Inu, he's already perched Yani and is perched on the wheel market in the top 20 of the world, wow friends you can imagine that, how terrible your father is, we'll be here later, oh wow, this is amazing, huh? this.This with what to him listing on the Stock Exchange gorgeous event price will rise steadily yes most, this is not our next target after New Eta we may he at 0,001 dollars GTA and is not likely yes hereafter projectnya too much well in This NU Boy, as I have explained in previous videos, Wow, this is already perched in the top 17 again, his friends want to laugh. I saw this shiba Inu, that's how he is, what is he in this ranking, is he ranked 17th in the world yes, this is rewarded with 0.003 15 dollars Wow, this is me, this is the closest target, yes, this is for the closest mobile target, he has Mukti opening, yes, it will be played later at 8.00, we don't know if it is possible he can fly again to 0.001 dollars, if that is achieved, By You know fly even higher yes friends yes yes this is related to good news yess friends he will Okay Ning yes opening from Siba bribe yasiba swap Like something like Winnie bribe So later he will open his own deck or separate exchange Yasiba Inoah own exchange called shiba Inu Sibas wave Er is amazing Yasiba hinoya Diany Widya it's too late, it's already been reached, then it's already listed on BNN, so try it.

Then you want to open the boswap too, wow You can imagine that in the future this token will be terrible, friends. Congratulations to friends who have already deposited this coin, yes, since I confirmed about eh. What is nafhatul's explanation about this token, in the previous video, how many weeks ago, yes, congratulations. his friends already bought it, so you guys are really Sultans. It's time for you to become Sultan. So, let's see, yes, from the movement of his community, his friends, from what adoption is from the world community, after the dog is now Sibas. At that time, I saw that token, which used to be considered token micin, yes, it won't be possible, Oh, listing on the IDX, it turns out that it can, Dad, can you list it on the IDX, right? This one, we take our hats off to this side of Baindo, you know, the movement is so massive, yes, he is in number two, his friends are after Doge, so for his movement, eh, shiba Inu is number two after Luge.

Yes, yes, yes, shiba Inu, Wow, this is a bikini, not the front cans, this is the largest market in the world. The explosion of the number one pan, which is listing shiba Inu, means that every coin that will be listed on the banyan is not random gold, their friends are what they really are. yes assets crypto her Does that projectnya nice Do what the name eh what is this outlook is also good well that yes would limit so the movement of shiba inu indeed is yes so cool if I bye Wow Yaudah achievement of the WTA new've listings by try and wear disposable other major like a hobby, yes, like mxc gyyu, yes, Yuni is a bribe Wow and again he will also be opening, whose name is the basware, his friends are waiting for P The actual project is from the contents of the Bainun, it's like that, for Karan, who is the same as Yuni Sweep, so what kind of deck will it be open again, sibyno, so friends, yes, this is the potential of an In USA.

Very good, in the future. I'm sure, yes. It's not me. ahead again, as strong as Khan above, yes I'm sure this year's shiba Inu $ 1 this year he will definitely GTA we don't know if it's a dollar or in my opinion if it's just 0.1 dollars or 0.004 0.01 dollars This other seems very easy huh if we look at it, a few weeks ago the shiba Inu link is still worth a lot of coins, friends, it's the cheapest, so it's with God being happy like this, I'm sure this will lift the movement of the price from Yunus Wafa from the contents of this by dong, isn't it? Ibadi tradition may not paint Edi by 8.2 hour later fitting listing eight o'clock when he would crawl up Titu arganya yes she's already very heavy once already rising dramatically once so yes yes yes but the nearest S ersan 0.0001 dollars it is very easy to her if the closest target for long-term GTA if it's this year so I'm sure he is 0.1 dollars it could so yes Ah okay so his friends that much so maybe that much nof I might get short Dik reaction from me regarding subaindo, the latest developments, hopefully friends are lucky here and happy friends who have bought this comment long ago, after I informed you in the previous video, congratulations on being friends, before I close Don't forget to subscribe and turn on the orphan bell for friends get the latest info from the official Bangko villya channel and go up Say Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh marxists and success for all of us

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