greetings to all fans of the world of crypt and sheba army members recently we have received a lot of bright and important news which is very important for the entire crypto world in the shiba inu project in particular so let's figure out what happened how it happened and what the consequences might be watch the video to the end there is the most interesting so in today's video we will discuss topics such as what is happening with the cryptocurrency market what's the latest news in the sheba world why sheba can rise to 10 cents well these questions will be answered today we will also discuss if this is a good time to invest in shiba inu so stick around for that because today's video will be full of major updates also we're giving away 200 at the end of the month to our two random subscribers to start them on their crypto journey to enter all you need to do is like this video subscribe and comment your favorite crypto coin in the comment section down below so without further ado let's dive into the topic one what is happening with the cryptocurrency market first we should go to the well-known site for monitoring cryptocurrencies coin market cap so from above we can see that our total crypto market capitalization is quite confidently holding at a value above two trillion dollars this cannot but rejoice regarding the total capitalization two trillion dollars is our kind of psychological support line below which we better not go but most likely we will have to do this i will explain why a little later what factors speak of global growth the dominance of bitcoin is slightly above 40 which tells us that despite the local correction altcoins are growing stronger than bitcoin on such corrections such a market setting is also a kind of bullish signal if it were the other way around then people were selling their alt coins fixed at a loss and this can only lead to an even greater correction an excellent factor is that despite the local correction the cryptocurrency market is now just a wonderful news background again if people were counting on the market correction the news background could instantly change to negative we all witnessed how this can happen literally in a day what's happening with the world's main cryptocurrency at the time of the video recording bitcoin is trading at around forty six thousand dollars locally we are stuck in the corridor between the prices of forty six thousand two hundred dollars and forty four thousand dollars if we can break through any of these marks and fix the level of this price then we will let's go too when the price breaks through forty six thousand dollars our next target will be forty eight thousand dollars it cannot be ruled out that we will test this price but at the same time we will not be able to gain a foothold higher to move to the next level if we break the price below the forty four thousand dollars level then it would be a good option to go and test the price at the thirty eight thousand dollars to forty thousand dollars level in my opinion going a little lower would be a good opportunity to reset all long positions of which there are now a lot and after this reset go up and update the ath of bitcoin and all altcoins in particular but remember this is not financial advice just my opinion further movements of bitcoin summing up all the factors i just want to add that i have absolute confidence in the bull market in the medium term all the actions that i described above can happen both in the near future and a little later and the fact that now wherever bitcoin has fallen it is very eagerly bought off people want to get a tidbit of the world's main cryptocurrency this fact is very pleasing roughly the same situation is outlined with shiba inu what's the latest news in the world of sheba in general the news around the sheba project cannot but rejoice we have no bad news related to sheba recently the news background has been replenished with extremely good news but just recently the most important news happened sheba floki token grows 1300 after elon musk's tweet many may not understand what kind of token floki is but everything is quite simple the head of tesla and spacex posted on the social network a photo of his puppy shiba inu named floki the value of the sheba flocky token rose 1300 in three hours according to coingecko this happened after the head of tesla and spacex elon musk who remains a supporter of the meme cryptocurrency dogecoin and sheba posted on his twitter a photo of his shiba inu puppy named floki the dogecoin doge meme cryptocurrency first rose by five percent but then fell below the values before musk's tweet you might ask what this news might mean now i will explain why such antics of elon musk cannot but rejoice until recently in the last bull market elon showed his ability to manipulate the cryptocurrency market using only twitter many of you may remember elon musk's flirting with doge and sheep tokens but at the moment everyone somehow forgot about the doge token yes and it has no special use like sheba and the head of tesla is a fan of technology projects which doge is not now although he tried to help the doga project find him at least some application but as we can see he did not succeed we cannot exclude the possibility that before our eyes elon musk has a new favorite sheba any mention of your puppy anywhere can lead to a pump of shiba coins and this is good news it is also great news that it is likely that soon after listing on coinbase pro the sheba e new token will start trading on the coinbase platform it will be possible to purchase a token for ordinary retail buyers there you will not need to purchase a pro subscription as it was before in the meantime let's move on to the next question what's going on with sheba now shiba inu after correction is restored by two percent per day to date sheep can reward patients with an eighty percent refund the shiba inu price today is 65 satoshi units and the 24-hour trading volume is 245 million dollars shiba inu is up 2 in the last 24 hours coin's current market cap ranked 55th with a real market cap of approximately 2 billion five hundred million dollars the shiba inu coin has dropped three point five percent over the past week failing to capitalize on any new hype the obvious target of the model's movement is zero point zero zero zero zero one seven three zero dollars which corresponds to an increase of 82 and almost reaches 38.2 percent of the fibonacci retracement level of the may crash at 0.0001754 to reach the best possible level of 0.000 dollars the price of the shiba inu must rise by about 40 breaking the resistance set at 0.0000731 and 0.0000792 dollars this is a long wait for impatient sheep investors but it will increase the likelihood of a successful deal personally in my opinion situations like those with coinbase and elon musk's twitter show the interest not only of ordinary retail buyers like us but also of large players with big wallets so let's move on to the question why sheba can rise to 10 cents as we all understand sheba is now significantly underestimated but this cannot be understood by the entire crypto community at once we have a wonderful opportunity to tell them perhaps it is you who by your actions will help sheba fly to the moon in the aggregate of all the above factors it can be understood that for the rapid growth of the sheba coin a kind of growth catalyst is needed personally it seems to me that it can be a combination of many factors listing a coin on the coinbase platform any kind of pumping coins associated with elon musk or other big wallets the very rapid development of the project various kinds of cooperation the incredible growth of both social and technical components of the project all of this in aggregate at one moment can show us the full power of the sheba project we can say that we are now at the start before flying away we just need a little light now to start but of course everything can happen only with your support and shiba army with this we have come to the end thank you for watching the video we hope this session was informative do let us know in the comments section below of your opinion regarding how shiba inu coin might actually sit the world on its palm subscribe for more content just like this one and share it with your friends and family also don't forget to smash that like button and press the bell icon to get notified about our new videos we would also like to mention that we are not financial advisors and nothing mentioned in this video is a piece of financial advice therefore viewers are requested to kindly conduct their own due diligence before proceeding forward with anything that you hear here it is very important to keep in mind and remember the volatility that you may experience while you invest in this market therefore a cautious approach will certainly be beneficial for you in the long in the short run thank you very much for watching do not forget to subscribe to the channel put a like and a bell also write in the comments if you are a sheba army member [Music] so you

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