It's in July, we'll all fly watch this video until the end, indeed, countries who buy shiba coin with video should definitely watch the video, I'm going to shoot one. Let's like and subscribe to the channel to be more informed and don't forget to turn on the button, I will tell you about the draw today. Welcome to the Kırıklarlar channel, how did we throw the zeros in Turkey , I hope to answer the questions as well. Greetings to everyone again. I said what my friends said, his wife and he will increase in 48 hours. You can see it here on the right and on the left. I mean, I mean, think about this long term. You know, we got married.

Think about people in the long term, so if we don't think in the long term, we can't be rich anyway. It can't be rich in any way, it is always useful to think in the long term, Especially with 244 games, we have reset it Friends, this is a very good thing, waiting in the long term is really heartwarming , we will talk about such things now that July moon We'll talk about what we'll see inside and we'll talk about all the details, as I said, I will talk about the back of the drawing or the middle of the video or something. First of all, let me talk about the news, for example, the movement you see, for example, the flight up as you can see, I already saw you, I already said that the market value is 30 million 30 billion the 32 billion elevated friend part 2 billion rose this is a good thing that we will see again rise again in this mobility after he saw the far rising Yes again this 106 friends are off So I hope 10 gold come on now 650 I think we will come to 700 friends now, if it comes to a news now following Sivas wap already comes Chivas hop, friends, look like I said, we will have steak , but what is this, for example, don't buy the firsts, I got a news that ms0 will start the token' Friends, so don't buy this work now, when the time comes, there is a time for everything, then when the Chivas web is Look like time will come , friends, if it's already solid, we'll fly it.

And when the reward comes, let the hunters give a subscriber sheep, so what is this, let's put a bone, we will buy a bone game now, enter Chivas va va, you will get the sewing pastry in tons of use and bonja, so when it comes, friends, as we said, anyway Go to what's the enemy site soon, there are some very nice things there, for example, hang a list, friends, look, for example, how much it has risen already, I will show them in a moment. I will come to them soon . This list is relevant. I think Some people are starting to understand the real value of Listen and For example, I, Friends, showed you two days ago, you ran away It was like 14000 TL.

Now friends flew, it really flew. You know [ __ ] we will be able to buy these sheep on our own time I hope very nice This is really nice things are waiting I said I already said I don't want to say it but now Rice has already put the test of this pretty trust This has already been successful friends Yes now He tweeted. For example, this is us. im shiba token ceo is also finished but we are excited to present it you don't want to miss this 700000000 this is his Family One of the most asked questions to us, he tweeted "friends" now it's so beautiful who was telegram group it should be at 4 am 29. 29 is July 29 and In June, Friends will give an award in a Telecom group, they will give seven of my lists, they will give from the collar, and 700000000 will be given from here, so this is like a front pool , something like a pool prize, friends, we will go to Şivan's site soon, he will give prizes.

For example, how and the only game value homework given message jst Justin, for example, gave a nice award, he will have this fish soon, if this happens, I would expect very good things , and later on, for example, he is increasing day by day. But at the moment, when we enter the page of things that will increase day by day, the limit is shiba I'm so happy to swap and see it fit, I can't tell you, it's a bit too soon to enter the building anyway. He made me happy in eternity , but Healing innil will write in liquid form there. If he had written Hani threw or something, what a confusing tawhid my hand, but Elif rich man like this, Healing is on the agenda, I will buy a discovery dog Yes yes as soon as I throw it But as I said, whatever it is, it's really a shiba inu hop right now.

Seapunk insurance caught my eye, for example, from the beginning of his eyes. The streets are panky . People are very rich. This is why it's getting close. We throw a lot of friends. This was 3 billion dollars there, now it says 4 billion and four and a half billion dollars. If you have noticed that the purchase of the boil is increasing day by day, the sales are decreasing, you can understand from this graph. There is an extreme Ascension like this is a very good thing. Day by day, friends, something is happening to me, the investors are increasing, and some of them are already collecting gold because they are collecting from the bottom, very good things are happening anyway, big companies, small companies, I constantly invest in them, they are constantly doing something about them. I also heal. always related to I stayed early, I'm constantly looking at the news, there is a bit of news in a little bit of gas We will look there There was another news we will look there There is very good news There is really incredible news 30 days, for example, let's get up to 5 billion dollars in the rise already we are giving the rise we always give 10 Yes it seems like we will throw the back I don't believe it when the house is already under 9 like that.

I don't believe it. There is a profile that has passed the multiplication agreement here. Now the news site is gasoline. There is a news site soon, this is on a news site. There is better news there. Healing will indeed rise. The circle is very good news that it will rise in July. There are example where I Zinga dog to man is not the Doy sheep killer or that Dad know this support comes elinmask already healing what dogo ending news healing enthusiasm were a real news Diamond there were seen, but then threw a tweet associated with healing Behold the hand of the mask are against or You know, that there is news that you are interested in and that there is an investment It has been understood that the shopkeepers are safe there, friends, thanks to you, for example, put the dogs with a diamond sword, the high demand has been t117 steep and there has already been an increase in 3D As you can see here, the dog's name is Flo, when I wrote it, most people had already received shiba coin interest.

Our aim is to advertise, advertise and we will advertise. The increase in the number of people for healing is very good for us, such a news. It's really good. Now I'll come to the real news, friends, let me read it before I come to the real news. After that, there is a site that emerged as a result of the drawing . Now they organized one to enter the middle, they organized a participation. friends If 200 200 thousand people sign this, he can enter today, then he will be able to enter by July . Then friends, if he can see it, he really believes in July's Great High January and I told you in 48 hours, so friends because I follow this News all the time, so in 48 hours so i understand 48 the clock will be big in two worlds in three days, for example, now if he has a message How many 180,000 166,000 or something 201 when he sees Robinhood will enter the list this time the rabbit will be high later it will be plus We will be really extremely happy right now you are already very happy in the comments I see , if you make comments about healing, you will make me very happy.

Now, friends, let's enter the lottery, let's look at our channel before we come to the lottery, friends, for example, I told you where, for example, we made a video saying it will explode in 48 hours. We have come to the level plus 20, there is no such thing to put one inside. How 60 I don't understand, isn't it a great thing, put it friends Compared to the others, it looks like this is what I say, and Friends are now sold in our page, for example, Enemies, as I said, you can subscribe.

Anyway, 48 is on sale. Now we will explode our business friends at this b Let's talk about the scratchcards, let's explain the winner, friends, don't be really upset You know, I will do a draw again on the 5th of July. It will be drawn again on the 5th of July or in July So everyone will win, friends, I hope everyone will win a basketball t-shirt and a basketball t-shirt from the lottery , and look, because of this game, we will have a number of winners. now Murat Albayrak has won Let's see here Albayrak has fulfilled the conditions Exactly Murat is a wrong winner by crying Burak Albayrak is the last to see all of them one by one or at the end I will explain all of them and I will look at them last If he wins, I will send a message from Instagram, I will write an explanation anyway, friends. Yes if Marvel Legend gained Engine Cloud Asma Kulaksız David Özışık Cansu Demirel that sea rocks Engine Cloud and won actually Hünel Friends, I wish really good luck to the winners at home will be what our sweepstake and fifth of the month or won it in now if you won or I participated repeat them here draws it n You know our lottery will not accept'll do anything we'll fix it now we will meet again to win those who win yet again in the Crypto man 0 being mailed with this winning friends or on Instagram instagram address and will win the horse can be accessed from there your address I sent to you from there draws you send a the address of your home a see you in the next video bye bye

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