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shiba inu is heading toward the moon the shiba inu cryptocurrency is now the world's 20th biggest by market value and has more than tripled in the past week the real world usage of this coin is what makes this coin useful you might have seen in our previous videos where we can buy online and offline products with shiba inu what if we say you can buy shiba inu in atms interesting right this is what just happened but how this will impact the price of shiba inu coin these questions will be answered today further we will also discuss if shiba inu has the potential to make millionaires overnight so stick around for that because today's video is full of price-boosting shiba inu updates but first let's raise the shiba army hype by hitting the like and subscribe button also we're giving away 200 at the end of the month to our two random subscribers to start them on their crypto journey to enter all you need to do is like the video subscribe and comment on your favorite crypto coin in the comment section down below so without further ado let's dive into the topic recently official twitter account of the shiba inu token tweeted something really interesting which makes every shebholder curious the tweet itself was about the purchase of shiba inu in atms according to tweet you can now buy sheba in atms how cool is that along with that they shared a link to another tweet where coin cloud confirmed their partnership with shiba inucoin according to coincloud tweet you've been hearing all about shiba inu or sheb lately but can't figure out how to get some we get you it's complicated and confusing until now here's the easiest way to buy shiba inucoin and the fastest two what are your thoughts about this would you buy shiba inu through atm comment yes or no down below but before moving to the shiba inu potential to make millionaires let's see how does this shiba inu at atm works according to the official website of coin cloud the fastest and easiest way to buy shiba e new coin in four steps first step is to find your nearest coin cloud dcm they have a convenient locator map that lets you instantly find all the coin cloud crypto atms that are closest to you with more than 4 000 locations from coast to coast you likely have several convenient options to choose from second step is to provide your phone number all you need to get started with buying cryptocurrency at a coin cloud dcm is your mobile phone enter your number into the machine followed by the verification code you'll receive by text message in third step you need to scan your sheep wallet not all crypto wallets are compatible with every coin for shiba inu they recommend the trust wallet or brd wallet simply open the app and scan your sheeb wallet qr code with the machine's camera and in the final four rth step provide cache insert your cache into the coin cloud machine and press the done button in less than five minutes you'll be the proud owner of some shiny new shiba e new coin for more details in atm locations visit coin cloud the overall process looks so easy to us what is your experience with coin cloud go ahead and try this and let us know in the comment section below moving further let's check if sheba has the potential to make millionaires we all know that shiba inu has potential but to make millionaires out of it shiba inucoin needs to hit a one cent mark but is it possible for sheb to hit one cent well to understand this consider this scenario 37 trillion dollars is circulating money in the world out of which around two trillion dollars is invested in all combined cryptocurrencies if we consider total supply of shiba inu which is one quadrillion also let's reduce the fifty percent locked coins by unesco we are now left with 500 trillion coins and if the shiba market itself goes to 10 trillion dollars in the near future which is quite unlikely but let's assume then these 500 trillion coins are worth 10 trillion dollars which still makes it price two cents per token so it can be easily observed that even with very rough and huge figures of money shibs still did not go even above two cents so the possibility of hitting one cent in near future is quite difficult but to hit one dollar is quite impossible for now the only method sheep can go and hit one send is by burning a few trillions of tokens but is it possible to burn few trillions of shiba inu tokens yes developers are also familiar with this massive token supply issue and are working day night to make this possible developers of shiba inu already came up with the plan for an automatic burn of shiba inu they are developing a token burning system they will also decrease the circulation of the issued tokens a great moment for its ecosystem is the emergence of the nft platform for sales ntf is becoming more and more popular now which means that there will be more and more incinerations which is exactly what everyone is waiting for the developers also announced that they will have their own blockchain in december this is a very big step it would seem for such a meme coin as everyone thinks it can be understood that it is necessary that most of the coins be burned then this will give an impetus to the rise in the price of the moon restricting the circulation of coins will also contribute to an excellent appreciation this active developer community looks very promising to boost shiba inucoin's price from day one they never failed to surprise us first with their own decentralized exchange shiba swap then new tokens with a stake and bury with new bonus tokens like bone leash and even ryoshi token now developing its own blockchain and automated burning system sounds really promising for shiba holders another growth factor driving the token that is an erc20 token powered by the ethereum network this makes the currency on the market secure and established everything is completely decentralized since decentralization is the highest priority for the token shiba has one of the most important volumes of daily trading and grows exponentially its market capitalization the cryptocurrency of meme is extremely popular with enthusiasts for the cryptocurrency as well as with investors who think sheba will become the next millionaire investment experts and crypto enthusiasts suggest it should never be ignored for its popularity as it reflects the actions of a new and growing class of cryptocurrency traders recently the sheep retweeted a post by coingecko which announced that the shiba inu token is ranked first among all altcoins as the most trending coins in the united states the significant speculation behind its rank might be because the platform recently shifted to a brand new website that calls for the tag as a decentralized meme token that evolved into a vibrant ecosystem well considering the sheep community growing more vital day by day its price action and demand forces would eventually open up the token to a higher number of customers worldwide therefore while the token is trading steadily the most strategic action is to enter the mark with a calculated amount and invest further once the token starts to get on with its bulls run exponentially so in short shiba inu is still a millionaire maker coin so in conclusion we can say that the shiba inu coin will not hit one dollar in near future but it is possible for sheep to hit one cent if the active developer community comes with an automatic burn of shiba inu so how many shiba inu are you holding in your portfolio do let us know in the comment section below with this we have come to the end thank you for watching the video we hope this session was informative do let us know in the comments section below of your opinion regarding how shiba inu coin might actually sit the world on its palm subscribe for more content just like this one and share it with your friends and family also don't forget to smash that like button and press the bell icon to get notified about our new videos we would also like to mention that we are not financial advisors and nothing mentioned in this video is a piece of financial advice therefore viewers are requested to kindly conduct their own due diligence before proceeding forward with anything that you hear here it is very important to keep in mind and remember the volatility that you may experience while you invest in this market therefore a cautious approach will certainly be beneficial for you in the long in the short run [Music] [Music] [Music] so [Music] foreign

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