The Shiba Inu coin is the most talked crypto
currency in 2021. The dogecoin-inspired meme token, was launched
in august 2020, but is right now surpassing the dojecoin that was launched in 2013. A major number of investors believe that the
shib token can hit $0.10 in the next few years, but there is something that will need to be
done before it happens. Is very comfortable to see your assets increase
day after day, and shib investors are optimistic that they will make a good profit when the
coin hits $0.10. There are things that will surprise you, the
Shiba token is breaking records day after day and investors believe that this is no
more a meme coin.

So, in this video, I will explain to you how
Shiba Inu is surpassing dogecoin. Why do you need to enter the Shiba world before
it happens? Also, I will explain the recent news related
to the Robinhood wallet and the Shiba Inu token. This and more information, you will find in
this video. So, make sure you watch the video until the
end, do not forget to like the video, subscribe, and comment down what you think about the
Shiba Inu token. With no more excuses, let's get started. Shiba Inu coin vs dogecoin in terms of functionality. Are there any dogecoin with solid foundations? Investors who purchase bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
hoping to alter the current financial system frequently ask this question. Each block of Doge generates 10,000 new coins,
and it takes about a minute to fill one block.

Due to this increase in total supply, the
previous repetitive pumping is no longer feasible. On the other hand, Shiba Inu does not use
a Proof-of-Work protocol. It's an ERC-20 token that focuses on Proof-of-Stake
and doesn't create any new coins. After Vitalik Buterin sold off half of the
total supply of SHIB tokens, there are now approximately 394 trillion tokens available
on the market. However, tokenomics suggest that SHIB may
have better profitability chances for new investors, as no new coins are introduced
into circulation. Community support for dojecoin and Shiba Inu. People are drawn to Shiba Inu due to influencer
hype, passive income from staking, and worry about being left behind in Dojecoin's gold
rush. For the longest time, Dojecoin was seen as
a joke and treated as such.

This coin's community is primarily concerned
with two things: the coin's ability to remain relevant for an extended period of time, and
the fact that it is the 10th-cheapest coin in the top 10. As a result, it's very speculative and focused
on retail. That being said, the community has grown significantly
in the last year as a result of celebrity promotion, which we will examine in greater
detail in the following chapter. Shiba Inu was virtually unknown a year ago,
and it only gained traction as a second-chance investment opportunity after Dojecoin's meteoric
rise. Compared to dojecoin, the shib token has grown
more than 12000000%, and the Shiba Inu coin has reached its All-Time High on May 10, 2021,
by hitting $0.0000388.

The shib token plan to keep rising and reach
again its all-time high price. Despite its supply, the shib token has some
difficulty reaching its desired price of $0.10. But plans to burn trillion tokens are on the
way and we believe that will happen soon. Shiba Inu coin surpassing dojecoin. Now let's talk about this big achievement
that Shiba Inu coins have reached. according to the shiba inu developer, Shib
plans to surpassing the value of dojecoin without hitting $0.10. The shib token is so popular that it is the
most talked crypto currency in 2021. In January and February of 2021, dojecoin
saw its value rising to $0.79 and lots of people who invested in the coin in 2013, made
lots of millions. But took 7 years to see its rising in popularity,
and in trusted assets among investors. Dojecoin and Shiba are community-driven projects,
so it means that they need support from the community to keep surviving.

If you check the dojecoin social media accounts,
you will see that on Twitter, the coin has 2000100 followers and the Shiba Inu have attracted
so far 936000 followers, in less than a year the shib community is ready to cross 1 million. To reach this number, dojecoin took 7 years
and Shiba Inu will reach in less than 2 years. If you check on the coin market cap, shib
tokens have 1,147,520 watchlists and dojecoin has 1,149,951 watchlists.

This is a huge increase for Shiba Inu and
shows that a lot of people are watching these tokens. A lot of Shiba Inu investors are people who
never invested before in crypto currencies and they started with the Shiba Inu coin. The token drove millions of investors to the
crypto currency world. In just four months, the global crypto popularity
grew from 100 million to 200 million thanks to the adoption of altcoins in January and
February, and May. compared to dogecoin, in less than a year,
Shiba Inu tokens have their own exchange platform named Shiba swapp. As of July 2021, the much-anticipated ShibaSwap
platform is live and offers a wide range of features. By using the Dig feature, users can exchange
BONES for liquidity on the DEX. Over the long term, investing in any of these
pools can earn a significant return, but 66% of that return is locked in for a period of
six months. Due to these restrictions, stakers will be
less likely to immediately sell off large portions of their newly acquired tokens, which
should help keep the price of the asset higher. Now the coin is planning to create its own
blockchain, according to the recent developer announcement of Shiba inu phase 2.

No one expected that the coin could be listed
on coinbase pro, and right now the coin is ready to be listed on the Robinhood platform. Compared to other petitions, related to crypto
currency and Robinhood, Shiba Inu has so far more than 193000 signatures asking Robinhood
to list Shiba inu tokens on their exchange platform. The coin is now available on major exchange

Why do you need to invest in Shiba Inu before
November 2021? The Shiba Inu coin, as you know, has big plans
to burn a lot of tokens, and we believe that this will happen soon. Big plans are coming to take the coin to the
moon. No one expected that the coin could be listed
on coinbase pro. And right now, the coin is being traded on
one of the most known crypto exchange platforms. More coin burns are likely in the near future,
so traders should be on the lookout. Less is definitely more in the dynamic between
supply and value. Shiba Inu tokens have the potential to go
to the moon. However, if you're not interested in making
quick money, you might want to think about holding SHIB as an inflation-hedging investment.

With the developers' support, you'll be able
to keep the supply under control. So with the coin burn, we can reach big numbers
and all investors can see good profit in the near future. What we expect right now, is to see Shiba
inu grow 20% every month and in 2025 we will see the price of the token hit $0.10. shib is very cheap right now and with little
investment, you can own millions of tokens, with less than $100 you can add to your crypto
portfolio more than 10000000 tokens.

With the upcoming launch of the Shiba inu
blockchain, the developers will have more control of the supply, and possibly it will
help on the token rise. So, this is the right time to invest in Shiba
inu tokens. The number of people downloading the Robinhood
app has fallen by 78% since it was first released. At the beginning of the year, a lot of people
were using the Robinhood app. However, according to JP Morgan, the app's
downloads have all but stopped working. According to analysts, this could result in
a decline in the company's stock price. According to the analyzes, the dojecoin has
influenced its massive downloads. Del Crxpto claims that Shiba Inu can double
it as soon as they list the coin on the upcoming wallet. The massive meme coin adoption is taking the
crypto market cap to reach massive investors.

We know that it is very expensive to invest
in bitcoin, but you can invest in meme coins like dojecoin or Shiba Inu and hope to see
a good return of investment in a few years. So, people who do not have millions to build
a good portfolio of crypto assets, have the opportunity to invest in Shiba inu coins. what do you think about the future of Shiba
inu? Will the coin keep rising? Right now, the coin is being traded at $0.0000128,
with a trading volume of $6,418,882,655, with a market cap of $5,150,246,398. After a 48 percent rise in the previous day,
the crypto currency market was taken by surprise once more. The token's price was $0.00001364 on Tuesday,
with a market cap of $5,150,246,398; this represents a rise of 49% since Monday. All major crypto currency market prices remained
in the red on Monday, with only a slight increase in the prices of the other coins in the mix. What is causing the price of Shiba Inu to
rise? The crypto currency market is highly volatile
and unpredictable, and crypto currencies that don't deserve to be at the top of the heap
frequently find themselves there for no apparent reason.

However, a tweet from Tesla CEO and Dojecoin
investor Elon Musk, sparked a new surge in the value of the coin. Earlier, the price of Shiba Inu soared after
Elon Musk posted a picture of his new pet dog, dubbed 'Floki,' on Twitter. To celebrate the new image of Floki Frunkpuppy
that Musk shared on Twitter on Monday, the price of the token shot up by more than 20
percent. This is a massive gain for Shiba Inu during
the last 24 hours, we hope it keeps rising. With Bitcoin attempting to break through a
psychological level of $50,000 on Tuesday morning, the crypto currency market is positive.

On Monday, the coin gained strength, rising
by over 15% in the previous week. The price of altcoins, as they're known as,
was mixed today. The Ethereum blockchain's native coin, Ether,
has seen a more than one percent increase in value. It has also increased by more than 17% in
the last week. Binance Coin, the third-largest crypto currency
by market capitalization, is up by over 2.6%. After falling to the fourth spot on the list
a week ago, Cardano was trading just below the flat line.

To get to the sixth spot, Solana has risen
over 2% in Tuesday's trading. Dogecoin, on the other hand, has outperformed
even Bitcoin, rising over 10% in value in just the past 24 hours. Thanks for watching the video until the end,
do not forget to like the video, subscribe, and comment down what you think about Shiba
Inu tokens..

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