this is exactly what we said in yesterday's video listing of shiba inu can skyrocket the price to moon this has happened recently just with an acknowledgment from coinbase shiba inu coin is again back with a tremendous gain of over 35 percent after coinbase opened sheb for inbound transfers the overall crypto market was read after the recent sell-off of bitcoin yesterday causing a really strong dip but when coming to shiba inu shiba inu gave over 30 gain going against the price pattern of the overall cryptocurrency market so what happened exactly and most importantly what can be expected next these questions will be answered in today's video we will also discuss the future prediction of shiba inu and major upcoming catalysts of september month so stick to the end because today's video is full of major updates also we're giving away 200 at the end of the month to our two random subscribers to start them on their crypto journey to enter all you need to do is like the video subscribe and comment your favorite crypto coin in the comment section down below so without further ado let's quickly check today's price action of shiba inu currently as we can see the price is rolling around 66 satoshi units which is not 24 hours high of course sell-off happened after reaching high causing a little price drop overall market cap increased by almost 10 percent to around 2 billion 600 million dollars with 24 hours trading volume increased by 54 percent of 970 million dollars shiba inu holders count increased to 650 000 active wallets which is really huge for this and after reaching the 24 hours high of 82 satoshi units sell-off happened as many of us were waiting for this change causing a little price drop but after this price correction and more purchases shiba inu can again show a rising price pattern just like the iotex coin reflected last month after the listing on coinbase coinbase confirmed the inbound transfers for sheeb today on twitter inbound transfers for sheba are now available in the regions where trading is supported traders cannot place orders and no orders will be filled trading will begin on or after 9 am pacific time on thursday september 9th if liquidity conditions are met then offical twitter acute of shiba inu gave shout out to this saying coinbase pro releases major announcement for sheep inbound transfers will now be available in the regions where trading is supported once sufficient supply of sheba is on the platform sheb usd and sheb usdt order books will launch in a three-phase approach this is not exactly a listing on coinbase but only inbound transfers of sheed for coinbase users this was confirmed by coinbase later they said sheba is not yet available on or via our consumer mobile apps we will make a separate announcement if and when this support is added so this certainly acknowledges and teases a potential and upcoming next move hence we can see the impact of coinbase acknowledgement on the price of shiba inu imagine if they make it available to trade by listing on the coinbase platform what do you think about this do let us know in the comments section below another big update is coming from a huge purchase 150 billion shiba enu coins a mysterious large wallet investor recently added 150 billion sheep tokens to their wallet while the token witnessed a massive surge in price the whale is known to have converted their ethereum holdings to shiba inu coin the overall price of this purchase is around 1.1 million dollars this was repoted by whale stats on their twitter handle they confirmed this with the wallet address and transaction details so is this was what wales were aware of the said wallet holds cryptocurrencies worth 158.4 million dollars based on data from whale stats and transactions ranked number 16 on whale stats historically whale movements drive the volatility of shiba inu themed cryptocurrencies dosh and sheep the rising volatility currently has a positive impact on sheep's price and analysts have set a bullish target of zero zero zero zero nine dollars for the token even fx street analysts have predicted that the token will rebound to 0.0009 dollars in the current rally it is very likely that shebe will cut few zeros out of its price shiba e new fame can be confirmed by the recent listing on weibull weibull goldball one of the major cryptocurrency exchange recently listed shiba inu on thear platform shiba inu got so popular that she got number one rank on weeble popularity almost 100k weibull users have shiba inu in their watch list this was reported by shabami on reddit port which was further re-shared on twitter by shabin former further robin hood is the next insider news is that in september we can expect shiba inu to be listed not only on coinbase but on robin hood as well so if you were planning to buy dips you had enough time as sheep was around 55 satoshi units in the first week of september but it is never too late price is ready to bounce and listing on robin hood and coinbase are the major upcoming catalysts of september month in short many factors suggest that it won't be long before new peak prices in the crypto market at the same time it should show the growth of sheba coin at the moment it does not show much of what it is capable of but during the height of the alt-season or rather even at the end of it sheba should show significant growth after all most meme coins grow during this period the developers are really trying to improve their project introduce new features improve the ecosystem and the like perhaps many now do not understand that if there is a continuation of the bull market then you need to pay attention to coins that have not yet given strong growth one of them is sheba the development of the project from the developers in a strong army of fans are two things due to which the sheba can fly to the moon at the moment the sheba project has many points that are of interest to ordinary crypto investors in other words the developers will create a token burning system they are also going to limit the circulation of the issued tokens an important moment for its ecosystem was the emergence of the nft platform for sales now the ntf segment is becoming more and more popular which means there will be more and more burning which is what everyone is waiting for the developers also announced that they will have their own blockchain in december it would seem that this is a very big step for such a meme coin as everyone thinks it can be understood that it is required that most of the coins be burned then this will give an impetus to the rise in the price of the coin to the moon restricting the circulation of coins will also increase their value from all of the above we can conclude the ecosystem developers are beginning to amaze with their efforts more and more cool tricks are invented and applied that will only benefit the alsheba project and with that being said we have come to the end of today's video we hope you enjoyed it what do you think about the shiba inu coin being a potential million dollar investment the crypto community for the coins is the most vital supporter and the input they provide into the development of the coin is huge and of course that makes a lot of difference tell us in the comment section below how you would invest in the coin and how much of your portfolio is dedicated to shiba inu we hope you liked this video if you did leave us a like and subscribe to this channel for more such videos till we see each other again up here watch other videos we have on our channel and keep yourself updated [Music] foreign [Music] you

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