Foreign sites on July 20, 21 come such a great rise in July is said to like friends this close I vurduruy video one from shiba swaps from the video, and more to be aware of for length of the channel Subscribe to close transactions from paddy forget to turn on you press too Everything is really nice things from did I mention friends, but first and foremost I want to talk about the lottery friends draws also really impatient, I first let's talk about jobs after the point news of bird I think the facts would also be in this video Bombo video friends is very good news there if you want all together let us read before an initiative we Yapalım Turkey's slow-growing I click Family all welcome friends Let's hear in the Turkish currency The launch is like crazy Selamunaleykum wherever you look it seems to be in the bull market for three months but constantly these dreams and look at the war will the game re-lays come, will the shiba rise, will it come to their level? Are we going to talk about them now, but friends, we seem to be in a bull market right now But my opinion is anyway and I'll tell you 37 if we break 98 anyway, I'm writing something here, can you go up on July 20 if you want a very good news, let's read this But my opinion guys, you should wait long term Because also look, everything is beautiful Look, look, the game is relevant There are really good news coming, you know, don't do very nice moves right now, liquid that 986 93 88 fish, show a very beautiful head if you want, let's take a look at it again my son, can the coin go up on July 20, it is very important for us This is good news Friends, this news is constantly coming.

Beautiful signatures are being collected. These signatures are indeed constantly rising against us. This is a fall, friends. Don't be afraid, it will rise one day. Whatever is falling, it will definitely rise at the moment. be careful, you can see the cheese shots all the time anyway we are waiting february A coin may show an increase on July 20 due to a new investor Party fat and Chivas plaster is very nice now let's see why listen well How much higher will it go well let's see these guys put it according to the telegraph shiva new coin community coin holders Chivas pays attention to liquid exchange, a new interface that allows the coin to be made in more places. Dark telegraphy some networks are accused of using sports transactions to increase on-chain internal efficiency Sada healing is dead as the platforms lock in total value exceeds $ 1 billion just one day after market resume This isn't the case for the female neck why is the female neck gaining attention again February plaster exchange's original expiring Igbo coin has created a 14.1 percent increase in value However, according to sheep therapy, the coin has finally dropped to an all-time high at $ 04 0388, which is seventy-eight percent below, according to sheep therapy .

Recently it really July 20 is the sign when it hits why July 20 is the most suitable place for the new coin in Sivas Why July 20 is really important to us July 20 can be a big day for the new coin February 20th can take a big day for the new coin, hey cryptocurrency impressive sisada stylish milking on Twitter on July 20 there is something he announced that he will have a new party So this party will be but I hope he finds a beautiful Yüksel after the party You know, after every such announcement, my computer turns out 20 July Cad I wonder guys anyway , I don't think it's an empty party organ So he's getting ready to attend the party to talk about a statue before As we mentioned, cryptocurrencies such as the Healing new coin and the friendly sheep are often appreciated by social media investors in history, a constant conversation about coins can encourage more people to invest. This will ultimately increase the price and value of the coins, for example, give it a look.

As long as there are ads where do you write that february My love, wherever it is written that day, that neck is my order, for example , it means that this causes a price increase below the market , my friends, so I am thinking of a really good Ascension on July 20, my own opinion Of course, it is not investment advice. My own thoughts, but as you can see, on July 20 the nice rise quarry already writes the news perspectives notice really Let us read al Shifa always working together Friends together they show the strength already we şifayl the mine also very nice you know, we constantly monitor the continuous such news are doing now so that together Hani something that you really feel very good now For example, that thick February control is now on the air Thank you Çeltik Hani already made the song like this on pancakes You know, it's really nice to have something like this between us.

It's really nice for wonderful gifts , let's talk about this thing, friends who hate it, for example, on the 10th of every month , I said it almost so close At the same time he is also parable If it happens, it would be very nice , you made us wait longer, it will be ready for us. It would be very nice for us, for example, he thanked us from here , for example, the sales place is someone. We say that the e team mentioned that we are proud of all of us. If we look here, already friends, you know that me.

There's something about it being hit, he has already tweeted in the bazaar. Very good news about it. I'm really proud of it. Now let's talk about the Chinese about this issue, let's talk about their investments. A road to this success is indeed a very good way for us to see in the future. way now Sheep and goat reinvestments Ahead Roaring is a step towards success shiva new sheep is a celebrity again Mark cuban bare game precious words about precedes value Since then With some subtle maneuvers he managed to get a good deal for investors now our messaged Acacia tour from the bottom we have zero so 18 eyelashes is a low level where it is traded from ie to an all-time high where ya Behold it's nice with a 40 percent increase, something like x40 so you know, 86 went by another giant high tide and Pitch pushing wave Light hitting neck Diamond tweeted now for whose government Crypto Kunate has no assets and has no value against the real money Market Diamond Brothers you know how many bad animal necklaces so look the game message vaemi wrote recently Come on I'm looking for an animal I'm looking for a dog It should also write things like I'm looking for a dog I believe it is really behind that front my friends At the same time, on the day of healing , he will send a tweet soon, after that tweet, will something very good happen, you know, I'm waiting for him , Friends, I'm already waiting for him on July 20 with cold processes I'm already saying it all the time Believe me, friends, there is a way, come on, it has a purpose, but Now we will look at what will meet us first, we will look at that purpose.

We will talk about what happens to us when there are advertisements, what is the value if the participant increases, friends said the market value, we will look at them, we will look at them , we need to see the market value of Chivas liquid Şivan increase and this will happen with more buyers, more owners and more sellers, the increase in market value will increase in the price of the coin. it comes with inevitable increase and this also reflects in a high consistent volume For example I am enough but the good thing is Ether for egg pairing We don't need this As you can see other coins went from multiple zeros in front of them to just 10 or sports and exceeded a dollar Look guys you know for example and Look years ago, look at Koyunder, where did they come from? For example, most of them are worth a dollar, it was 10 dollars .

Right now, for example, what I want is 0.01 dollars or even the possibility of a dollar, you know, the debt is said. I always say that the one who waits long-term wins, indeed, long this really puts everything also won Healing For example, having so many zeros means that it will make Millions from its progress , for example, this and the other great thing is that we entered at the earliest time so we would need it now to reach a ridiculously high amount. Since we entered so early, it would be very useful to just cut off some zeros and that's the other thing. It's one hundred percent realistically possible as we see it in coins so just look with enthusiasm it has reached a market value of more than 50 billion and your face is completely zero purpose mm of the castle That's why their belief in their value holders is 100% supported now what do we need when we support what is this what we need bone paint this bone game we are sluggish guys.

Of course not, the moon is too much. I say that when we make requests, it's too much. Let's do this now, this is about it. I'm talking about the truth. Since now, the market has been pressed at an average rate of 5188 per minute, so very little printed and released driven real rate fluctuates second top 10 wallets all the bone 197 6 of 197 What happened is holding the gold This is because almost everyone is looking and digging the bone right now Look guys, I always say look at my other videos Look at my other videos, it's written here all the time Win friends I don't know what it's worth to us as a commission. It will be really useful for us. Even if we win, we will see his interest, for example , we will see his interest. Let's be thankful. I really thanked us in 2-3 years.

3. If he will read it, I swear that its current value is 5.21 dollars. It wasn't that much for you 1.77. For example, it's up. It's up soon. For example, raise more Instagram friends. If it comes, it will be really upset, its value is $ 19 million and $ 125 thousand per minute. Maintenance. You can see how fast it's growing from here. Its wallet is 8 percent of two and a half million bone subscribers . $13 million worth of Friends is now in the lottery We will talk about it, God willing, I hope our friend who really wants to win has won, but really, friends who lost 200 million stick games in a lottery for his person anyway Friends, we five people as sponsors, five people, we made 200 million fire cocolin thing, he will distribute you to you, they will definitely have their address on our Instagram address. friends, there will always be a winner and a loser. Even if you lost, don't worry, I'm already doing a lottery at the bottom, but there are so many draws, maybe we can do a lottery in a month like this, friends. I'm shooting a lot under really difficult conditions right now, for example, Inter, this is very little shooting here.

That's why I prepared the draws. For example, 250 people have joined 252 friends, I've been trying to write them one by one since the morning, now if you want, let's announce all the winners, I'm really excited too I'm from my friends, so how many days in a week we add the winners of this lottery, now let's explain if you want, you know how much I liked the game, I want your friends to win everyone more like that, friends, if you want, now it talks about the winners of the lottery . you can reflective glass there anything winners friends receive district lepo have won it Murat Kurtoğlu I Burak Buğdaycı Black and black DRMs Alert Ugur Bronze King Kong Salih Kaya Murat father had Rümeysa Yasar winners I would not want to upset receive absolutely not worry though really lost friends in the brand reflect the screen I really know Surely someone would have won, but you know, I already applied for this lottery because I love the game very much You know, people who lost, for example, the accident of people who received healing from high, let's see what you did inside, let's see what you did, friends, it has fallen to 3.8 billion dollars.

We'll see when 900 levels hit, we'll see, I believe, friends, when it's 5, we're breaking 10 now guys, for example, let's see, as you can see, there has already been an increase here, for example, it went up to 4.4, for example, it will come again, but look at the 30-day rise , this is 4.53. For example, it has dropped from 1.5 to 2.95. You know, this is the decrease. We can see that there are few people who sell too much, friends, this is a very good thing for us from here, we can see that there is a 97 percent confidence from here. Friends, we see that there is a solution already. We can see from there that there will be more transactions, it will be such a full skill, then I will teach you a process and how it is done technically from there , I will show you my friends, you can write to me from Instagram, I can already tell you all from there in two minutes, I can teach you from there .

Now, beware, I don't want to make a video of how to swap a shiba swap, but if you really want, I can make a video of it. We've come to the end of the video. Friends, if you want it up to your neck , don't forget to like it. If you want it to be 0.01 dollars, don't forget to subscribe to the channel. I really love you, God bless. See you next time. OWNER will have to reach $ 01 PLAN CON 0! 🔥 SHIBA SWAP , SHIBA COIN FUTURE , SHIBA COIN ANALYSIS , forex

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