Setting up Monero as a scheduled task in Windows

hello everyone I'm going to walk you through installing mineiro on windows this is the old huge memory version of Mineiro i'm also going to show you how to set it up with a scheduler so basically the huge memory you know resource gobbling effect will only be seen when you're not actively using the computer so hopefully this allow you to keep your note up-to-date so you can make transactions whenever you want as opposed to waiting for the blockchain to update every single time you want to restart it all right so get getting started albany road downloads you want to download your windows 64-bit and it will save it wherever and then you want to download your black teen bootstrap that's many gigs that will take a while and you want to put that here and the way you get to this folder just hit copy and go to computer then up here just hit paste and then enter no all right duh so you want to make a new folder here called bid monaro yeah so then you can copy it there alright so that means i got a copy mine over yeah okay I'll see that okay i decided i do that but instead i'm going to where I stored my my manera I called him an arrow and ram so here's all the Exies won't have you I made some notes so to make this scheduler we just need to go here this is just what I Google to find add to a scheduler so I'll post this link but all you do is go here and type sched go to task scheduler and then we'll go to create task alright so we'll call it monaro this all looks good go to triggers new and then we'll have it run on Idol all right actions nope oh yeah so we need an action go to New start program yeah good okay so we'll go to wear my Mineiro is tell to run that now in these arguments we can actually have Mineiro run mining when it starts so for that how do we do that we would it would start it with start mining and then we put in your address and then that would do with one thread and then we tell it I'll give it to all right so that'll do that and then condition so you want to start the task on the computer is idle for I don't know how this works because over here it says or sometimes I googled set of weights 15 minutes so I don't know what's 10 minute thing is but I want to make mine run as quickly as i can because maybe you could see it stop if the computer come ceases to be idle disable this because basically this perfect ok let's go recording so back here conditions yet keep that off now you can change all that if you want I don't know what that is turn that off oh and I telling it to stop okay that looks good to ask your folder okay well I guess it has my task from when I first made it so we'll just call this veneer 02 and yep so that's making the task and you can see it in our task scheduler library yeah so there's my original one so let's delete that buddy did disabled deleted okay and that's that's it so basically it will run so I'm gonna wait 15 minutes but then I can't start it because then it won't be idle oh no yeah I'll just pause and wait all right now you'll find something to do for 15 minutes mm-hmm because hopefully it'll just start and then it'll keep running all right all right well it looks like it just started I don't know how much time has passed but we see that this thing popped open task engine so that's where it is all right so yeah you know say you'd whatever just had this running and you came back tomorrow morning you're like well I want to you know not be using this anymore so you just go ahead and type exit I wonder if it's even mining probably not or you know once it's synchronized because I doubt it's synchronized yet but once it is synchronized you could load simple wallet of course it's not kind of like it but you just make found name if you haven't run it before you're going to get a 25 words seed make password then you get your seed and with the seed you can do wallet restore and that is it and so yeah but if you wanted to kill it just type in exit there you go and then if it's a title it would load it again so yeah with that you should be able to keep your note up to date without it being too intrusive and actually you know mind some coins on a solo node to help support the network in a non true civ way yep so thanks for tuning in

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