Série: POR QUE COMPREI? (ENJ – Enjin)

Before the video starts, I want to give you a brief message. When I made this by shiba inu , I didn’t know it would be so successful, but more successful. In the comments, many of you asked me to talk about: safemoon, alpaca finance, safewolf… my project admits that I still don’t Give due attention. That's why I want to make this series for you: will you buy it? But this series will be different, it will be edited with you. Those who are interested in making a video for this series should write #vocecompraria in the comments of this video , and write the token name next to which you want me to comment on my analysis. The currency comment with the most likes is the currency I want to make a video. I just ask for a little patience, because sorting and analyzing is not an easy task, but you can be sure that the most demanding projects will receive the videos in the series: Will you buy? I am counting on you! ? Goodbye, hello, and welcome to another video in the series.

Why did I buy it? Dcryptoz channel. I am not an investment consultant and this video is not investment advice and should be used for educational purposes only. It’s very important to study the asset or currency you want to buy . Don’t use this video to guide your investment decisions. My goal is to have a pleasant conversation with you and tell you why I bought the cryptocurrency you see in the title of this video. So immediately leave your like, subscribe to the channel and ring the bell, because I will tell you why I bought Enjin coins. If you’ve watched a video about my strategy for building a cryptocurrency portfolio here , you’ll remember that one of the pillars of my goal is the entertainment pillar, when Enjin caught my attention.

Not only because of the technical factors that I will show you later, but also because it broke out in 2019 after announcing the collaboration with Samsung. The company will use Enjin Wallet on its new Samsung Galaxy phones . In February 2021, Enjin released NFT for Microsoft Azure and Minecraft. An interesting aspect is that those who successfully complete the Space Mystery game can claim their NFT stored in the Enjin game wallet . The award-winning NFT can also be used in popular Minecraft games. Now I will read with you the list of the top companies that have partnered with Enjin: • Atari: Enjin has partnered with Atari to integrate this iconic brand into the blockchain game of the entire ENJ ecosystem. • BMW: Enjin has partnered with BMW to enable users of the BMW Vantage app to convert their BMW Coin reward points into Enjin Coin.

• Microsoft: Microsoft uses Enjin technology to run a social reward program called Azure Heroes. • Samsung: Enjin has partnered with Samsung to integrate the Samsung blockchain keystore on S10 into the Enjin wallet. • Unity: Enjin collaborated with Unity to release an SDK, which will make it easier for Unity's 4.5 million ecosystem developers to integrate blockchain into their applications and games. • Aave protocol: Enjin's first step into the DeFi field allows its users to deposit ENJ tokens into the Aave protocol and earn interest by letting others borrow it. Cryptocurrency companies such as Kriptomat, Binance, Kyber, Changelly, and Swissborg have used Enjin products to launch blockchain-based marketing campaigns and gamified user participation by creating and distributing branded blockchain assets . If you have subscribed here on this channel, you will know how much I value partnerships and projects that have perfect partnerships. If you haven't registered yet, what are you waiting for? Let your favorite subscribe channels and ring the bell to become a member of the Dcriptoz family! Now, I want to talk about some important aspects of this token. Enjin Coin combines game creation, modeling, NFT projects, and programming tools with virtual markets.

Through the Enjim platform, users can create personal applications, websites, games, and virtual items . All of these works are marketed through a virtual marketing system that is very similar to traditional in-game stores , as you may already know. It is basically a cryptocurrency and platform designed for the NFT-focused video game industry . Enjin Coin, code ENJ, was created by Enjin on the Ethereum blockchain . Enjin is a Singapore-based company that helps more than 20 million gamers create forums and communities around their favorite games. The company uses blockchain technology to extend this existing platform.

Your main goal is to tokenize video game items and turn them into NFTs. In other words, it allows game developers to register their game items in the blockchain. With this, players can actually own the ownership of their items, just as you can own Bitcoin, for example. In addition, thanks to the blockchain Enjin, these items can be bought, sold and even exchanged quickly and cheaply. More specifically, ENJIN is a fungible ERC-20 token in the Ethereum blockchain, and it also supports fungible and irreplaceable ERC-1155 smart contracts. It should be noted that when a user creates a custom ERC-1155 asset, it cannot be mined and destroyed. More than 10 million ENJ tokens have been withdrawn from circulation and locked in ERC-1155 tokens in the hands of approximately 127,616 collectors.

In the first quarter of 2021, ENJIN Coin plummeted from 0.24 cents to 3.94 US dollars! This report from January 2021 explains most of the reasons for this growth: Enjin Coin became Japan’s first regulated gaming cryptocurrency; the platform allowed the creation and capitalization of games. News sent to Coindesk last Tuesday (19) The draft informs that the token has been officially approved by the Japan Virtual Exchange Association (JVCEA). The digital currency is expected to be listed on the Coincheck exchange in Japan on January 26, allowing the purchase of ENJ in Japanese yen.

Now I want to read with you an excerpt from an article published by Contelegraph in March 2021, about three reasons why the price of Enjin (ENJ) increased by 800% in the last month. Three reasons for Enjin's explosive growth include the announcement of JumpNet, its Ethereum upgrade solution , increased exposure and transaction volume due to multiple exchange listings, and the continued growth of the NFT industry. At present, with the decline of Bitcoin, the entire market has collapsed. At the time of recording this video, enjin's offer was about US$0.93.

Then you can check it on the coinmarketcap website, which currently ranks 73rd in the ranking. In terms of competition analysis, Enjin's current top four competitors are: Dapper, Cocos Blockchain Expedition, FunFair Technologies and Horizon Blockchain games. All come from the same game industry. The links to these companies are in the description of the video. Only I cannot find Cocos Blockchain. But to help you, I put his description on the coinmarketcap website. The decision to include enjin in the portfolio was purely strategic. I think a diversified investment portfolio should include assets for the entertainment industry. This is not the only cryptocurrency of this type in my wallet, but it is the first cryptocurrency that I currently own both Chiliz and Axie Infinity. But what about you? Do you already know Enjin? Leave it in the comments I want to know. If you like our chat, please leave your likes, subscribe to the channel and ring the bell. See you later! Goodbye..

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