Série: POR QUE COMPREI? Edição especial – Minha carteira de criptomoedas

Before the video starts, I want to give you a brief message. When I made this one by Shiba Inu, I didn’t know it would be so successful, it was more successful And many of you in the comments asked me to talk about: safemoon, alpaca Finance, safewolf,… As expected, I admit that I still haven't paid the attention it deserves. That's why I want to make this series for you: will you buy it? But this series will be different, it will be edited with you.

Those who are interested in making a video for this series should be in this video Write #vocecompraria in the comments and write you next to it The name of the token that I want to comment on my analysis. The comment of the coin with the most likes or repeats will be I want to make a video for the currency. I just ask for a little patience, because sorting and analyzing is not an easy task. But you can be sure that the most demanding items will receive Videos in the series: Would you buy it? I count on you! ? Goodbye , Welcome to watch another video in the series, which premieres every Wednesday, Why did I buy it from the Dcriptoz channel. I’m not an investment consultant, and this video is not an investment advice. Do a lot of research on purchased assets And it’s very important not to use this video to guide your purchase decision.

My goal in watching this video is to have a pleasant conversation with you and talk My development trajectory and the strategy I used to build a cryptocurrency portfolio. So, immediately leave your like and subscribe to the channel and ring the bell, because now I want to tell you how I set up my wallet. I have a degree in business administration, and PUC-RS in finance and investment And a graduate degree in banking. August 2019 was when I became interested in the crypto world. This is because, after many analyses, there is a crisis in my air. breath. Yes…I see everyone is super excited and think the market will rise further. But when I look at the chart, when I look at the S&P 500 index, when I look at Ibovespa By itself, I said: Guys! Some problems must be solved here. It rises too high, and when it rises, the fall will be huge! If you are, if you are in the middle, you know…I can feel this will occur.

So I started to think: Where do I put my money? Because I think the stock market is not that safe for me anymore …Just watch it happen. Where do I put it? So the first market I think of is the gold market. I think this way: Well…Gold is the safest asset on the planet, if The crisis is as big as I thought…I also saw some people, Not many, but some experts are also saying that this crisis is about to happen, which Confirmed my fear…

I said: Well, gold is not wrong, so I want to put my money on gold. But I have read this book here, and the author declares as follows-(I just summarize here , It’s a bit big, not much but it’s a basic little book)-he Say that when you buy gold, it’s best to buy physical gold, Gold bars may be in grams or ounces just in case. The physical metal itself, and you keep it by yourself. That’s because the author said you can’t believe that when you buy gold in the market There will really be backing. Now in the gold market, you buy things like stocks, The author says in the book that you can’t believe this, because when there is a big crisis, It is likely that when you withdraw the gold, "your" your gold share money "You have no backing, that is to say, this kind of gold does not exist, it is just a piece of paper.

This scared me. I thought: Hmm… I don’t want to buy gold and keep it at home, I think it’s It's dangerous… for several reasons. So I said: No, although it is the safest, I will not enter gold. So the second market I think of is the foreign exchange market, that is, foreign exchange The market, the dollar, the euro, the real… But when I feel this way When it will go down, I see a lot of coins released by the Federal Reserve, and I thought: guys! The U.S. dollar will depreciate a lot. At the time, the U.S. dollar was about 3.00 reais. I was Put it like this: look, see the crisis I see, I don’t want to use my money exchange. Although the U.S. dollar is much higher now, it’s more or less 5.30 reais, it’s not My profile, I think the foreign exchange market… is not interesting to me, It does not match my profile. So I said: Well… the exchange will not happen. So what happened? Trading market, currency… I think, I really remember: there is Bitcoin! Bitcoin, I have been following it since its first appearance, but I have been looking at it from a distance, I Not very interested, but because the news is always exaggerating, Say it is a scam, it will fall, it will not last…

So I thought, let me see if it still works if It still exists. To my surprise, the price of Bitcoin at that time was about 8,000.00 USD or 9,000 USD. more or less. So I said: Okay, let me see what this market is, Because I am comfortable, that is, in my comfort zone, in the stock market , I am not interested in learning about the cryptocurrency market. So, this is a tip: never stay in your comfort zone. When you see yourself in your comfort zone, please leave your comfort zone. Because if I had seen everything from the beginning, I would be at a completely different level today, So the comfort zone is the worst place. So I thought this way: Okay, I will work on analyzing the cryptocurrency market, especially It is the altcoin market.

Because I came from the stock market, I am not afraid of altcoins, I always put Look at altcoins as companies, I don’t see them as very high-risk Assets, but I want to put parentheses here. I did not consider altcoins as a very high-risk asset because I am based on 4 pillars, I’m going to tell you now, wait a minute… I’ll write it here, So I will not forget, I have it my head, but I want to tell you directly that these 4 pillars are what. The first pillar is value delivery. I want to know if the altcoin project I am working on is social Brings no value. Some useful services, things that people will actually use. This is the first point of my analysis. The second point is scalability. what is what? I want to know if this project can be easily understood, absorbed and used by people all over the world . I want to know whether this project really solves a common problem, because If it can be done for most people, then the possibility of it increasing Will be much larger.

So the second pillar is scalability. The third pillar is partnership and contract signing. why? You can already imagine… because if the project has multiple partners, it can increase Influence, if it has multiple contracts, it can make money through it and monetize itself , So as to bring returns to investors, if you enter buy This cryptocurrency. So this is the third pillar, the fourth and last one I look at the team. I want to know whether the project developer and the team behind it are trustworthy, Are they capable of doing this, are they not messed up in court what.

So, it’s important to emphasize this point, because there are thousands of cryptocurrencies in the cryptocurrency world, Thousands of altcoins, you can’t, at least I think, I don’t want to, Just because it is booming or because it has news. Whenever I see a project, I stop to think, analyze and observe: Does it meet the 4 pillars? Cool… so after meeting the four pillars, I will put them in my portfolio Of the niche strategy, which I will discuss later. But continuing my story, in August 2019, I decided to invest… Sorry, I decided Studying the crypto market, I stayed there for 3 months, from morning to night, Because guys, this is a lot of information and a lot of things to learn. Understand the blockchain, understand what Bitcoin is, understand each Altcoins, understand the problems they solve. This is a lot of things. I remember being tired, but I knew I had to walk quickly, I "Sit down with firewood", I went there to study, sat in a chair and stayed, working, Yes, but when I get off work, even when I have a little free time sometimes In time, I would go to the computer to read information about projects and ideas…

I did just that. After 3 months, I understood the idea behind the crypto world I saw: Wow! This is big, this is the future, and I can't stay out of it. I realize we can't go back anymore, at least this is me The conclusion reached, you may think it is not, this is all false, this will not move forward. But when I analyzed it, I thought…there is no turning back. It's like Pandora's box, you can't return it when you open it. Everything has changed. Everything is technical now, everything is interconnected, everyone needs it , This is what the cryptocurrency market provides. So when I came to this conclusion, around late November, it was When I purchased my first score or my first Bitcoin Satoshi. That was the first step I took. Now I want to share with you some of the things I have learned during these 3 months of researching the crypto world , It’s important so that you can also invest more safely …With higher centrality, did you know? In the most reliable way.

So the first step is this: you must ensure that your operation Security, the security of your computer. why? In the crypto market, you cannot turn to anyone for help. No government, no bank, no exchange… You are what you do The owner and security. If you are hesitant and some hacker enters your account, you either lose your password or someone Have stolen your password. It's over, you lose your investment. So I want to emphasize that this is very important, and it is important to say that you should not leave… If you have a large amount…invest more than 5,000.00 reais, don’t take this The money is left to the broker because there have been several hacks Invading brokers and their clients lose money, and even brokers steal clients’ money Case.

Just like this card in an article I wrote about the founder of a Turkish brokerage company , Now I don’t remember the name, but it’s here… he just took the customer’s money Disappeared. So when you buy your coins, you don’t believe that the exchange is safe, understand? Buy a cold wallet, which can be a ledger or trezos. Keep thinking about security, the important thing is on your computer Install a good anti-virus software, and a good anti-malware software.

I installed it for myself, I remember I was studying the most recommended on the Internet It is MalwareBytes. It’s quite cheap, you can even try it for free for a while, and It is important to have it on your computer . After installing anti-virus and anti-malware software on your computer, It is important to buy 3 laptops now, you will put all your passwords in them. It is very important to write them all by hand. Don’t take photos, don’t print, don’t type on the keyboard, because doing so will Leave a trace on your computer, if a hacker breaks into your computer, Chances are, he's likely to be able to access your password. If this happens, you will lose everything and it is useless. He will be able to access them, enter your brokerage house, your email, and be able to Withdraw funds. very careful. It's boring, time-consuming, and annoying! But for your safety, this is necessary. Why do you remember what I said? You are solely responsible for your tokens. So this is a hint.

Then, download the google authenticator on your phone, it will generate the so-called 2 factor The code is 2FA. When entering your Exchange or your email, and It will improve your security when you sell and redeem your profits. Yes…there is another…it is very important to me that I am currently working on And there is already a possibility that hackers managed to bypass this and managed Visited Youtuber’s 2FA code, he has an account on youtube, even using the 2FA code , He also managed to be hacked. Why should I say this? I say this because you may find it annoying to have to write everything by hand, and then think: Oh! I am safe, I have 2FA, so I don’t need Handling everything manually.

So this is a warning to let you know that yes, you write everything by hand Is very important. Because if that hacker somehow manages to get into your two-factor code, He will not have your password. So this is a hint. Now, it's time to encrypt your email. Currently the safest email in this category comes from Protonmail. It is located in Switzerland, and brings you higher security when you are trading, Because every time you sell, you need to confirm in the email. Having encrypted email is very interesting. Create an account there, after creating the account, go to "Settings", then "Security", then enable 2 factor codes. After you scan this QR code with the Google Authenticator app, these passwords will be You show. Look at this bunch of passwords. Yes…you have to write them one by one. Swallow the cry hahaha, swallow hahahaha, you have to write it all down, for your own sake Safe, please don't take pictures! All handwritten.

These passwords are recovery passwords, sometimes an acquaintance of mine Forgot the password, he lost the email password, and then I had to help her ask: What's wrong , So and so? Where are the passwords I asked you to write? restore. Thank God, he wrote it down, and it is through this password that I can set it up for her again A new password, she wrote it down correctly and kept it. One more thing, the very cool thing about the security of this email, these passwords, all of them, can only Use it once.

If you use the first password in the row, the next time you need to use it, you won’t be able to With the first password, you will have to automatically switch to using this list The second password. So yes! Take it, sit on a chair, take your time, okay? I’ve never tried to be so anxious, I don’t know if you did all these steps, Come up with these passwords, you didn’t write them right away, I don’t know how you found them Again in that email.

So, have time, calm down, sit in your room alone, in your living room, write down everything, Don’t leave anything, okay? It's important to think about it. Listen to me, you won't say that I didn't warn you. what! One thing, guys! I was reading my script here, I almost forgot. I’m showing these passwords here, but they are just from a test email, don’t Would you show them to anyone? Don't show it to anyone and other things! The important thing is that this email from Protonmail is only for your investment. Don't pass it on to friends and family. Like this: Ah! XX sent me an email from protonmail in this email. Do not do this. Don't even put it in these news bulletins, you will get the information. Why is it important not to forward this email to anyone? This is to prevent you from getting hooked, so-called phishing, that is, when you receive Seemingly harmless email, and then you finally click on the link in it, when you When you click the link, the hacker can access your computer and party.

Therefore, please use protonmail email only for your investment and nothing else. It is yours alone, don't share it with anyone. Ok? committed to? So okay, let's continue. Then open an account on the exchange of your choice. I like Binance very much. But there is Coinbase, there is Kucoin, and there are several others you can choose The exchange where the investment is made. And one very important thing I almost forgot to mention is: When making a password, use as many special characters as possible, in uppercase Letters, lowercase letters, numbers, it’s very important, it’s very difficult and has If possible, up to 8 characters. Because the harder it is to crack the password, the harder it is. And don’t forget to always use the computer’s mouse instead of the keyboard, use the virtual keyboard enter password. You must keep this in mind. Now that you have completed all these actions, you are safe, with a secure email account and password It can also ensure your safety.

It's time to develop your portfolio strategy. where are we going? When I was looking at cryptocurrency and altcoin projects, I found myself overwhelmed by several different projects , Each item is better than the other, each item has a different price And different characteristics, so I know it’s because of my limited funds, And from my experience with the stock market, I need to focus on the maximum number of purchases. This is my main strategy. My point, the first point, is to have as many as I will choose s project.

Because the reasoning is like this. come. Suppose you buy 3 different projects with capital, and each project invests $500.00 . From the moment I purchase these items, I will put the real value here. The exchange rate of the U.S. dollar in November 2019 was 3.90 reais. The first design I bought was Stellar Lumens (XLM), which sold for 0.06 cents . The second is Tezos, which is quoted at $1.30, and the third project is Bitcoin, which is The quote is more or less $8,000.00 if you put it on the tip of a pencil, Use the capital of 500.00 reais to invest 3.90 reais The price I will buy: 2,136.75 units of XLM, 98 units of Tezos, 0.016026 Bitcoin satoshis. In other words, if I calculate today’s exchange rate in U.S. dollars and currencies at 5.33 reais, if I sell XLM at a price of 0.60 USD, sell XLM at a price of 7.00 USD, and sell BTC with a net profit of 60,000.00 USD will be: XLM is 6,150.00 Brazilian Real and 2,996.15 Brazilian Real XTZ.

4,441.67 Brazilian reals from Bicoin. In other words, even if Bitcoin rose sharply, from $8,000.00 to $60,000.00 , Due to the number of reasons, in the end, when I sell XLM, I get more profit than selling Bitcoin ! The more quantity you have, the greater the multiplication. So this is my initial parameter. I know that I have to buy as many units as possible for each project. The second point is to limit the number of projects I can have in my portfolio, so I used the following reasoning:-I will have Bitcoin in my portfolio, because despite the My main idea of ​​buying quantity is the opposite, but Bitcoin is digital gold, it is an item… it It is an asset, the most stable currency in this cryptocurrency world. So he brought me more sense of security. I thought: Okay, I will have Bitcoin. Which one is after Bitcoin? Ethereum. Ethereum is an amazing project, but at the time… as I said capital Restrictions, I thought: Hmm… Ethereum is about $150.00. $150.00! ! ! ! I said: Well…

It’s about 600.00 reais, although I don’t need to buy 1 full Ethereum, I said… (because you can buy A small part of the coin) I think… there is no such thing as going against my quantity strategy, if I When buying Ethereum, I will not be able to buy more other cryptocurrencies. So yes, I stay away from Ethereum! Argentina don't cry for me hahaha. Guys, when you look back, it’s easy to say: "She's such a mess", Now that Ethereum has risen to $2,000.00, I think it reached $4,000.00 before it fell, and it was more or less $150.00, and she didn't buy it. " "This is… this is the core of the transaction" sometimes difficult choices have to be made, This is the choice I made. After giving up Ethereum, I knew I had to find one that was more undervalued Alternatives, I will tell you later what I found What is the alternative.

So I decided that the strategy of building my portfolio must be obeyed 4 different niches, that is, I must have projects in my portfolio: Payment methods, items related to the connection between blockchains, I choose Safety and entertainment start here, these four factors, Because it works for most people for me. So no matter what I choose, after a lot of analysis, the growth potential Both can be very high. It might! Everything here is speculation.

In the market, you have to take risks, you can’t have all the information like life ! You can't know that the person you are going to marry is a lifetime person . You have some information, trust it and pay to view it. So in the cryptocurrency market, the stock exchange, this is a variable income market! You have information, you have to study hard, believe in it, Invest and let go. At least I have this line. My route is more basic, I don’t have too many technical analysis routes, Although I like it, I am interested in it, and I have a stronger anchor to the fundamentals. So this is how I decided that these 4 niche markets will become part of my strategy.

Based on these 4 market segments, I selected the 5 main assets of my portfolio. They Yes: I want to know what I chose based on these 4 market segments Which cryptocurrency projects? Remember that every project I talk about here will receive its own video , Explain why I purchased each item. Then immediately leave your like, subscribe to the channel and ring the bell so that you don’t Missed any one when they made their debut.

The niche I choose to continue is: payment methods, connections between blockchains, Safety and entertainment. Based on this, the first item I purchased was XRP, yes…wow! I can even see the shoes flying over my place, kkk calm down, I will Explained in his video why I bought XRP, but now I can say that XRP was at that time I met my first pillar, which is: Intermediate de After XRP I bought Stellar Lumens (XLM), it also meets the standard of payment method. In fact, when I just When I got to know these two projects, I felt that they complemented each other. Then I bought the ICON code (ICX) because it meets the connectivity between blockchains standard. The third item I bought is Tezoz, the code (XTZ), because Tezoz, when I analyze During this project, I saw that it was a…substitute…not a substitute, but it Very similar to the Ethereum project, it is an undervalued option for the currency.

So I thought: Okay, I can’t have ETH, but I can have Tezos, so I put Tezos Put it in my wallet. The fourth item I purchased is ENJIN cód (ENJ), which is a gaming platform, Games where creators can place…create their games there, and enjin provides The fourth pillar of entertainment. I bought the Ontology (ONT), and the Ontology provides 3 of the 4 pillars. It can be used as a means of payment, processing data and information security, It also handles blockchain connections. This was my strategy at the time. I currently have other cryptocurrencies in my wallet. But what about you? What makes your heart beat? I would love to exchange cards with you and know. Leave it in the comments, I want to know what makes you think of the most What's the password.

Thank you for listening to me until next time. Goodbye. With these clearly defined niches, I looked at the Which assets have prospects and which assets are still underestimated, that is, have high growth potential. Do you want to simply know what assets I bought at that time? Please keep in mind that all the coins discussed in this video have their own videos. Explained in detail why I purchased them. So leave your likes, subscribe to the channel and ring the bell so you don’t miss it Any video in the series.

Go on, through these niche markets of choice: payment methods, connectivity, security And entertainment, the first cryptocurrency I chose is XRP, kkk I can even see shoes now Fly around on me! Relax, I will explain in detail why I bought this coin in another video, but here, I can simply say that it fits my first niche: payment methods. Controversial, isn't it? More controversial than nipples kkk and I chose the same reason to provide The other currency I chose for the first niche is ICON (ICX) Because in addition to being used for payment, it is a decentralized network.

The protocol is to connect the blockchain and so I filled my 2° connected niche. Then I chose TEZOS because I saw an undervalued alternative to Ethereum in this cryptocurrency. So, I filled in more items on the list, and then I chose ENJ, which is a For gaming platforms, I filled in the fourth niche, which is entertainment. Then I chose Ontology because its project promotes identity security And data security, it can also be used as a means of payment, also in line with The standard of connectivity thus fills three of the four niches I have identified. This was my strategy at the time. Currently I have added other projects to my portfolio…

But what about you? It’s always good to tell me which cryptocurrencies are in your wallet that can be exchanged for cards. If you like our conversation, please like on the video and subscribe to the channel. Goodbye ! Goodbye..

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