Sending Ethereum from one wallet to another or between exchanges and openining an Ethereum Wallet

hello everyone i would like to talk about 
sending ethereumfrom one volume to another   and i will also try to explain how to 
open an ethereum wallet the easiest way   sending an ethereum from one wall to 
another is just using the exchanges   and if you don't have an account in 
exchange i'm putting some referral links   under my videos in the explanation part 
if you use those links for example binance   it will directly send you to a create a free 
account pages and there is a referral id   and if you use this referral line you will get 
your commission kickback at the 10 percent so   when you trade when you buy or sell a coin you 
will get your commission you will get 10 percent   of commission back so i really suggest you to use 
my links here if you want to open an account in   bittrex you may use this one and if you'd like to 
open an account in binance you may use this link   i'm trying to put all the links in the explanation 
part so the easiest way as i said just to open a   account in exchange and sending from exchange to 
another wallet so let's look at this i am in the   binance if you go to wallet part there is a 5 10 
spot so you may see deposit and withdraw section all right i will just enter just to stop the video because my mobile phone is 
not close to me so i will stop and come back as i   said when you go to fight and spot part in the 
wallet you may see a search queen section here   and if you write ethereum for example you 
have ethereum coined and there is deposit   and withdrawal if you sent an atarium to binance 
account you have to use deposit if you are sending   from binance to another atari volt you have to 
use withdrawal i'm clicking on the deposit part so here is my address atari address it starts 
with zero so it continues with lots of numbers   and characters this is your atari address it's 
it's erc20 address i have to warn you that in   finance finance there are some other networks 
you may see web 2 and pep2 bc c so you have to   be careful about those addresses for example 
if i'm trying to send a entire sentence time   from bittrex to binance i'm just going to bittrex 
right now when you click on the holdings part okay you have the you have also search ethereum   here is the atari let's say i i'm try i 
don't have any money in this exchange but   i will try to show you how to withdraw the 
money if you if i clicked withdrawal part it says that you have to enter 
the recipient's valid address   okay so i'm going to binance copy this or copy like this and then put the addresses 
here and let's say i have one at arm here   i want to send 0.1 so when i put the value 
and address i will withdraw my ethereum   from bittrex to binance but you have to be careful 
there is other networks here you may see like this   one and this one if you try to use those addresses 
it will not work from other wallets from other   exchanges so those networks this one and this one 
are only valid for binance and the wallets that   supports this network the in the exact network of 
a time is this one so most of the exchange support   this one most of the wallets support this one so 
you have to use these addresses you have to be   careful about this one so if you go to 
this is the project web page of ethereum   you may find a lot of wallets which works on under 
a term network there are many physical ones like   i will show some of them tresor this is 
the hardware wallet it's one of the oldest   wallets there are some other ledger like this 
is also hardware wallet but there are also some   uh application mods you may install 
your android mobile phones or   ios mobile phones for example trust volume trust 
wallet is a now product of finance finance bought   this one so you may also send from truss values 
to binance using those networks but i will try   to show you another wallet i'm using my author 
wallet this one and if you go to   you may see i create a new wallet section you 
may use this internet wallet also i i'm all   using this one very often so if you want to 
create a new wallet you will click this one and it says you may use mevolute it's an 
application so you may go to google play or   app store and you may download your mobile 
phones or you may create by keystore file   as you have seen it's not recommended uh why 
it's not recommended it's because of it connects   to internet and you are sending some little or 
lots of money so when you use internet connection   there is a possibility that hackers 
can uh stall steal your money so you   have to be careful about this one but 
i'm using for small amount of money   and there is also another section that you may 
use your my utter wallet offline i really suggest   to use this one if you have lots of money 
or if you are not aware of your computer   protection for example but in any case i'm just 
using this one so it says me that you have to   write at least nine characters password 
so i'm just creating a password right now and okay it says that don't lose it don't share it 
and make a backup and you have to also write   in a paper what what kind of   password you gave so you have to write in a paper 
if you lo if you lose your password you may not   read your money it's very crucial so you 
have to be careful about this one also okay   download keystore file i'm just downloading to my 
computer right now and let's say here documents   okay so i've created a wallet and now i can 
access my wallet how do you access your wallet   you are going to my attorney dot com again and you 
have seen that there is a section access my wallet   access now since i have used a keystore file 
i will click this section and key store file and select the file which starts with 
uts and it it ends with this one   so i just click this and give the password 
when i was created it tries to reach my wallet and it's rich this is your address and you 
have zero balance right now as you have seen   and if you have some tokens related with your 
new wallet as you may see some of the tokens   already created when you create a ethereum 
address for example this token gave you 10 eye of to your related video with your 
audience and you have 10 io right now   you have zero balance so you may use 
this wallet just to store your money   right now or sending getting from money from 
another person or sending money from this wallet   so i will also stop video right now and i will 
just show you how i will use a real wallet   to show you sending from my 
ethereum to binance for example i have opened my atari wallet address i have 0.29 
etc so i have lots of tokens here as you may see   there are many tokens so i will show you 
how i will send my money from my computer   to binance exchange since i 
have an account in binance   i have a this address in binance 
so i will use this one to send so   i'm going to wallet there is a send button 
or send transaction here or you may use here if you click this one you have to put your   how much money you would like to send 
you may put this information here   is there a maximum something like 
that i'm just trying to all my total okay let's say zero point twenty nine fifty like this okay why it said it 
says that you don't have enough   money because if you put this money you have also 
some transaction fee you have to pay from your   balance to send money from one volume to 
another so transaction fee is approximately 0.001008 for the moment so it says you 
don't have enough money to send this kind of amount atari so how do you decide uh the 
transaction fee my attorney suggests you if you   use this a 48 gba for the moment you are probably 
sending your money in a one to two minutes how to   decide this fee you may look at atar scanio here 
etherscanaio is one of the tracker of atarium   the network tracker there is a gas tracker 
section you may see here if you use 50g   it means 1.35 dollars and it will send 
your money approximately in 12 minutes   if you increase the gva i mean the 
commission fee of transportation   you will you are probably sent in four minutes 
if you use a high section i mean if you use 73 gb   it will cost you two dollars it will probably 
send less than a minute so you may decide uh   how much dvd you will use in your transaction if 
you want to change this this one you will collect   the edit and the transaction speed part you may 
increase or decrease the commission fee i will try   to show you if i decrease this one to 40 let's 
say 42 okay and i will click the save button   close this one so i will accept to use 
42 gbe it will cost approximately 1.18   for me so i have to change this one a 
bit like this okay so this one plus the   commission fee it should not pass your 
balance so where i'm sending my money i will copy this one and test here this is my address in the binance   exchange so i'm saying that 
sent right now send transaction okay it warns me that your gas price is low which 
may cause a delayed or drop transaction this means   that according to network situation you are giving 
very low of dva for transportation so you will   wait lots of minutes even you may drop your 
transaction i mean you may wait more than one   day and then it may drop network may drop your 
uh transaction so you have to be careful about   the juve i mean gas price that you are using 
in your transaction if you are sending from   one exchange to another you don't care 
about the price but if you are using your   own wallet you have to look at this one and decide 
the fee the juve the gas tracker fee for sending   so i will confirm and send and my transaction 
desire sent to network since ethereum network is   highly depends on the mining devices some of the mining machines 
some of the mining pools will   take my transaction will accept and will send 
my transaction so if you look at the status of   your transaction you may also go one of the 
atar explorer website i will use etherscanio   again you may also use other other ones for 
example it at athvm if you click this one so as you have seen this is 
my transaction so it starts   approximately one minute ago and the estimated 
confirmation duration as you have seen 40   47 minutes but uh i guess that it will be 
much more it will pass two hours three hours   maybe one a day because i have used 
small amount of gas price so i will wait one of the mining pools will accept my transaction 
so after it has mined my transaction i will see in   the volumes that this transaction were was 
occurred and successfully sent to my wallet in   the binance uh this is have to use how to open a 
atari wallet how to use uh attack my utter wallet   to send from your computer file to another 
italian wallet address and you may also use   your binance bittrex or some other exchanges 
in order to send your atari more other coins   so you have to be careful about the coins 
that you are using i have just showed you the   uh sending atarium from one mole 
to another so i will wait in order   to be mined my transaction after 
this you may use your money in the wherever you are sending so this is all 
for now see you on the next video bye

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