Selling Bitcoin at a Coin Shop!

[Music] [Applause] [Music] welcome back to what's inside family today it's me and Lincoln we are hanging out in the office and we have some interesting things that we've had for a little while bitcoins not as cool as bit connection but they're still pretty cool they are pretty cool we have about I don't know we got a bunch of these things and then we've got these real real gold coins these are real this one is from 1927 whoa presents wings the first movie to win an Academy Award for Best Picture yeah that's why it's in this little package and then we also have one right here that is from 1997 we have real gold coins these are from Alaska well they're they're from the mint but they're from my father-in-law in Alaska there are 50 dollar coins but they're one ounce of gold so really the gold that it's made with is worth a lot more and I think today's price is probably around $1,300 this is a big coin that we just bought Amazon because you cannot have an actual physical Bitcoin it's just an internet currency yeah bitcoin is kind of interesting Warren Buffett came out today and said that he doesn't believe in cryptocurrency and thinks it's kind of a scam but today we are gonna do something interesting we're gonna take this Bitcoin and we're gonna take both of these gold coins and take them to a coin store and see how much cash they will give us yeah Bitcoin right now is almost at $10,000 whoa it just rained and it's like all steamy and cool check out the roads good nobody can see it on camera that is cool this doesn't happen here very often at my school they have like a rubber black hop thing in it even after little rainstorms it just always steams up side of it there's balls oh no I parked in a handicap no I didn't see it [Music] [Music] so I've never been to this coin store before see how much cash we walk out of this with yeah we traded in our car for it we got two bitcoins for our car we figured it's it's gaining value while cars are depreciating they give us actual cash for it yeah wow I hope so no I check cuz that would be cool if it was well I guess we'll see I've never been to this great store let's get some cash there's the place did you bring your sports cards that's a Gary Vee use the trade oh and here's a kid your age cash money what the heck they must have bought too much Bitcoin now we go find another coin place because this one's out of business apparently people don't treat in coins these days yeah let's do it this is 24 karat on paper money with Lincoln on it yeah let's think it look at this money that is so cool Oh what nice what is that it's like it has water in it all right this place is super cool they have all kinds of coins I think we're in the right place okay ready here's the first one pretty simple yep this is the modern one on Gold Eagle they go by the current goes blah okay how must be they have work here's number 2 these are so old same garden they have a point nine six seven five joy arms of optical a here less than one on so it's less than one else yeah does it make it worth more valuable because it's older in certain day these one is nineteen twenties they check okay twenty-seven P so this is one that we got from less sleeves grandfather Jack remember our old safe video that we could open that safe he gave all of his grandkids gold coins because he had a bunch of gold coins and he collected a lot of things so we had a lot of collectible coins and things but if there's a P next to it so there are different ratings and different serial numbers that's from 1901 it's $20 that's cool 83 $22 I bet if you go up more downs from 1888 anyone lowest mintage in the twenty century coin in the whole town four thousand dollars for this one yes Wow it's just nineteen sixteen quarter dollar United States of America Lincoln is our 1927 coin gonna be worth more than an ounce of gold no it's gonna be less [Music] 1300 that's how much they were 1300 yeah and these how much they'll work will be 1325 this is $25 more than baseball man this with its fancy packaging so this one is less is less money yeah you're right Lincoln alright one last coin for you how much is this Bitcoin work in news Maddux speaking what nothing yeah so I can't get $10,000 per coin yeah just uh did you throw up the number Bitcoin have you had anybody try to sell you Bitcoin before all the time scam big guys work $19,000 would you take five grand for it now bitcoin is internet currency it doesn't have a physical coin it's a bunch of numbers okay so what's the process if we want to get cash for these two okay now I tell you what I think they're gainin 1240 do you have cash to give away [Music] that's a lot ice cream it looks so cool okay check it out make sure it's okay all right Lincoln drop the coin but now we're you drop it give it give him one of the hundreds because we just yeah you just deemed this coin all right let's guy her before you break anything else come on okay we got it we got our money we got our cash we're gonna keep the one gold coin because it was given by less least grandfather who passed away and it's kind of nice to have that but we couldn't fool him on our Bitcoin I couldn't do it all right now it's time to go home and talk about our trip a little bit that was really funny you got your cash ice cream with this hi can I get two chocolate large frosties [Music] in this video we have talked a lot about money today's video is sponsored by North PPN and this is actually really really cool and something that I've been looking for when Lincoln and I went to Shanghai for our gold play button trip we tried to get on the internet and watch YouTube videos and our internet was blocked we because in China they did not allow us or go to certain websites and watch certain things if we would have had nord VPN we could have logged into a server that's in the US and then we could have access to all of our u.s.

Things so when your computer is on a public domain it's very easy for hackers to get into your computers so what you are getting with nor VPN is double data encryption way even when you're on a public Wi-Fi you're connected to a VPN that is secure that has military-grade protection and right now they are offering for you guys for our viewers a special discount of seventy seven percent off for a three year membership that equates to like two dollars and seventy five cents a month that's super super cheap and when you think about your online security yeah our link is Nord VPN comm /wh ats ANS ide f8m fan-like family so you get Nord VPN for your tablet for your phone for your browser on your computer you can have up to six devices at once with your account so go on to our link in the description it is Nord VPN comm /wh 80s I add si ve f am that's it that's it so Norcom yeah that's it water you can just go to the website and use our code which is what's inside family we are going to be safe with our money and safe with our homeland security now because of this stay tuned for our travels it's going to be fun I

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